Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 64

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


"Well――――it's time to get to bed, guys." (Mia)

Mia cut in and I look up.

After the humiliation I suffered, we were enjoying various card games with no specific punishment.
Doubts, millionaires, and the like. The game was more interesting than I had imagined, and before I knew it, it was already around midnight.

"Ah, you're right. Now thinking it's around the time to go to bed, I suddenly feel sleepy......." (Kanon)
"Mmm, Me too." (Rei)

Now that she mentions it, I am certainly feeling sleepy as well.
If I let my mind wander and become dazed. It is only a matter of time before I fall asleep.

"Then I'll brush my teeth and go to bed......." (Rintaro)
"I'll do that. Come on, you two, don't be lazy." (Mia)

Mia, who still seems to be able to move, urges them on, and we brush our teeth and head to the bedroom.
The four of us enter the bedroom together, in which there are two beds.
Because of the sunscreen incident during the day, the four of us have to sleep together in this room with only two beds.

"Rintaro, are you sure you want to sleep there?" (Rei)
"Because it's a lot better than sleeping in the same bed with you girls. In fact, we should not even be allowed to sleep in the same room." (Rintaro)

I have made a pseudo bedding with several blankets on top of each other in the space between the beds. Thanks to the layers of fairly good quality blankets, I could hardly feel the hardness of the floor when I lay down. I feel so exhausted now that I can easily fall asleep soundly.

"You're really sincere, aren't you? ......Rather, are you seriously not interested in us?" (Rei)
"I'm just trying not to be interested. If I were someone with ulterior motives, I wouldn't have been allowed to live on the same floor as you girls in the same apartment, would I?" (Rintaro)
"Well, that's true. Mmm... Well yeah, I really commend you for not trying to do anything in this environment." (Rei)

Furthermore, if I were such a person, Rei wouldn't have been so attached to me.
Rei is not a stupid person, although she is somewhat out of it.
Just because one is faithful to one's desires, it does not mean that one is a no-thinker.

She and the girls have allowed me to get this close to them.

I feel comfortable with this trust, and I don't want to betray it.

"Even for me, it's quite refreshing to have a boy being around in this way, and lately I've been enjoying my days a lot." (Mia)
"I agree with you. A boy such as Rintaro isn't often around." (Kanon)

Although I don't feel bad about it, it really left me feeling creepy.

So I pull the blanket over my face, turn away, and close my eyes.

"Ah, you are running away." (Kanon)
"Fufu, well, it's a problem if we pester him too much. So, let's give him some space." (Mia)

I can feel both of them lying down on the bed.
However, just as I am about to fall asleep, I hear a voice in my ear.

"Good night, Rintaro." (Rei)
"...... Yeah, good night." (Rintaro)

The voice of the girl who has made it possible for me to be here.
Her voice was so soothing and heartwarming.

In my sleep, I dream.

It was the scene of a party one day. That dream I've had many times.
A little blonde girl was sitting next to me.
She had her mouth full of the buffet meal I brought and a happy smile on her face.

As I thought, that face is――――

"Ugh!?" (Rintaro)

My consciousness is instantly pulled back to reality.
I feel a dull pain in my stomach. When I raise my head to see what it is, I see a girl's raw leg on top of me.

"Mmm...... give me some of those milk......" (Kanon)
"......Ugh, you're kidding right." (Rintaro)

Kanon, who was supposed to be asleep on the bed, just slammed a heel drop into me.
Come to think of it, this lass has a terrible sleeping posture――――.

(Remember it......)

My heart isn't small enough to wake her up and make petty complaints.
I put her body back on the bed, trying to make as little noise as possible. In doing so, I catch a glimpse of Rei, who is sleeping with Kanon.
In the end, Kanon and Rei ended up sleeping in the same bed, but yeah, it seems she is still safe for now.
Why the damage was done to me first and not Rei, who was sleeping right next to her――――I'm a little unconvinced, but well, I'm glad that I was the only one who was woken up here.

(......Let's have some water.)

The air-conditioned room is at a comfortable temperature, yet I'm feeling thirsty.
I leave the room and head for the kitchen, trying not to make a sound.
I pour a glass of water from the kitchen tap and slowly walk over to the window.

