She, Whom I Married in-Game - 2

She, Whom I Married in-Game is The Idol in My School. ~She Seems to be an Ice Idol, but in The Game, She's My Wife~

Netoge de Kekkonshita Aite ga Gakkou no Idol dattandaga. ~Koori no Idol-rashiiga, Game no Nakade wa Ore no Yome~


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"Haa~. I'm tired. What shall I do for dinner?"

I stood up from my chair and stretched out my whole body, and every part of my body that had stiffened from sitting screeched.

With my body still stiff to move, I walked slowly to the refrigerator.

"I have nothing... Come to think of it, I was going to go buy some today after school. I completely forgot."

There were only drinks and seasonings in the refrigerator.

Shouta desperately suppressed his tiresome feelings and decided to grab his bag and head to the supermarket.

"Ouchie!....... Wh, what was that.....?"

As he walked out of the house and down the hallway, he suddenly felt a shock to the left side of his body. He was just walking down the hallway, but suddenly Shouta could only stand there, unaware of the situation.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't check properly......."

There was a voice from his left where the impact was made, and when he looked to his left, he saw that it was the door to the room next to Shouta's.

Shouta, who happened to be walking in front of the door, must have bumped into it. Then, he thought it was inevitable and tried to look at the other person, but the other person came out from behind the door just then.

"Don't worry. I'm fine. I'm not hurt or anything....... what, Sakura Reika! Don't tell me you lived next door?"

When he looked at the person who came out of the door, it was someone he recognized. She was a student in the same class as Shouta, the extremely popular Sakura Reika.

"I believe you are....... Ono Shouta, right? We're in the same class, and we're on the cleaning committee."

The one who came out of the room was Sakura Reika, dressed in casual clothes. Even in casual clothes, her beauty did not diminish; in fact, she exuded a different kind of beauty.

Shouta moved into this apartment when he entered high school. He had no idea that Reika was living next door.

"Aah. What a coincidence. I thought only grandparents lived in this apartment."

"Me too. I'm sorry I hit you. Please let me know if there's anything hurt"

"Ah, I'm fine. See you later."

Rubbing his still sore shoulder, he headed for the supermarket.

"Well, just because we live next door to each other doesn't mean we have anything to do with each other, though.'

At this time, Shouta thought that it was impossible for them to go home together or interacted in any way just because their houses were next to each other, as was often the case in romantic comedies.


The next day. When Shouta went to school and entered the classroom, he was immediately tangled up with the boys.

"Hey, Shouta. Do you have any hobbies?"

"What is your favorite food?"

"What is your favorite subject?"

The boys who had asked Shouta to switch their position yesterday had shifted their strategy to befriend Shouta and then befriend Reika through Shouta if they could not get him to switch to a member of the cleaning committee. Shouta was in a very bad mood because of this ulterior motive.

"I think I'll quit, being a cleaning committee member......."

After refusing all of the suggestions and somehow managing to endure until it was time for the chime to ring, the boys felt that it was impossible and stopped tangling with him.

Though, he still could feel the stares from those around him.

[Aaaah. School is long. I can't wait to go home.]

[It's still morning! You can't!]

[We don't have classes at the beginning of the semester anyway. So, it'll be okay.]

[Hang tough. Ah, my teacher's here.]

[Mine too. See you.]


"――――That's all I have to say. Lastly. There will be a committee meeting after school today, so please go to the meeting place indicated on the handout on the blackboard for each committee."

Back at LHR, knowing for the first time that there was a committee meeting because he had not listened to his homeroom teacher, he was feeling a little down, but he was soon on the move.

[Sorry. I'll be home a little late.]

[Me too....... I'll contact you as soon as I back home!]

When I went to the meeting place after sending a word to Rein, only a few people were still there and Reika had not yet arrived.

For the first time in a while, he didn't feel any stares in the classroom and was having a calm time, but soon the classroom started to become noisy.

"Hey, is she the rumored......."

"Yeah. Sakura Reika. Seriously, it's great to be on the same committee with her."

"I hope I can use this opportunity to get closer to her......."

"Well, it's not going to happen. Until now, the number of boys who have fallen before Sakura Reika is said to be in the three-digit range. We're not even close to her level."

The moment Reika entered the classroom where the meeting was held, the atmosphere in the room suddenly changed. The room, where only whispered conversations could be heard, suddenly became a noisy, buzzing thing. 

"That's the school's idol for you....... Though I feel that it is too noisy."

Until the teacher came in, there was constant noise in the classroom and a crowd of people gathered around Reika.

As for Shouta, who was sitting next to her because they were on the same committee, it wasn't easy for him.

"Hurry up so I can go home and play games............."

Shouta made it through the committee meeting, where he felt the unnecessary stares, thinking only of the game after it was over.

There were always more than a few stares next to him, and it made him feel like he was being watched, which was the worst thing he could feel for a few dozen minutes.

[I'm on my way now. I'll log in as soon as I get home.]

[I'm finally done with my errands now, too, so I can finally go home!]

As soon as the committee meeting was over, Shouta contacted Rein on his phone. The moment he contacted her, she read the message and immediately replied.

"Really, we have so much in common that it's almost like we're living together."

[I've arrived home. I'll be logged in in five minutes.]

[I just arrived home too. I'll see you in five minutes, then!]


[Well then, I'm going to log out now. I have school tomorrow.]

[......can you wait a few minutes for me?]

Shouta, who had continued to play the game until the sun was about to set, with breaks along the way, was getting tired. He still had time today because school was only in the morning, but he was so tired from all the Reika-related stuff that he wanted to dive into bed right now.

