Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 83

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival

21-1 The Preparation for The School Festival

"Hey, could you bring that over here?"

The voice of a classmate echoes through the classroom.
The new semester has started and it has been over ten days since the decision was made for the school festival performance.
Lately, almost every day after school, we gather in the classroom and prepare for the school festival.
Although there are some who can't participate because they still have club activities, there is a unique system of cooperation where, depending on the club advisor, the club activities will be suspended for a week just before the festival.
While everyone is actively moving around, I sit on the floor and diligently move the paintbrush soaked in paint.
I am now painting the decorative sign to be used in the classroom.

"As expected of a manga assistant. You're efficient at painting." (Yukio)
"Huh, rather, I've been doing a lot of beta coloring, so I'm better at this kind of thing." (Rintaro)

With Yukio supporting the sign, I paint carefully, making sure not to go over the lines.
I quite enjoy this kind of work.
The progress is straightforward and the results are clear, so I don't get bored doing it.

"But still... he seems busy, doesn't he?" (Yukio)
"Huh? Yeah, he's on the executive committee after all." (Rintaro)

Glancing at the hallway, I catch a glimpse of Kakihara talking with students from another class and upperclassmen.
Because he is truly exceptional, people around him come to rely on him.
Even though he's only a sophomore, Kakihara always seems to be at the center of the conversation.
Even the seniors come to him for advice, so his skills must be remarkable.

After giving instructions to a few people, Kakihara walks away quickly, holding some documents.
I must say, he's too disciplined, to follow the rule of not running in the hallway, even when he's busy.

"It's quite something to be too outstanding." (Yukio)
"Yeah. But he's been looking tired lately, and honestly, that worried me." (Rintaro)

Although people around him may not notice, there is a hint of exhaustion on Kakihara's face.
When I asked him if there was anything I could do to help, hoping to reduce the burden on him if possible, Kakihara himself insisted saying "I'm fine".
Since I don't really understand the responsibilities of being on the school festival executive committee, I can't just interfere without permission.
I hope I can find a way to help him before he reaches his limit――――

"Since Nikaido-san is here, it probably won't escalate into something serious. For now, let's focus on our own work." (Yukio)
"......Yeah, you're right." (Rintaro)

After that, we decided to immerse ourselves in making the signboards.

As we are doing that, about an hour had passed.

"I told you that we also have things we need to do, didn't I?!"
"You're being unfair by making excuses and not helping at all!"

A voice of anger can be heard from the hallway.
The classroom falls silent, and several people peek their heads out into the hallway, curious about what is happening.
Curious as well, Yukiho and I quietly look into the hallway.
There, we witness a group of boys and girls from a different class, divided into two groups, glaring at each other.

"Ah, youth." (Yukio)
"Yeah, youth indeed." (Rintaro)

We casually observe their situation, thinking it has nothing to do with us.
The girl at the front is probably a member of the school festival executive committee. She has the same documents that Kashihara has earlier.
And the boy she's arguing with is probably the sophomore ace of the baseball club.
The seniors retired since the summer, and he had become the captain or something like that.

By comparing their voices from earlier and their respective positions, it's easy to understand the cause of their dispute.
The committee girl wanted more help with the school festival preparations, while the baseball club wanted to focus more on practice as a new team.
It seems that the baseball club had lost in a close match during the summer tournament and was burning with enthusiasm for the upcoming year.
Both positions are understandable, but......

"What are you guys doing?" (Yuusuke)

Kakihara returns to the scene of the conflict and raises his voice.
He intervenes between the two and creates some distance.

"Why are you fighting?" (Yuusuke)
""Because this guy is......""

From each person's perspective, the other was at fault. Well, that's natural.
Having somewhat understood the situation, Kakihara clenches his molars and sighs.

"Sigh... As a member of the baseball club, you want to do more club activities, and as a class, you want him to dedicate more time to preparations. That's what this is about, right?" (Yuusuke)

In response to Kakihara's question, each party nods.

"You understand that you two have each standpoint, don't you?" (Yuusuke)
"But do you also understand that there are times when compromises have to be made?" (Yuusuke)

Both remain silent as they listen to Kakihara's words.
What they need at that moment is time to calm down.
It's not like they hate each other.
If possible, neither of them wanted to use strong words. It should be that way.

"Put yourself in the other person's shoes and try to think." (Yuusuke)

The two look at each other awkwardly.
Then they seemed to achieve some kind of understanding about each other.

"...I'm sorry. The club is also important. I've always wanted you to put "club activities" aside, but that's just how committed you are to it, isn't it?"
"I'm sorry too...... I mean, you also want to make the school festival a success as an executive committee member. We were thinking the same thing."

The executive committee member who wanted to make the cultural festival a success and the baseball club captain who had to lead the members to advance in the next year.
Indeed, their standpoints as leaders were the same.

"Starting tomorrow, we'll reduce the practice time a bit. When it comes to carrying heavy things or things like that, don't hesitate to ask us for help."
"Understood. I'll do that!"

The tense atmosphere in the hallway eases.
Kakihara lets out a sigh of relief, understanding that the matter has been resolved.

"Thank you, Kakihara. I was a little too preoccupied with myself."
"I'm glad you guys are able to reconcile. Well then, I'll take my leave......" (Yuusuke)

Saying that, Kakihara leaves the scene, walking quickly as if he were busy.
Unbeknownst to them, the onlookers have returned to their usual tasks, and time begins to flow as if nothing had happened.

"Whoa, Kakihara-kun is amazing after all." (Yukio)

I nod in agreement with Yukio's words.
I guess you could call him charismatic. I feel that his words can easily reach many people.
Every word he says is persuasive.

(There's no way he's unpopular...)

Because he is excellent, there are girls who send warm gazes to his departing back even now.
Yes, there's no way he's unpopular.
And yet, despite that――――.

"Ah, Shidou-kun! Have you seen Kakihara-kun?" (Azusa)
"......Aah, Nikaido-san. If it's Yuusuke-kun, he walked over there." (Rintaro)
"I see, thank you." (Azusa)

Why does this person always overlook all of his good points?
It's almost impressive.
With just this one girl, she can turn the guy named Kakihara Yuusuke, who seems to have been born with all fortune, into an unfortunate character.

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[End of Chapter]


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