Lort Kuzuma - 2

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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2 - Childhood friends who've become idols

"Everyone! Thank you for coming to our live performance today, Dimension Stars!"


In response to the echoing voice through the microphone, cheers erupted.

In the dimly lit space, excitement swirled, and all eyes were focused on the stage.

The stage was adorned with elaborate decorations. In the center, four girls smiled at the audience while being illuminated by spotlights.

First, a girl with long black hair began to speak.

"We'll do our very best today, to bring happiness to everyone! If you don't pay attention to us... it's no good, you know?"

[WHOOOAAAAAAA!!!!! We'll lock our eyes at youuuuuu!!!!!]

Next, a girl with fluffy golden hair smiled.

"Fufu, you aren't allowed to blink, okay?"

[We absolutely won't blink!!!!! We'll even cut off our eyelids so we can keep our eyes on youuuu!!!!!]

A girl with silver hair tied in pigtails raised her voice shyly.

"We have a new song today, so I hope you enjoy it... I-it's not like I'll hate you if you don't enjoy it, okay?"

"WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Tsundere was receiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!"

Finally, a girl with brown hair in side ponytails placed her finger on her lips and smiled mischievously.

"Everyone, please enjoy yourselves~♡ Otherwise... I'll... be upset, okay~♡ ️"

[Haaaaaaaaahhhh! My heart is going to buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurst!]

Each time the girls spoke through the microphone, the atmosphere in the venue grew more intense.

Sensing that, the black-haired girl standing in the center nodded with satisfaction and raised her voice even louder.

"Ahaha♪ Alright! Then, please enjoy yourselves to the fullest, okay! Without further ado, let's go with our new song! "My Boyfriend is ♪ a Scumbag✩"!"

[WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'll become a scumbag tooooooooo!!!!]

Once again, thunderous cheers echoed. Even though the live concert had just begun, the audience's excitement had already reached its peak.

This enthusiasm was a manifestation of their expectations for the live concert.

It transmitted even through the screen, and I couldn't help but grin.

"Heh... It seems yesterday's concert was a great success."

It was early morning. In the classroom, which had started to bustle as students arrived one after another, I, Kuzuhara Kazuma, used my spare time while waiting for the homeroom session to watch the videos uploaded on the official social media with my smartphone.

"Hmm hmm, the concert was amazing! The girls from Dimens are too cute! Then... yup, the responses seem good."

As I checked the audience's response to the concert, the reviews were not bad. No, they were quite good.

Regardless of which account I looked at, the people who attended were expressing nothing but satisfaction, and there were many fans who were determined to participate in the next concert.

On internet bulletin boards as well, there were numerous positive comments, and I believed there was a certain number of people considering attending the next concert. This could be considered a good sign.

Considering the fact that they were an up-and-coming idol group that hadn't even debuted for a year, they had already gained considerable popularity at this stage.

"If things keep going like this, becoming top idols is not just a dream, aren't they?"

Satisfied with the girls on the screen making steady progress, I closed my eyes quietly.

At the same time, I could hear a wild shout coming from the other side of my smartphone.

[UWOOOOOOOOGH!!!! L-O-V-E! Se-tsu-naaaaaaaaaa!!!! I love you!! A-ri-saaaaaaaaa!!!!]

The names of my childhood friends were being called.

It had been ten years since that day when the promise was made.

I had become an ordinary high school student, while Setsuna and Arisa had become idols.

"Since long ago, they were cute, but I never thought they would become idols."

The idol group "Dimension Stars!" that Setsuna and Arisa belong to, also known as Dimens, was a four-member high school unit consisting of the leader and senior, Mashiro, the junior mischievous little devil, Ruri, Setsuna, and Arisa.

Due to the extraordinary beauty of all the members, they had attracted attention since their formation, and their song sales had been quite impressive for newcomers.

In fact, their recent single "Childhood Friend is★A Parasitic chu~♡" had even made it to the top of the Oricon charts, and their upcoming first album, "I Love Even the Trashy You♪," was already been inundated with pre-orders, creating a buzz on social media.

As such, "Dimension Stars!" was one of the most popular idol units currently riding the wave, being featured in various media.

Each member had a unique personality and outstanding looks, also, they were all friendly and talented singers.

Moreover, they treated all fans equally with smiling faces, regardless of who they were. So, it would be strange if they weren't popular... Well, it seemed that Arisa had a lot of hardcore fans in a slightly different direction, but as long as they were satisfied, I think it would be fine.

In any case, Dimens was steadily climbing the stairs of becoming a top idol unit.

(Idol nerds are hungry for approval...... Setsuna, in particular, is a caring and devoted person by nature, so one of her strengths is that she can respond amiably to all kinds of people.)

Of course, when they decided to support someone, they didn't hesitate to spend money, but those nerds weren't stupid.

Whether the girls were reluctantly corresponding or trying to flatter them, it could be easily seen through.

Ah, once they realized that this person didn't pay attention to them, it was human psychology to hesitate in supporting them.

One of Setsuna's strengths as an idol was her ability to easily break through that such wariness.

She didn't dislike people in general, so she didn't build walls with anyone.

As a result, she was a good girl. Truly an angel. It created an absolute sense of security that she would never betray them.

(Kehkehkeh... Those idiots. There's no way such a convenient person exists.)

Absolute could also be described as blind faith.

Basically, they only saw the favorable aspects and didn't even try to think.

Those people were deceived and become a source of income. It was the way of the world.

They could lament later, but once they abandoned their thinking, it was their own responsibility.

It should be evident that there was no such thing as a person who only existed for their convenience if they thought about it for a moment.

(Even if there were, such a person would have already belonged to someone else. It's foolish not to realize that.)

The reason I couldn't help but ridicule them was because I, as a winner who successfully made such a rare of all rare people my childhood friend, have the confidence.

Well, in a way, it was correct.

Certainly, Setsuna would never betray them. She will remain a pure and righteous idol for her fans.

After all, Setsuna had been like that even before becoming an idol―――

"Oh, Kuzuhara. What are you looking at?"

As I was satisfied with the current situation where my childhood friends were steadily climbing the stairs as idols, I was suddenly called out.

When I looked up, there was the face of a familiar male student. It was Sayama Takuto, my classmate since middle school.

Instead of replying, I lifted my smartphone and thrust it in front of him, showing it off.

"Sayama huh, it's this. It's yesterday's Dimens' live performance. I was checking it because there was a video on their website."

"Ah, that! I went to see it too, and it was amazing. They even performed a new song, and it was amazing. It was the finest! And to think that all those beautiful girls are students at our school. It's like a miracle! I'm glad I was born to witness this."

Seeing that, Sayama nodded, visibly moved.

From this exchange, it was clear that all the members of Dimens were students at our private Narukami Academy.

It seemed that it wasn't intentional, but this fact was important to the students at the school and had become a source of pride.

Because of this, there were many fans of Dimens at this school, and especially in our 2-D class where two idols are enrolled, students from other classes often envy us.

Sayama was also one of the many fans of Dimens at this school.

"It's fun to cheer from the audience, but watching up close is a whole different experience. Especially with Takanashi-san, I've decided to support her for the rest of my life. She's my perfect type, too cute!"

It seemed that he had feelings for Setsuna for a while, but he gave up confessing because he thought it would be impossible with his ordinary appearance. However, when he found out that Setsuna had debuted as an idol, he became a fan at the same time.

Now he had become a proud idol nerd and seemed to have purchased quite a number of merchandise.

I recalled him saying that he wanted to establish a connection by talking to me because I was Setsuna and Arisa's childhood friend.

Well, whatever his intentions were, he was now a friend, and I was grateful to hear the passionate opinions of a dedicated fan who was close to me.

"That's good. I'm also proud to be Yukina and Alisa's childhood friend."

"I'm totally jealous about that, but why do you act so superior...... Ah, by the way, have you heard? There's going to be a transfer student in our class today."

Upon hearing that, I was a little surprised.

It was mid-April now. If it was due to a parent's job transfer, they would have completed the procedures during spring break and transferred to the second year, so it felt strange to have a transfer at this timing. It's quite unusual, isn't it?

"Is that so? It's rare at this time."

"Yeah, it's kind of sudden. There was someone saw it in the staff room this morning, and according to that guy, the transfer student is a girl. And she's quite a beauty! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of girl she is!"

Seeing Sayama getting excited, it was my turn to be exasperated.

This guy would be interested in any cute girl, even if she's not an idol... Well, at this point, it was highly unlikely that he would have any chance with her, but Sayama was an important friend.

Just to be sure, I should warn him not to cheat on Dimens. This is for my sake, and ultimately for the sake of my childhood friends.

"Heeh. That's good, but it's unfortunate for that girl. After all, there are two active idols in our class. No matter how cute she is, she doesn't stand a chance."

"Well, that's true." "Exactly!!!!!"

As if to drown out Sayama's nodding voice, the classroom door swung open with a bang!

In response to the sudden loud noise, all eyes in the classroom focused on one point, and there stood a girl with a flashy appearance whom I didn't recognize.

"There's no way I, someone like me, have any chance of winning against them! No, there is absolutely no need to win!! "Dimension Stars!" is the idol unit that represents my sun and is my favorite!!! They are the supreme and ultimate existence!!! It is truly a miracle for them to exist in this world!!! They are goddesses sent to illuminate this world with their light, they are the very embodiment of divinity!!!"

She declared loudly while standing at the entrance of the classroom.

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[End of Chapter]

Setsuna & Arisa


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