Fixed Damage Chapter 86

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


11 - Pitch [Darkness] #2

"Pitch [Darkness]──huh?"

I look at the two monuments.

"[Chaos] is a combination of [Light] and [Darkness]."

"To counter it, you must split the power of the [Darkness] into two and intercept the opponent's [Light] and [Darkness] respectively."

They explained.

"Split into two......?"

"It's easier said than done."

"But if you are equipped with the mighty [Darkness], then──"

"The details of the formula can be obtained by accessing the database of [Abyss]."

"I believe it is possible for you now, as you have deepened your darkness."

"In other words, I should get the information from the real [Abyss]?"

I had met the real one before in the "Black Phase".

If I could go to that world again──

And if I could meet The [Abyss] again, would that mean I would gain even more power?

"What do you think, Rakshasa?"

I called out.

A beautiful woman in black emerged from my shadow.

"Indeed, Master's power has increased and I think it is possible for him to enter the [Black Phase] again. Let's give it a try after we leave here."

Rakshasa said.

"But──please do not let [Darkness] consume you."


"Have a strong hold on your 'self' more than ever before. You are you. Your mind. Your will. Your desire."

Rakshasa's words were vague, and I couldn't quite make out the gist of them.


Suddenly, Shea and Yulin shouted.

It was like a pained cry or a panting sound.

It was a strangely glamorous sound.

"Are you two, all right?"

Both Shea and Yulin were breathing heavily and their cheeks were flushed.


With an ignition-like sound, their entire bodies were enveloped in a thick black aura.

Part of the aura formed into a chain and was sucked into my chest.


My chest rumbled painfully.

It tingled hotly.


Shea and Yulin crumpled on the spot like puppets whose threads had been cut.

They were looking up at me from where they slumped down, unable to get any strength into their bodies.

Their wet eyes were filled with light.

"Both of them were almost engulfed by the [darkness]. The sudden deepening of the [darkness] must have put a tremendous burden on them."

Rakshasa said.

"Fortunately, they had a strong connection with Master, so their consciousnesses were not eroded──"

"What would happen if──[Darkness] engulfed them both?"

I asked Rakshasa.

The beautiful woman in black shook her head slowly from side to side with sorrow on her face.

"If the [Darkness] swallows you and erodes you...... you will end up──"


As if interrupting Rakshasa's voice, a black aura burst out.


At the same time, she was blown away.

"You are not authorized to speak of this knowledge, Code Rakshasa."

"It is information that only terminals of [Nirvana], [Abyss], or equivalent rank are permitted to speak."


Rakshasa staggered to her feet.

"I am sorry......, Master. It seems that the only way to find out the continuation of the answer is to meet [Abyss] in person."

As soon as she said this, Rakshasa dissolved and disappeared.

It was unsettling in many ways, but it seemed that this was the extent of the information we could get from her.

"You both aren't going to tell me? What does it mean──to be swallowed by the [Darkness]?"

"We do not need to tell you, but you will get the answer soon enough."

"With your mighty Darkness, sooner or later."

They answered leisurely.

They didn't seem to want to answer.


I clicked my tongue.

"Don't worry too much, Chrome-sama."

Shea smiled.

"I have been with you so far. I have seen your battles, your thoughts, up close and heart to heart."

Shea, with a smile on her face, told me in a dignified tone.

"I will serve you, Chrome-sama──no matter what you change into, no matter what fate awaits you. For you who protected the dignity of my sister's soul and freed me from vengeance. I want to be your sword──that is all."

"Me too, I will serve at your side."

Yulin stepped forward.

"We will serve you forever and ever."

They bowed deeply and reverently.

It was a declaration of their commitment, perhaps──an oath.

Then I, as their master, will protect them.

With the power of this [Darkness], I will protect them.

"Eh......? Chrome-sama, something is going on outside──"

Yulin suddenly looked up.

"I'll visualize it right now."


"Skill [Remote Mirror Projection]."

Both of Yulin's eyes lit up and a round mirror-like object appeared in front of her.

Perhaps it was her skill as a "Demon".

Perhaps a new skill was manifested under the influence of the intensified [Darkness].

It showed a battle between thousands of knights and soldiers and armies of strange-looking creatures.

"This is...... this can't be."

The same situation as two years ago.

No, or even larger than that──

"A war between humans and demons.......?"

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[End of Chapter]

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