Lort Kuzuma - 6

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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6 - The silver-haired childhood friend


Early the next morning. As I climbed the stairs to the classroom, I stifled a yawn.

"Dang, I played games too much, now I'm so sleepy."

I rubbed my eyes, but the drowsiness didn't seem to go away.

I had been playing until around 3 a.m., so it was only natural.

Yesterday, after being asked various things by my classmates since then, I was late going home, and then there was a live stream of my favorite Vtuber that I had found before, so I prioritized that and ended up playing the game late.

"That Vtuber always praises me so nicely, I can't help but pay attention to her."

She was a recently started Vtuber with few viewers, a so-called bottom-tier Vtuber, but when I came during her stream, she immediately got excited and when I gave her money, she raised her voice and exclaimed, "Woohoo!!! God!!! Thank you for the divine grace to a scumbag like me!!! Thank you so much, God!!!" I highly appreciated her attitude of fawning with all her might in a dirty voice. (PTW/N: I'm not sure it was he/she, let's just go with "she".)

It was not easy for a person to throw away their pride like that.

Although her voice was dirty, when she fawned over me like that, it was almost like having a pet and it was heartwarming.

And every time I was praised like that, I could confirm once again that I was a super winner in life, and I felt extremely good about myself, being so generous and compassionate that I could bless others with money, even though they were losers who couldn't become a winner.

Well, it was a little stress relief way.

Throwing super chats to the bottom-tier Vtubers wandering around was one of my many hobbies, where I could easily feel superior and they could earn money, creating a win-win relationship.

"Ah, come to think of it, I promised to do a quest today. I won't be able to sleep early again tonight. What a shame."

I also had online games as one of my hobbies, but the person I always played with had been busy lately and hadn't been able to log in, and now that she finally had free time, she invited me to play together.

Since I'd been relying on her for a while, I couldn't just break the promise. It seemed like she was going through a lot, so I prepared some items that would be advantageous for quests and planned to give her as a gift. I'm sure she'd be happy.

"However, So sleepy... I hope I don't fall asleep in the middle."

Although I thought it might have been better to skip school altogether, I couldn't just go back now that I'd come this far. I walked unsteadily towards the classroom.

"Isn't that person? Taking money from Takanashi-san......" "Is she being taken advantage of? How awful......" "Although they're childhood friends. Yet he's taking advantage of Takanashi-san's kindness......" "What a scumbag he is......" "Even though he has a good-looking face......" "Even though he could become an idol and make a lot of money with that face...." "She must be deceived... How pitiful her..."

As I passed by, I felt like I heard the students saying something, but it didn't register in my mind at all.

Perhaps it was because I was thinking too much about it, my head felt even heavier.

While thinking that I wanted to plop down on my desk as soon as possible, I finally reached the classroom and lifted my tired arm. I opened the classroom door with a creak.

"Good morni......"

"You're late, Kazuma."

However, before I could finish my greeting, someone interrupted me.

When I turned to see who it was, I saw a girl with silver hair, looking at me with an exasperated expression while crossing her arms.


"Don't "Hmm?" me. Why are you giving me a stupid response, Stupid Kazuma."

That direct abuse thrown at me, I suddenly felt it sounded familiar.

My consciousness gradually awakened, and I looked straight at that person.

Her long silver-blonde hair, which was rarely seen in Japan, swung slightly.

She tied her hair in twin-tails with a blue ribbon, which had never changed. (PTW/N: I was wondering about it, I guess her hair was changed in the LN adaptation.)

"Arisa, huh?"

No mistake, the silver-haired beauty in front of me was my other childhood friend, Tsukishiro Arisa.

Her face was also perfectly proportioned like a Western doll, and her figure was outstanding.

Her hidden potential and specs wouldn't lose even to Setsuna.

Of course, such an existence could not be an ordinary person, but a person of outstanding ability who was on par with Setsuna as one of the top two members of Dimens.

"Anyhow, good morning. It's been a while since we've seen each other. Has it been since Friday?"

"Yes, yes, good morning. You look sloppy as always, don't you?"

I tried to greet her for the time being, but as usual, I was met with harsh words.

I didn't particularly think about it anymore because it was too late now, but why is she here? My thoughts momentarily stopped, and even my feet stopped. However, my childhood friend, who was stronger-willed than Setsuna, approached me with a clacking sound and stopped in front of me.

"Ah, geez. There you still have bed hair. I bet you stayed up late again. I always tell you not to live a lazy life just because Uncle and Aunty aren't home. Good grief, when I'm not around, Kazuma becomes like this right away......"

While saying such things like a mother, Arisa stretched her hand and stroked my head.

