She, Whom I Married in-Game - 5

She, Whom I Married in-Game is The Idol in My School. ~She Seems to be an Ice Idol, but in The Game, She's My Wife~

Netoge de Kekkonshita Aite ga Gakkou no Idol dattandaga. ~Koori no Idol-rashiiga, Game no Nakade wa Ore no Yome~


5 - If you sense something is wrong with the boss, watch out. It's going into its second form.

"I'm worn out! Today was full of surprises."

After eating Reika's dinner, Shouta returned to his room without changing his clothes and dived onto the bed.

As soon as he dived, all the strength drained from his body and he almost lost consciousness immediately, but he managed to hold on.

"But how should I treat her starting tomorrow?"

Reika was like a celebrity in school, known by everyone. If Shouta started talking to her in the same way as the relationship between Shou and Rein, he'd instantly catch the attention of all the boys in school. Just being on the same committee with her was enough to get him in trouble with his classmates. He wondered if he might even get stabbed.

"Well, let's just see how things unfold."

Exhausted, Shouta fell asleep without thinking about it any further.


"Shou... Shou..."

After Shouta returned to his room, Reika finished cleaning up and sat on the bed, looking at her smartphone.

On the screen was a photo of Shouta's portrait, taken while pretending to take pictures of fish at the aquarium.

While looking at that photo, Reika's cheeks turned red.

"Aah...... It feels like a dream."

And when she slid the photo, another photo appeared. This time, it was a slightly foolish-looking Shouta sitting on a cushion in Reika's room, waiting absentmindedly.

It was secretly taken in between cooking. Throughout the day, Reika had taken dozens of photos of Shouta whenever she found an opportunity.

A folder named "Shou" had already been created, and the photos she took today were compiled inside.

"Fufu~. I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

Until yesterday, Shouta was just a classmate in Reika's mind. No, he was like a stranger.

But the moment she realized that he was the man she loved from the bottom of her heart, the man she felt she could give everything to yet it still wouldn't be enough, Shouta became the number one man in Reika's world.

Just the thought of being in the same class and committee with him made Reika look forward to her school life even more than before.

"Let's get everything prepared for tomorrow. I should have asked him what his favorite food is."

Setting the best photo of him as her wallpaper, Reika turned off her smartphone and left the house with only her wallet.


"Ah... I fell asleep."

The next morning, Shouta, who woke up a little early, was getting everything ready to go to school.

Today, regular classes would resume, and he needed to prepare his lunch. Usually, Shouta would buy bread or a lunchbox the day before, but because he fell asleep right away yesterday, he had to buy it on his way.

"Come to think of it, I didn't get a message from her yesterday."

After finishing his preparations, when it was time to change clothes, Shouta realized that he hadn't taken a bath because he immediately fell asleep when he got home. He hurriedly took his change of clothes and went to take a shower.


[Good morning! Let me know when you leave the house.]

When he came out of the shower, he received a message from Reika. Even though she used polite language in real life, her online communication remained in Rein's casual way of speaking.

[Got it. I'll ring the doorbell when I leave.]

After sending just that, Shouta put down his smartphone and dried his hair. For some reason today, he was paying more attention to his appearance than usual.

"Alright, let's get going."

When he finished preparing a little earlier than usual, Shouta put on his backpack and left the house.

"Speaking of which."

Remembering what Reika had asked him to let her know, Shouta stood in front of the door to the next room and pressed the doorbell.


"It's me. Good mor-NEAR!"

The moment Shouta said "It's me," the door opened with tremendous speed. If Shouta's reaction had been a split second slower, he would have been blown away by the door.

"Good morning, Shouta-kun."

"Y-yeah. Good morning. So, what's up? Early in the morning."

"Then, shall we go then?"

"Huh? Y-yeah..."

Reika, who came out in her school uniform, walked out with a bag in one hand and closed the door. She then walked down the hallway. Her actions were as energetic as ever, but Shouta was gradually getting used to it.

"Shouta-kun, aren't you coming?"

"A-ah. B-by any chance, are we going together?"

"Yes. Didn't I say that yesterday?"

Desperately trying to remember yesterday's events, the moment Shouta recalled what he had said, he wanted to punch his past self for not refusing at that time.

"I absolutely can't let anyone from school see me in a situation like this......"

On the way to the station, Shouta constantly scanned the passersby around him.

If it were to be known that he came to school with Sakura Reika, the idol of the school, Shouta would instantly become an enemy of the school. He was doubtful if he could make it back alive.

"What's wrong?"

"N-nothing. It's just... Aren't we a little too close?"

The two walked side by side. The distance between them was not just close enough for their shoulders to touch each other, but rather they were tightly pressed against each other. They were practically glued together. It felt like there would be more distance between them if they were holding hands.

Shouta actually wanted to create some distance, but every time he tried to move away, she instantly closed the gap and he found himself unable to move any further.

"Is that so? Isn't it normal for a married couple to be like this? Or...... do you hate being next to me?"

"N-no, we're only married in-game, not in real life."

"But in-game, we're a married couple, right? So it's fine, isn't it?"


He wanted to say more, but unable to withstand Reika's pressure, Shouta decided to remain silent and obediently headed to the station with her. If he said anything more, he felt like he would touch something he shouldn't touch.

"Well, I had expected this..."

They arrived at the station and boarded a train that had just arrived.

