She, Whom I Married in-Game - 4

She, Whom I Married in-Game is The Idol in My School. ~She Seems to be an Ice Idol, but in The Game, She's My Wife~

Netoge de Kekkonshita Aite ga Gakkou no Idol dattandaga. ~Koori no Idol-rashiiga, Game no Nakade wa Ore no Yome~


4 - Even a classic spot has enough charm

"Shouta-kun, May I ask you to show me around?"

"Ah, sure. Let's go then."

After finishing the payment and stepping outside, the sun was already at its peak.

As Shouta and Reika walked side by side, Shouta rearranged his plans in his head.

Due to the entire morning being gone, he decided to eliminate the less important things from the list of things he wanted to do.

"I've been interested in this place nearby, but I've never been there alone because it's too shy to go by myself. What about you, Reika?"

Shouta guided Reika to the nearby aquarium. It was quite famous, and although Shouta never had the chance to visit, he was interested. However, this popular spot was too difficult to visit alone.

"I haven't been here either. Because I wanted to be with you every day......"


Of course, it was only in the game, but when Reika said that in real life, Shouta felt extremely embarrassed and involuntarily stopped walking.

"Aren't we going inside?"

"Oh, sorry. Let's go in."

After buying tickets together, they entered the aquarium, where even though it was lunchtime, many tourists were captivated by the fish.

"Is there something you want to see?"

"Let's see...... I want to see penguins."

They received a map near the entrance, checked where each animal was located, and decided on their destination. However, Shouta had already decided on a few animals he wanted to see in advance.

"Do you like them?"

"Yes. They're so adorable."

"Me too. I fell in love with their walking style at first sight."

"Fufu. We have the same taste."

"...! Let's get going."

To avoid being seen with his current expression, Shouta led the way to the penguin corner. Reika, on the other hand, felt embarrassed after saying that and kept her head down so as not to be noticed by Shouta.

"It's here. Whoa, there are so many."

After walking a little and stepping outside into the outdoor area, they immediately saw the penguin corner.

Both of them were entirely captivated by the dozens of penguins they could see at a glance.

"They're so adorable..."

"Indeed. I could watch them forever."

While watching the penguins side by side, Shouta occasionally glanced sideways. He looked at Reika, who was standing very close to him, without being noticed.

"She's so beautiful..."

With her well-proportioned face and glossy long hair, Reika had a feminine charm even within her slender figure. She was the most beautiful girl in Shouta's eyes.

Moreover, she was his wife in-game. Just thinking that made Reika appear much more attractive to him than before he knew she was Rein. Lost in his thoughts, Shouta realized that he had forgotten to look at the penguins and had been staring at Reika.

"Wha-what's wrong?"

"Ah, s-sorry. it's nothing."

However, Reika noticed his intent gaze and turned toward Shouta. He felt a bit awkward and immediately averted his eyes, but Reika didn't understand why he was acting that way.


"I had a lot of fun. What about you, Reika?"

"I had fun too. It's been a while since I've been to a place like this. Besides, it's Shouta-kun who's with me."


After enjoying watching the penguins, the two of them went around the aquarium and when the sun was starting to set, they left.

At first, Shouta had planned to just see the penguins and then leave, but both of them ended up having more fun than expected. They took pictures and leisurely looked at things other than penguins.

"What should we do after this? Do you have a curfew or something?"

"No, if Shouta-kun wants, we can stay out all night."

"N-No, I'll make sure to be home before the date changes."

The thought of staying out all night briefly crossed Shouta's mind, but it remained a secret in his heart.

"When it comes to us, this is the place, right?"

"This place? I've never been here before."


Where Shouta had taken Reika was a famous nationwide chain internet cafe. It may not be a typical high school date spot, but it was fitting for the two of them.

"Places like this... they're kind of scary, aren't they? You never know what could happen."

Indeed, it's hard to imagine Reika being in an internet cafe.

"Yeah, it might be. I was scared when I first came here too. But they have collaboration events and all sorts of things, so it's convenient and good for a change of pace."

"So, what did you come here to do?"

"Well, that's obvious, isn't it?"


"Is this...... a pair seat?"

"Yeah, that's right. There were only these available when there were two computers. Sorry about that."

"Why are you apologizing? I'm actually happy. Being able to be so close to Shouta-kun like this."

Once they entered the private room, Shouta immediately sat down. After a while, Reika also sat down gracefully without doing anything in particular.

"What are we going to do?"

It seemed like Reika didn't know what to do.

"When it comes to we got together. All we had to do was play WyX, right."

WyX. It referred to the game Wyvern Quest X. Wyvern Quest X was partnered with the internet cafe where Shouta was, and it was already installed on the PCs.

And for the two who met and got married in Wyvern Quest X, the natural thing to do when they met in person was to play Wyvern Quest X, according to Shouta's thinking.

When they were deciding on the location for the offline meeting, Shouta put this internet cafe as the first candidate. For Shouta, who met Reika in WyX, it was an important existence.

"Indeed, it feels like a dream to be able to do this with Shouta-kun."

Both of them booted up their respective PCs, launched the game, and completed the login process. Almost simultaneously, their characters, Shou and Rein, appeared on the screen.

"After all, when I see Rein here, I feel calm."

"What does that mean?"

Reika seemed a bit displeased with the way Shouta said it, as if he couldn't calm down with the real Rein.

"N-No... This Rein and Reika, their characters are completely different, right? They're the complete opposite."

"Are they? It's true, since we can't see each other's faces in the game, I feel like I'm talking a bit more cheerfully."

Although Shouta thought it was more than just a bit cheerful, he didn't delve deeper into it. He felt as if he was not allowed to ask.