[What's up? I don't have the strength left to defeat the boss anymore.]

[No, that's not it. I'd like to talk to you about something.]

[What's the matter? You are being so formal.]

Shouta, typing on his keyboard in front of the monitor naturally, was in a position to listen to the conversation, even though he could not see the other party.

[We've known each other for years, right?]

[Yeah, It's been three years now.]

[And we got married recently, right?]

[We have.]

After that chat, Rein stopped sending me chats in a row. Usually, they were sent immediately at a tremendous typing speed, but I wondered if she was typing long sentences or deliberately withholding them.

After a few dozen seconds, a new chat appeared with a character motioning.

[Isn't it about time, for us to....... have an offline meeting?]


I couldn't respond to the sudden suggestion in the chat and instead blurted it out my mouth.

[An offline meeting, you mean that offline meeting, right? Friends meet in real life to play, chat, and have meals together.]

[Yes. That offline meeting. Won't you do it? I've always thought it was strange that we've never met, let alone heard each other's voices, even though we're married. How? Don't you think it's a good idea?]


Still unable to catch up with the sudden suggestion and unable to reply to the chat, a single in-game letter was sent to Shouta with a notification sound.

It was the first time Shouta had ever received a letter from someone, something he had rarely used due to the chat function and its cumbersome nature, and had only ever received at New Year's and at events.

[I've written the details in that letter! I want a reply by tomorrow!]

After saying that, Rein logged out first.

Shouta was left there alone and was stuck there for a while, both in the game and in real life.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to open it......."

A letter in the inbox. He opened the letter, which was addressed to "Shou", a little nervously, and found a letter written in a cute font.

Our offline meeting plan!

Date: Coming soon (preferably Saturday or Sunday!)

Place: Anywhere in the Kanto area, I'll be there! Otherwise, please contact ............. Let's do our best!

Purpose: I want to meet! I want to talk to you!

"It was less than I expected. I thought she would write a lot more."

After screenshotting the letter and forwarding it to his phone, Shouta also logged out and contacted Rein on his phone.

[I saw your letter. The offline meeting, I think I'll go.]

[Really! I'm so happy!]

[So, about the place――――.]

Their offline meeting plan continued until almost sunrise.

They had to face the morning without being able to sleep at all due to the normal school schedule.


[Sorry. I can't get in touch with you on my way today. I want to sleep on the train.]

[I might not be very well today either.......]

He slept until the last minute on the train and slept most of the way to school.

"The offline meeting is next Sunday. I'll have to do a lot of preparation before then. If Rein gets disillusioned with me, I'll just plain die."

After arriving at the classroom, without contacting Rein, Shouta was alone making plans for Sunday. It had been a long time since Shouta had gone out alone with a person, and the other person was probably a woman. In Shouta's memory, he could not find any memories of going out alone with a person of the opposite sex.

"First of all, clothes."

Shouta, who rarely left the house except for school and shopping, completely lacked everything he needed to hang out with the opposite sex, or anyone with whom he had a special relationship.

He browsed through search engines to find clothes that fit him, and before he knew it, it was time for his morning HR session. However, he still couldn't decide what would suit him, so he decided to go to the mall after school and find one.

[Sorry. I might not be able to drop in today.]

[Eh, What's wrong? Did something happen?]

[I have to go shopping for something.]

[That's unusual. On weekdays, Shou usually goes home and plays games right away.]

[I've got something important to do. Sorry.]


As soon as he entered a famous clothing store in a shopping mall, Shouta started staring at the mannequins.

Shouta, who was clueless about fashion, could not tell whether the clothes were good or bad by looking at them folded up and placed on the table. If that is the case, then he probably decided to use finished items from the beginning.

"A beginner should use the standard equipment, after all."

But even with the standard equipment, Shouta, who had not even left the first town, did not know which one to choose.

Just as there were different kinds of equipment for different professions, there were also different kinds of equipment for men, some were more subdued, some more flashy, and some more functional. Considering even the functional aspects created a sense of tension, as if he were choosing his first profession.

A fighting maniac who wanted to be in front could not be a monk, because he would not be strong enough because of the incompatibility. Shouta, who had nothing but games in his head and no real life, would only stand out in a flashy outfit.

"Dear customer, how can I help you?"

"Ah...... umm, I don't know what clothes fit me best."

But there was a savior in the clothing store.

Sometimes they were annoying, and sometimes they were helpful. They were the clerks who approached you on their own initiative.

They might have been there due to their work quotas, but they were like the big brother characters in the beginning stages, supporting you in your choice of clothes with their overwhelming communicative power.

And once you were done shopping, they were no longer involved.

He was a big brother character, wasn't he, right up to the point where he disappeared at the beginning stage.

"I see. Clothes that suit the customer's vibe are this one and this one, I guess."

With that, the clerk brought two shirts from the shelf in an accustomed manner.

"I'd like to buy a set if possible, so how about the ones worn by the mannequin?"

"I understand. How about this one then? If you like, you can try it on and see for yourself."

The clerk then showed him a mannequin wearing a black T-shirt, a hoodie, and a chino, which was a very ordinary combination.

Shouta, who had no clue what was going on anymore and was just going to buy what the clerk recommended, didn't bother to try it on and check it, just looked at the size and bought it.

"The clothes are OK. Next is the stuff I need."

Shouta, who rarely went out with others, did not know what to take with him when he went out. Moreover, the person he was meeting was his married partner, even though it was only in the game. If he showed her something embarrassing, he had no idea what would happen.

"I suppose I should buy some souvenirs while I'm at it."

In the end, by the time he finished buying everything he needed, it was already late in the evening.

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[End of Chapter]

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