Shouta sat down in a seat near the entrance, and Reika sat down next to him.

It's not that Shouta disliked sitting next to her. In fact, they sat next to each other on the train ride home yesterday. But now, Reika was wearing her school uniform. If someone who knew her saw them, they would instantly recognize her as Sakura Reika, the idol of the school. And if a male student from the same school was sitting next to such an idol, even if they were completely unrelated, he would likely face the punishment of jealousy from many boys.

"Hey, Shouta-kun."

"Hmm, what is it?"

As the two quietly rode the train,  it was Reika who started the conversation.

"Regarding last night's dinner......"

"Ah, the table. What should we do? Should I bring it to your place, Reika?"

"No, if possible, I want to have dinner in Shouta's room."

"I don't mind...... Is that alright?"

Dinner in Shouta's room meant that Reika would enter Shouta's room.

"Yes. I don't think it would suit my room."

"Ah, I see. That room was really stylish. The design wouldn't match, so it might be better to leave it as it is. But the kitchenware in my room is minimal. I do have a large refrigerator, though."

When Shouta started living alone, he received only one frying pan from his parents. He didn't bother buying anything else since he only needed it for frying. However, Shouta's kitchenwares were at a basic level compared to Reika, who was skilled in cooking.

"In that case, I'll bring some from mine. Since it's only the two of us, it won't make much of a difference if I cook in Shouta's room, right?"

"That may be true. Then, when I get home today, I'll clean up right away."

Shouta's kitchen, in which he usually didn't cook, was not in a state where it could be used properly. Moreover, if Reika were to enter Shouta's room, there were many things that Shouta needed to hide.



"What is it, Shouta-kun?"

"After we leave the station, could we walk a bit apart from each other?"


As they walked on the platform after getting off the train, Shouta made a suggestion, causing Reika to stop on her feet and look at him. Her eyes had a certain darkness, giving off a spine-chilling feeling.

"Since the school is close to the station, if we're seen walking together by students, they'll definitely make assumptions."

"It's not a problem. Even if we're seen, there's nothing to be worried about."

"No, no. If they see us walking together, what kind of rumors will start......"

"It's not a problem even if there are rumors. It's not like it's a mistake, right?"

"No, no. I don't want to spend my school life being targeted while protecting my life. If it's rumored that Reika and I have that kind of relationship, I'll be assassinated on the same day."
"It's not a mistake, but I don't want to spend my school life with my life in danger. If rumors start that Reika and I have that kind of relationship, I'll be attacked in the dark that same day."

"So...... is that so. I understand."

Reika lowered her face for a moment and then raised it again.

When Shouta saw her face, he instinctively took a step back. If they weren't in public, he probably would have screamed in fear.


Reika's eyes, which had been shining like jewels, lost their highlights and turned into a jet-black color. She wore a creepy smile on her face.

"So, Shouta-kun's feelings towards me were just that extent."

"H-Hey... What's wrong...?"

"So you're more concerned about the way people look at you than you are about being with me."

"No, it's not like that......"

"Were you lying when you told me you loved me every day?"

"No. It's not a lie, but......"

There were many people on the platform of the station in the morning, including students from nearby schools. And among them, standing in a conspicuous spot on the platform, was Sakura Reika. There would be no one in their school who wouldn't notice her.

"Even though I came here all excited because we're in the same high school, but......"

"If-if you're insisting that much...... Shall we go together?"

People walking towards the ticket gate were paying attention to Shouta, he could sense it from the atmosphere. If he stood out even more here, it would be counterproductive.


"Y-yeah. Let's go together."

"Then... do you... like me?"

"Eh, y-yeah... I-I like you."

Being made to say something like that in a crowded place, Shouta's face turned so red that seemed like would erupt. But, there was no choice but to face it.

"Oh my. I can't hear you. Could you please say it a little louder?"

Before he knew it, Reika's face had returned to her usual expression. However, Shouta, who was too embarrassed to open his eyes properly, didn't know that.

"I... I like Reika."

"Fufufu~. I like you too."

Saying that, Reika grabbed Shouta's right arm, linked it with her own arm, and pressed their shoulders together.

A beautiful girl was doing the arm linking that couples often do. Perhaps because of that, the gazes of the people walking on the platform were focused on the two of them.


"What's wrong?"

"A-as I thought, this is a bit too much......"

Shouta tried to move his arm, even if it meant forcing it. His mental strength was not strong enough to withstand such attention from strangers.

Shouta, who had never even held hands with a girl before, suddenly found his arm linked. His heart was pounding so much that he thought it would explode, and Reika, who was pressed against him, could hear it too. Shouta wanted to get away from Reika right away.

"This is natural, isn't it? We're married, after all."

"Ugh... N-natu...!"

However, the moment Shouta tried to move his arm, his arm stopped moving. No, it was trying to move. But Reika's arm held onto his arm with a strength that didn't seem human. Shouta instinctively looked at Reika's face next to him, and it was undoubtedly Reika.

And, even though they were already pressed against each other without any gaps, Reika increased the level of closeness by sinking into his body.

Perhaps because of that, or thanks to that, Shouta's right arm pressed against Reika's well-developed forbidden fruit as if to crush it.

Reika had a good figure and was slender, but she had the necessary curves. The moment Shouta felt the sensation of Reika's chest, he couldn't think of anything else anymore.

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[End of Chapter]



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