"It feels strange. Should we just talk normally or use the chat? I'm starting to get confused."

"Ah... Instead of typing in the chat every time, wouldn't it be better to talk? It's troublesome to stop moving every time we chat, and I think it's easier to convey things when we talk directly."

"True. So, from now on, let's talk directly when it's just the two of us."

They spent a few hours chatting about game-related topics. Before they knew it, there were only a few minutes left in the room. Talking directly saved them time compared to chatting, and they were able to be more efficient than usual.

"That was fun! I can't believe it's already this late."

"Yeah. It was even more fun to think that Shouta-kun was right next to me."

"...M-me too."

"...I-is that so... I'm glad."

Feeling embarrassed, both of them couldn't look at each other, and the time passed.

"Well, it's getting late, so we should go home soon."

"You're right... That said, but this isn't goodbye, right?"

"Well, yeah. We'll see each other at school tomorrow, and besides, we live next to each other."

They left the store and returned to the station. Since they had the same destination, they took the same train and went back to the nearest station to their homes.

"What are you going to do after this, Shouta-kun?"

"Well... I'll probably go home first and then maybe go to the supermarket. Since it's school tomorrow, I'll buy something I can eat as is."

"If that's the case, why don't we have dinner at my place?"

"At my place... HUUH!?"

Shouta's head went into a panic at the sudden invitation to her place.

"It's not a big deal since we're neighbors, right? Besides, I want you to try something. It's my cooking."

"No, no. That's too much trouble."

"Shouta-kun, don't you want to try my cooking?"

"W-Well... I do want to try it."

"Then let's go."

"A-alright... I got it. Thank you."

And so, the two of them headed to Reika's house. Although they were technically going to the same apartment since they were neighbors.

"I wasn't planning on inviting you, so it might be a bit messy... but please come in."

"P-please excuse me."

When Shouta arrived at the apartment, instead of going to his own room as usual, he entered the room next to his with a nameplate that said "Sakura".

"Wow... so this is how a girl's room feels like."

That was Shouta's first impression upon entering the room.

Despite being just an entrance, it had a completely different atmosphere from Shouta's room, which should have the same interior. It had a sense of cleanliness and every little item had a touch of style. It felt like a girl's room.

"Aren't you coming in? You can sit... there on the cushion or on the bed and wait. I'll go change clothes."

"I see. In that case, I'll go back to my room and change too."


Shouta went back to his room, put down his belongings, changed into casual clothes, and returned to Reika's room. Reika had also changed into casual attire.

"She looks cute in any clothes......"

Reika, in her casual clothes, was different from when they met at the offline gathering where she was dressed up. She was wearing a shirt and pants, giving off a different charm.

"Shouta-kun, do you have any likes or dislikes?"

"None, I can eat anything. Should I help with something?"

"No, Shouta-kun, just sit and wait. I'll make it soon."

With that, Reika went to the kitchen and started cooking.

Left alone in the living room, Shouta was too nervous to do anything but sit.

"It smells really good..."

The room, with its feminine scent, had become a typical girl's room in terms of interior design. The furniture, predominantly white and pink, combined cuteness with cleanliness.

Even though he thought it wasn't good to stare at someone else's room, Shouta's gaze wandered around the room.

In the midst of that, his eyes were drawn to the table in front of him.

"This laptop......"

On the small table in the center of the living room, there was a pink laptop from a famous manufacturer. Based on what he saw in the room, there was no other computer besides this one. She probably used this laptop whenever they played games together.

With that thought, the laptop in front of him started to feel somewhat sacred to Shouta.

"But really, to think she's living next door......"

It's been about a year since the two of them moved here. Playing games together every day, getting married in-game to each other, and living next to each other in a thin-walled apartment, there probably aren't many couples like them in the world.


"Sorry to keep you waiting, Shouta-kun."

After a few tens of minutes, Reika, wearing an apron, returned to the living room. In her hands, she held two plates.

"I'm sorry. I got carried away thinking that it'll be the first time Shouta-kun taste my cooking......"

"Thank you. I'm looking forward to enjoying Reika's enthusiastic homemade meal."

"I hope it suits your taste."

Saying that, Reika placed the plates of Hamburg steaks, adorned with an assortment of garnishes, on the table.

"It looks incredibly delicious."

"I'm glad you seem to like it."

After placing the rice, Reika sat across from Shouta. It was a bit cramped using a single-person table for the two person, but they managed to make some space by moving the laptop from the table.

"Well then, Bon appétit."

"Bon appétit."

When Shouta cut into the hamburger steak, the meat juices overflowed from the cut. Just by seeing that, Shouta's stomach growled.

Unable to resist, he immediately took a bite.

"It's delicious! It's even more delicious than any hamburger steak I've ever had!"

"I-is that so. It's embarrassing to be praised so much..."

Shouta's words were sincere and genuine.

The meat juices overflowed the moment he chewed. The perfect cooking temperature that wasn't overcooked, and the subtle seasoning that didn't overpower the taste. Everything was superb.

"Thank you for the meal."

And just like that, they finished eating in no time. The food was so delicious that Shouta couldn't stop eating.

"It was incredibly delicious. I want to eat this every day."

"I'm glad to hear that. Shall we do that then?"

"You mentioned it during the day too. Are you really okay with it?"

"Yes. But then the problem would be the place. This table is a bit small, and I only have one set of tableware."

"I have a table in my room. I bought a bigger one just in case, but I haven't been using it at all. I can also buy more tableware."

And so, from now on, the two of them would have dinner together.

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[End of Chapter]


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