The view from the window is surprisingly bright.
It seems that a full moon is approaching. Not only the moon, but I can see a sky full of stars, probably because I am far from the city.

I'd like to see it a little closer――――

I thought so, put on my sandals and step outside.

"Whoa......." (Rintaro)

The sky seen from an unobstructed location is completely different from what I have seen through the window glass.
When is the last time I was overwhelmed by nature?
Soon after, my sleepiness vanished and I am just trying my best to capture everything in my eyes.


Suddenly, I hear a voice calling my name.
I turn around and there is Rei, who just stepped out wearing sandals just like me.
She looks at me and smiles with a delightful expression.

"I woke up and couldn't find you anywhere, so I was wondering if you were here." (Rei)
"Sorry, I thought I walked stealthily, did I wake you?" (Rintaro)
"No, it was Kanon that woke me up. She gave me a fist to the ribs." (Rei)

Rei rubs her side as she says this.
I was the one who laid Kanon back down next to her, so it was my fault as a result. Well, I don't dare to say it, though.
Let's blame it all on Kanon. That's the most peaceful way.

"I just woke up after getting a heel drop from Kanon, too. It was a disaster for both of us." (Rintaro)
"Really. But it was Kanon, so it can't be helped." (Rei)
"Haha, I can't be careful about the way she sleeps." (Rintaro)

Unless I bind her body with a rope, she will never be able to correct her sleeping posture. But when I think of that posture, it is so surreal that it makes me laugh.

I turn to Rei again, clearing my throat and holding back my laughter for the sake of Kanon's honor.

"...... Can we talk for a minute?" (Rintaro)
"...... yes." (Rei)

We move to the beach and sit down on the mats we used to rest on during the day.
The parasol is closed and the view is open so that we can see the stars even on the mat.

"I was so tired from shooting all yesterday that I didn't even think to look at the stars like this. I didn't realize how magnificent they were." (Rei)
"What a wasted opportunity. I guess I should be thankful to Kanon for today." (Rintaro)
"I guess so. I should thank her for waking me up." (Rei)

Even if I express my gratitude to her tomorrow, she will probably just give me a dumbfounded look.
I want to say something sarcastic, but since I've had some good things happen, I decided not to.

"Do you want to, come back here again?" (Rei)
"Pardon?" (Rintaro)
"If Rintaro is okay, I want to go on another trip with you like this. In the fall I want to go see the autumn leaves, in the winter I want to go skiing or to a hot spring...... in the spring, I want to see cherry blossoms, and in the summer, I want to come back here again. All with Rintaro." (Rei)
" want to be with me that badly?" (Rintaro)

Rei's eyes widen in surprise for a moment when I teasingly ask her this.
Then she narrows her eyes and gives a thin smile.

"――――Yes, I want to be with you forever." (Rei)

That is pure, unadulterated goodwill.
I avert my eyes from Rei and look up at the sky again.

"Yeah...... me too." (Rintaro)

Of my own volition, I said that for sure.
There's no way I can say such a thing while meeting her eyes.
I finally feel calm and can make eye contact with Rei again.

"Is that ...... true?" (Rei)
"I'm not going to lie in a situation like this. And I'm not going to change my mind once I've said it." (Rintaro)
"......I'm glad." (Rei)

Rei is closing the distance between us a little.
The only distance between us is such that if we move even a little, we might touch each other.
It is irritating and frustrating.

If and only if "I were not me", and "Rei were not Rei", I could have ignored everything and touched her――――.

"Hey, Rintaro." (Rei)
"......What is it?" (Rintaro)
"...... No, it's nothing." (Rei)
"I see." (Rintaro)

We both keep our mouths shut right there.
It is too early to move on from our current relationship.
As long as she continues to hold on to her dream, it is difficult to change our relationship.

Even if both Rei and I harbor a mutual feeling――――.

"Do you want to enjoy this sight a little longer?" (Rintaro)
"Yes...... I do." (Rei)

We just look up at the sky and enjoy the starry night.

I shall keep this feeling a secret and leave it here, in this place, in this summer.
I hope one day I can come back here again and convey this feeling to her.
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[End of Chapter]


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