This girl had quite a meticulous side to her. She probably wanted to fix my bed hair, but unlike Setsuna, Arisa lacked awareness as an idol.

It was fine having she did it for me, but this is right in the classroom. Naturally, there were also the guys' eyes, or rather, they were clearly staring at us.

Yesterday, everyone was dumbfounded throughout because of Ijuuin's appearance, but it seemed they had calmed down after a night passed.

Now, they are looking at us... or rather, at me with jealous eyes.

"I'll kill him..." "Why did such a scum close with Tsukishiro-san..." "Is it because of his looks? Is it really his looks...?" "I hope I were handsome too... goddamn it...!" "Although Arisa-chan is my favorite among Dimens' members..." "This is like being cheated (NTR'd)... my heart hurts... but why does it feel good...!" (PTW/N: Hol' up, that last dude needs to get some help, really need it.)

Yeah, it's scary. I feel threatened.

There was even a guy saying a strange thing, but I would just ignore him. Let sleeping dogs lie, because it would be scary if I were to touch them.

"Look, even your tie is crooked. I don't know how long you'll be able to keep your hands to yourself. Yukina only spoils you and never scolds you, so I have to be firm with you......"

"Arisa. Are you not working today?"

Looking down at Arisa who even started fixing my tie, I asked.

I had heard that she would take a day off from work yesterday, but now that I thought about it, I have not heard about her plans for today.

While Dimens' popularity as a unit itself was starting to rise, each member also had a high level of attention, so it was common for individual members to have other jobs.

The reason why Setsuna wasn't here even though Arisa was here might be because she couldn't come today due to work substitution.

While thinking about such things, Arisa looked at me with upturned eyes, but quickly lost interest and returned her gaze to my tie and started talking.

"I have a day off today. By the way, Setsuna got a job, so she won't come today. It's a shame that we, childhood friends couldn't gather together."

"Hmm, I see."

It seemed like my prediction was correct. However, I was not really concerned about it, so I would just let it go.

Well, I did have some business with her though. I spent a little too much yesterday on in-app purchases and throwing superchats, so I was thinking of asking her for some extra money... Well if that was the case, it couldn't be helped then.

Since she was earning money for me, I couldn't complain about it.

Satisfied with that, but Arisa seemed dissatisfied with my casual response, as she visibly frowned.

"......What is it? Are you saying that you're not happy with me being here?"

"No, it's not like that,"

Panicked, I quickly denied it.

Arisa could be a real pain in the a*s when she was angry.

A wise man once said wake not a sleeping lion, and it was in my best interest not to anger her.

"Well, if you say so... Alright then. Yeah, this should be fine. Make sure to take care of your appearance, okay?"

"Sure thing. And thanks. Well, in my case, I'm already good-looking, so becoming even more handsome is just a bonus."

In response to my joke, Arisa smiled softly. She had a captivating and gentle expression.

It seemed that her mood had improved a bit.

"Yes, yes. I admit that Kazuma has a good face, but in your case, the most important thing is..." "Hey, hey, Arisa! Time out! Stop right there!"

Just when I thought things had settled down nicely, a voice interrupted us.

"What's wrong, Tamaki? Do you need something?"

"Well, it's not like I need anything, but you guys have been going off the rail for a while now! Didn't we talk about yesterday's incident? Wasn't Arisa supposed to warn Kuzuhara-kun?"

"Oh, now that you mention it..."

"Get it together. Setsuna doesn't listen to me, so Arisa is the only one who can be counted on..."

The one who said that and sighed was Arisa's friend, Nekomiya Tamaki.

Tamaki had narrow, cat-like eyes and medium-bobbed hair that reached her shoulders. We've been classmates since middle school, and I remember that her family wasn't particularly wealthy.

Although she was my childhood friend's friend and someone I was familiar with, I couldn't help but feel that her gaze, which was fixed on me with a cold stare, was oddly chilling.

Did I do something wrong? It was a mystery for me.

"Sorry. I couldn't help but react to Kazuma's sloppy appearance, it's just a habit I have."

"I've known that he's always been like that, but this time prioritize scolding him. I couldn't stay silent after seeing him taking money from a friend..." "That's right!!!"

Immediately after that loud voice echoed, the classroom door burst open with a bang.

Feeling a strong sense of déjà vu, all eyes in the class turned towards the door once again.

"The vile mentality of extorting money from my goddess and favorite idol, Setsuna-sama. It truly deserves a thousand deaths. It is absolutely unforgivable! Even if the heavens forgive, I, Ijuiin Reika, will never forgive!!!"

Following her flashy entrance yesterday, the transfer student, Ijuuin, stood there.

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[End of Chapter]


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