Lort Kuzuma - 9

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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9 - Everyone seems to be pissed


"Thank you! You're a lifesaver, Arisa-san! I really love you!"

"Hey, hey! What are you saying? Everyone's watching! Don't say things like that so casually; it doesn't make me happy, okay!"

[Eh, uh, what?]

"Don't worry about what others think. You got angry because you cared about me, right? I understand that. Thanks always. I'm really grateful, Arisa."

"...If you understand, then it's fine. I'm not a monster, and if Kazuma starts behaving himself, then I..."


"It's okay. I'm reflecting on my actions, and I'm grateful. I'll use this money wisely... well, as much as I can. Probably, most likely."

"You should. Instead of me, you always go to Setsuna... Stupid Kazuma."


"What, were you bothered by that? Well, Setsuna is important, but... Arisa, you're a very important childhood friend to me too. Having you around, I truly appreciate it, you know?"

"~~~! I-I didn't mean it like that! But... hearing you say it, that, well, it might, make me happy..."


"I'll say it as many times as needed. Arisa, you're a very important mone...childhood friend to me. I want you to stay by my side forever. And, maybe, as well as support me?"

"......Uugh, you idiot. I'm worried that it's just Setsuna so I have no choice but to do this. It's just because I have no choice, understand! Don't misinterpret it, okay!"


"......Is it not allowed?"




"Wa-wait, what the heck is happening!!??"

Interrupting the atmosphere between Arisa and me, Nekomiya barged in.

Tch, she's getting in the way. What a pest.

"What's wrong, Tamaki? We are in the middle of something......"

"What are you doing, Arisa?! No, what seriously are you doing?!"

Aah, I guess trying to score points with someone around isn't the way to go.

Leaving that aside, the class's attention now shifted away from me, focusing on the two girls instead.

Now was my chance. While they were occupied, I discreetly checked the contents of the envelope.

"Eh, what am I... I did what you asked and scolded Kazuma properly. He seemed to reflect on it, so I just gave him some allowance as a reward..."

"It was fine up to the scolding part! I mean, sure, that's what I asked you to do, and I appreciate it, but why on earth would you give him an allowance afterward!? I don't get it!!"

One... two... three... Ooh, there's quite a few here.

As expected of Arisa. