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7 - The new transfer student is a maid. A maid for some reason

(Yikes, there she is...)

Although no one voiced it, I could tell from the air that they must have muttered it inwardly.

It was like the feeling of being trapped with no escape, similar to when you were accosted by a drunkard on a train.

Normally, it would be impossible for the class to come to this level of consensus in a single day, but this transfer student's character was so strong and vivid that made it happen.

From her appearance to her departure the other day, it didn't even take 30 minutes, but the impact caused by her was overwhelming. Naturally, such a strong presence cannot be easily forgotten.

Of course, it was in a negative sense, but those who didn't bother reading the atmosphere wouldn't understand the weariness that had settled over the class. Ijuuin was becoming quite a troublesome presence.

"Yesterday, I was so shocked that I ended up going home, but today is different. Prepare yourselves......!"

However, the young lady who didn't seem to care about such things from yesterday's demeanor started approaching us.

"Kazuma-sama! I have something to say to you today..." "Please wait a moment, Milady."

And just as she was about to speak to me, someone suddenly stopped her.

By the way, none of our classmates had opened their mouths since Ijuuin's appearance just like yesterday. And Yuki-chan-sensei hadn't arrived yet either.

Of course, Arisa, who wasn't here yesterday, didn't know about Ijuuin, and she was just blinking in confusion at the unfamiliar student who had suddenly appeared.

So, who stopped Ijuuin? The answer would soon become apparent because of the figure standing behind her.

"Milady, you are too hasty. Shouldn't we first listen to his side of the story? There might be some reasons behind this."

The one who said that was a girl around our age.

With her neatly cut black hair in a princess cut, she stuck close to Ijuuin, seemingly restraining her.

"But Himeno! This man has brainwashed my Setsuna-sama, extorted money from her, and even poisoned her mind! Time is of the essence! You understand that someone like him will only cause harm to Setsuna-sama, don't you? We must free Setsuna-sama from Kazuma-sama's influence immediately, or I will never forgive myself!"

"I'm sorry, but I find that story a bit hard to believe. I haven't seen it with my own eyes, of course, but Milady, you tend to have a lot of assumptions. Especially when it comes to Dimens, you tend to be blind. So, I can't really trust stories related to them. You're casually mentioning 'my Setsuna-sama' as well."

"W-What...! You can't trust my words!? Is that how you treat your employer!?"

"Yesterday, I thought you could happily attend the same school as the members of Dimens and then came back crying after just an hour. To be frank, it was annoying to hear complaints, and thanks to that, I ended up transferring schools too. I didn't even have time to get my uniform, and it's only natural that I'd want to complain a bit."


Ijuuin gritted her teeth in frustration as she was defeated by the girl called Himeno.

The story continued to unfold, leaving everything else behind, but what drew more attention than anything else was the girl's outfit as she lectured Ijuuin.

Her appearance was too distinctive, and even the classmates who were late started to murmur.

"A maid..." "It's a maid..." "Why in a maid outfit...?" "A maid at school...?"

Yes, a maid. She was wearing a maid outfit. What we saw there was undoubtedly a maid outfit.

Although the main color scheme was black, it was completely different from our school uniform, which was a blazer, with a one-piece dress wrapped around the entire body and a white apron.

Furthermore, she even had a headband with frills, making her a perfect maid from any angle.

It was so perfect that it didn't feel out of place, but looking at it like this, a maid costume was quite out of the ordinary in a school setting. It would make sense if it were for a cosplay cafe during the cultural festival, but it was too much to be mixed in on a weekday.

Realizing the restless atmosphere in the classroom, the maid turned toward us and bowed deeply.

"Ah, everyone. I apologize for the late introduction. I am Ichinose Himeno, a maid in the service of Miss Reika. I am the same age as Miss Reika, and although I am one day late, I will be sitting in the same class as you all starting today, studying together. Please take care of me."

That was what she said.

In other words, another transfer student has appeared in this class. There were so many events and characters. Or rather, it was too much. I couldn't keep up with the flow. What the heck is this?

"By the way, my seat is supposed to be next to Milady, so if anyone is there, I would appreciate it if you could cooperate."

No, that seat was supposed to be Gotou-kun's.

I saw that a new desk had indeed been placed in the place of Gotou-kun's desk, which had been put away yesterday.

That was all well and good, but there was one lonely desk left at the very back. In other words, it must be Gotou-kun's new seat.

"Poor thing..."

I couldn't help but mutter.

It was definitely the ultimate loner seat. Gotou-kun would probably cry when he came to school today. Besides, his textbooks and notebooks were already gone. I could only pray that it wouldn't be misunderstood as bullying by our classmates.

Well, that aside... What is this chaos? Yesterday was bad enough, but it seemed like it was continuing today.

"One thing after another, what on earth is happening...?"

As Nekomiya muttered while sweating on her forehead, the whole class could only nod.

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[End of Chapter]


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