Lort Kuzuma - 3

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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3 - This person has, a strong-personality

"Fufufu, it seems like you can't even speak. Well, that's only natural. If someone were to extol the greatness of the Dimens, I would also be captivated. When it comes to talking about the goddesses, I can be a bit noisy, you know?"

While saying this with full confidence, she lifted her long hair, which reached her waist, and let it flutter down. At that moment, the morning sunlight reflected off her hair, giving her golden and drill hair sparkle.

Just this gesture alone was powerful, but the way she proudly displayed her large chest was incredibly bold. It was as if she embodied a character straight out of a manga, the epitome of a young lady.

Seeing this extraordinary presence, I was left dumbfounded.

"Heh...... something incredible has arrived......"

Looking around the classroom, I noticed that my classmates were all gaping in awe at the new student. It was clear that they were utterly bewildered by this unexpected intruder. It would be scary if they could quickly adapt to such an intense character resembling a villainess.

"But finally, I can now spend my time in the same school and even in the same classroom as them...... Ah! This Ijuuin Reika! She's so overwhelmed with emotion that her heart feels like it's going to burst! Truly, fate can only be carved out with your own hands! It was worth transferring here, even if it meant defying my father and Himeno!" 

"Um, excuse me, Ijuuin-san? Umm, can I talk to you for a moment? It's just that, if you open the door too loudly, it might be a problem...... I'll be the one who gets in trouble if it gets broken...... And please don't shout too much. I'll be the one who gets scolded......" 

The person who called out to the young lady named Ijuuin, who was engrossed in her own world with a triumphant look on her face, was our homeroom teacher, Mizuhara Yuuki. 

As a newly appointed teacher, she was somewhat timid, and she had been burdened with the clearly troublesome position of having two active idols thrown into her class. 

Normally, because we were relatively close in age, the students called her "Yuki-chan-sensei" and were familiar with her. But now, she had teary eyes and was anxiously looking around, making me feel sorry for her. 

"Oh my, what is it, teacher? Do you have any words toward me?" 

In response, Ijuuin, who had made a grand entrance, showed no concern for her surroundings. 

Instead, she turned her perfectly arranged face towards her and stared at her intently. 

"Um, well. F-for now, I would appreciate it if you could come into the classroom..... I'll check the state of the door, so in the meantime, could you please introduce yourself to everyone...... Pretty please? Ahahaha......" 

Yuki-chan-sensei, feeling pressured by the young lady, smiled awkwardly and turned her back. 

Her back was filled with deep sorrow, and the students' gazes directed at her were filled with sympathy, as if they were witnessing something sad. 

Weak. You're weak, teacher. You're being thoroughly looked down upon by someone younger than you. 

Undoubtedly, my classmates must have thought the same. 

Seeing their sympathetic gazes towards her as she rattled the classroom door and checked if everything was okay, I secretly solidified my determination that it was impossible to work. However, unaware of the sympathetic atmosphere floating in the classroom, the transfer student just walked in briskly.

Her figure, walking with a straightened spine, was graceful, like that of a model. The words "majestic" suited her well. 

Completely dominating the atmosphere as soon as she appeared, the woman stopped in front of the teacher's podium and bowed gracefully making her blonde hair swayed.

"Nice to meet you all. My name is Ijuuin Reika, and from today onwards, I will be your fellow classmate. I have transferred here due to certain circumstances, but as a daughter of the Ijuuin family, I intend to do my best without bringing shame to my family's name. From now on, we will spend time together as classmates, so best regards."

"Y-yes...... B-best regards......"

In response to the extremely impolite entrance, the classmates gave vague responses to the transfer student's courteous greeting.

This person has a strong character.

Everyone must have thought so.

I'd been thinking about it since earlier, but I had no choice but to confirm it in this atmosphere because there was no one brave enough to do so.

Meanwhile, Ijuuin nodded satisfactorily at her classmates who were clearly confused, and without permission, she left the podium and walked towards me.

"Now then, I have a question, Where is my seat? Ah, it's over there. The seat next to hers is empty. In other words, the seat next to her has been secured as specified!!!"

Looking at her, she seemed to be breathing heavily and her eyes seemed bloodshot, but I shouldn't touch on that.

Or rather, I didn't want to talk to her. It seemed to be the consensus of the class, as nobody tried to talk to Ijuuin. There seemed to be many students who were deliberately avoiding eye contact.

It was clear that it would be troublesome if you got involved with her. This act could also be considered a smart way of dealing with things. It was no wonder everyone proudly claimed to be students of a prestigious school. It was a very clever response.

Eventually, Ijuuin reached her seat, but for some reason, she trembled as if she was overwhelmed.

"A-aaahh... Th-this is... This is Setsuna-sama's... Setsuna-sama's desk!!! The desk of my ultimate favorite and the strongest transcendental super idol of this century, Setsuna-samaaaaaa...!!!!"


She started rubbing her cheek against the desk.

I couldn't help but be amazed at this. Or rather, I've been surprised since earlier.

This was truly a bargain sale of shocks. The atmosphere in the class was filled with confusion.

"Ohhh!!! Th-this is the texture and feel of Setsuna-sama's desk! It-its so amazing! I can't contain myseeeeeeeeeeeeellf!!!" 

Despite that, the transfer student showed no signs of caring. Even though all the eyes in the classroom were focused on her, she continued to vigorously rub her cheeks against the desk, exuding a horrifying madness.

At this point, it was clear that this transfer student had extraordinary courage, but the sight of her blond drills digging into the desk was just grotesque.

(((S-she's a pervert... A young lady, who is a super pervert...)))

The hearts of the classmates united at this moment.

If this had been a typical lewd young lady from an erotic novel, there might have been some hope, but a pervert was beyond redemption in various ways.

I mean, I think she was saying something about not doing anything to disgrace his family's name earlier.

Is it really okay for her to expose herself like this within less than a minute? There were too many points to criticize.

The classmates were all dumbfounded by her bizarre behavior.

"Sniff sniff sniff...... Ahh, what a nice fragrance... This is a top idol's smell...... I can dwell...... I'm so glad I transferred here......"

"Excuse me, may I have a word?"

I deliberately called out to the transfer student who was completely immersed in her joy.

Instantly, her red eyes turned towards me. There was a clear expression of dissatisfaction, and it was obvious that she was outraged by being interrupted.

"What is it? I'm currently savoring a moment of bliss..."

"Well, that's Gotou-kun's, a male student's seat. Since I can't see him, he's probably absent today. Setsuna's seat is over here."

Saying that, I pointed to the seat next to mine.

Her seat was empty on both its left and right sides, and the cheek-rubbing she was doing was actually to the other seat that belonged to a male student.

With a fifty-fifty chance, she had drawn the wrong one.

By the way, Gotou-kun was a sweaty and chubby boy, and secretly rumored to have a slightly bad smell in the summer, contrary to her mention of having a nice smell. But that was a secret only known here.

Furthermore, my seat was in front of Arisa's, surrounded by my childhood friends, but that's irrelevant to mention now.


"Um, my condolences. It must be disappointing."

I couldn't help but sympathize with Ijuuin, who remained frozen in her cheek-rubbing posture, she suddenly stood up straight and clapped her hands twice for some reason.

Then, the classroom door swung open. The force was so strong that it hit Yuki-chan-sensei, who was checking the state of the door, and "blegh" she let out a yelp. But that didn't matter at all, as a tough man in a black suit entered the room.

"You've come, Kuroiso."

"You called for me, Milady."

"Dispose of this desk immediately. Annihilate it and turn it into charcoal, literally erase it from this world. Do it now! Understand?"

"Yes! Understood!"

The man in a black suit who saluted Ijuuin immediately grabbed the desk and hurriedly left the classroom.

It was a matter of seconds, a blink of an eye. We could only watch silently.

By the way, Gotou-kun was the type to study at his desk, and his desk should have been filled with textbooks and notes, but no one mentioned it.

With the rapid turn of events, my head couldn't keep up.

In the now chaotic and silent classroom, a small cough could be heard.

"......Well then, once again. Is this the real Setsuna-sama's desk? It looks completely different from the previous one, radiating a noble aura. Thank you for letting me know. What is your name?"

"Huh? Me? I'm Kuzuhara Kazuma."

Since my name was suddenly asked, I reflexively answered.

Well, it was not like I had anything to hide, so I didn't mind sharing my name.

"I see. Then, Kazuma-sama. I will express my gratitude to you later. Now then, Gulp. Th-then, this time for sure......!"

As Ijuuin was about to jump onto Setsuna's desk with excitement, the classroom door opened again.


"Good morning, everyone!"

With a loud sound, the door hit Mizuhara-sensei's face once again, causing her to let out a voice like a crushed frog.

But as if nothing had happened, my childhood friend and current high school idol, Takanashi Setsuna, entered the classroom with a bright greeting, dissipating the chaotic atmosphere.

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[End of Chapter]

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