Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 65

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 2 - Summer Break


"Why the h*ll is this happening ......?" (Rintaro)

When I wake up, I'm just stunned by the sight of the wrestling scene unfolding before me.
Or perhaps it's too one-sided to be called wrestling.

Rei and Kanon are sleeping in the same bed, and for some reason, Kanon's arm is wrapped around Rei's neck.
Or should I say, entangled from behind? Poor Rei, who is being subjected to such a technique, has been groaning in agony since a while ago.
The strength of the stranglehold is not death-defying, but Rei must be having nightmares about being entangled with an octopus right now.
When I think about it, Kanon's hair color is starting to resemble a boiled octopus, too.

"Eh, good morning, Rintaro-kun." (Mia)
"Ah, you're awake. Oh, good morning." (Rintaro)

Mia picks herself up behind me as I look at Rei and Kanon.
She spills a single sigh and gives me a grin and a teasing look.

"By any chance, were you enjoying Rei's and Kanon's sleeping faces? If so, I'm sorry to have disturbed you." (Mia)
"Don't be ridiculous. Look at this scene before you start spouting off like that." (Rintaro)

I point to the bed with my chin, and Mia gets up from the bed and looks down at them as I do.
Then, as if sensing the situation, she let out an "ah" sound.

"This is, by far...... the worst sleeping posture I've ever seen." (Mia)
"Heeh, you can call this a masterpiece." (Rintaro)
'It's not like she's falling out of bed or anything. But I'm starting to feel sorry for Rei." (Mia)
"....... I agree, shall we wake her up." (Rintaro)

Mia reaches for Kanon's shoulder and shakes her body.
Then, slowly she comes to her consciousness and wakes up.

"Good morning, Kanon. Can you please let Rei go now?" (Mia)
"Mmm...... kay...... eh? Hey, why is Rei here?" (Kanon)

She still seems to be half awake.
Kanon, who takes her arm away from Rei, slowly raises herself from the bed.

"......Ah, yes. I'm staying at the cottage, right? And......" (Kanon)
"You're still weak in the morning as usual, aren't you? There, go wash your face." (Rintaro)
"Okay......" (Kanon)

Without seeming to comprehend anything about the situation, Kanon is making her way out of the room.
Yup, it's dangerous.

"I don't want her to fall down the stairs, so I'm going to go along with her. Can you wake Rei up for me?" (Rintaro)
"Okay. I'll leave her to you." (Mia)

After exchanging such a conversation with Mia, I follow Kanon out of the room.
Kanon is walking down the stairs in a daze as she exits the hallway.
I rush over there and support her body.

"Hey, walk properly." (Rintaro)
"Mmm......." (Kanon)
"You look astonishingly dazed." (Rintaro)

While supporting her with my hands around her waist, I go down the stairs.
I walk her to the bathroom and stand her in front of the mirror.

"Here, wash your face." (Rintaro)
"Mmm......" (Kanon)

I turn on the tap, and she begins to wash her face in front of my eyes.
It feels somewhat like I'm taking care of an animal――――.

"Eh... Rintaro?" (Kanon)
"Hmm? Oh, good morning." (Rintaro)

Through the mirror, I meet Kanon's eyes.
Her face gradually turns red, and she suddenly turns around vigorously.

"Why is Rintaro in my house?" (Kanon)
"This is not your house. Look closely." (Rintaro)
"What!? A-ah, yes! You're right! We are at the cottage......." (Kanon)

Looking flustered, Kanon mended her remarks.
What is there to be so flustered about? As I am puzzled, she begins to repeatedly splash water on her face as if to cool her heated face.

"I thought you finally brought me into your home......." (Kanon)
"As if that would happen." (Rintaro)
"How can you hear me!? If this is a romantic comedy situation, your hearing loss should be on full display." (Kanon)
"How can I not hear you when you're talking to me at this distance? Think realistically." (Rintaro)
"I know that! I know, but!" (Kanon)

Why on earth am I being pissed off? 
Well, I've always been thinking that they are incomprehensible people, so let's not argue with them at every turn.

"So, why were you behind my back?" (Kanon)
"I just worried because you were half awake and staggering down the stairs." (Rintaro)
"Nursing......!" (Kanon)
"You shouldn't have arrived at that conclusion." (Rintaro)

I did think that on the way down here.

"Yes, yes, you two. Don't start flirting in the morning and vacate the washbasin. I'm having a hard time behind you." (Mia)
"...... sleepy." (Rei)

It seems that the second nursing need has arrived.
Mia pulls Rei's hand, who is rubbing her sleepy eyes, moves her to the front of the washbasin, and makes her wash her face in the place of us.

Now――――let's make breakfast while they're at it.

I move to the kitchen and put the eggs and bacon on the stove and the bread in the toaster.
I'm kind of sad to think that I'll have to say goodbye to the island kitchen.
I hope I'll get to live in a house like this someday.


"You guys, is there anything you forgot?" (Kanon)

Kanon, who is pulling a suitcase, turns around and asks us.

Originally, I had only stayed one night, so I didn't have much luggage, and one rucksack was all I needed. I didn't need to take out any valuables, so I can assure myself that I didn't forget anything.
What worries me is the two girls who are pulling their suitcases rattling behind me.

"I checked it several times, so I'm fine. What about you, Rei?" (Mia)
"I'm fine too.......I think." (Rei)

Hmm, I'm worried.
Well, I've reviewed it many times to assuage that concern, and it's probably fine. If worse comes to worst, I'm sure they'll find it when they clean up.

"Ah, but there's something I forgot, or rather...... left undone." (Rei)
"What? The cab's already here." (Kanon)

"Let's all take a picture." (Rei)

――――Oh, I see.

I can see Kanon and Mia smiling at each other.
They stand around Rei and put their bodies together.

"C'mon, Rintaro-kun." (Mia)
"Hurry up and get over here! Get in the picture together, the four of us!" (Kanon)

Even though it is summertime, being so close together ...... is very hot and uncomfortable.
Even though in my head I think so, my feet are naturally walking under these girls.
After all, it is no exaggeration to say that I enjoyed myself this summer frolicking around without worrying about the eyes of those around me. Refraining from doing so in a place like this would benefit nothing.

"Rintaro, come to the middle." (Rei)
"Hey...... isn't this too extravagant?" (Rintaro)
"What is?" (Rei)
"......Nothing." (Rintaro)

Taking a picture surrounded by these three popular idols.
This will be a treasure of a lifetime.

Kanon and Mia pull me and lead me to come under Rei.
I crouch down, and as I raise my eyes a little, I see Mia's smartphone in my field of vision.
Is this the rumored selfie? I don't know whether it was a rumor or not.

"Now, I'll take a shot. Gather more in the middle." (Mia)
"Wa-wait a minute! I'll lost my balan――――" (Kanon)

Just before the shutter is about to be pressed, Kanon, who is to have been gathered in the middle, loses her balance.
As a result, she comes leaning on my back, and Rei, which is on top of her, is pushed away. Furthermore, Rei gets pushed to the side and collides with Mia, and the four of us end up spectacularly crumpled altogether on the spot.

In the midst of all this, the sound of the shutter snapping can be heard mercilessly.

We all checked the picture, and it showed us crumpling to the ground.
For some reason, the fact that all of our faces were captured without blurring gave the photo a strange flavor, as if it were a miracle.

"Yes...... well, failure is a failure, but what shall we do? Shall we reshoot?" (Mia)
"......No. I like this one. We look somewhat having fun." (Rei)
"Fufu, I guess so. It doesn't look good at all, but we'll never be able to get the same picture as this one again, so let's treasure it." (Mia)

Next to me, Kanon, who is the cause of the failed pose, is nodding her head while sweating coldly.
While I am amazed at her, I also agreed with both Rei's and Mia's opinions.

Rather than any conventional picture, this distorted picture is the most fitting for us――――
That's what I thought.
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[End of Chapter]


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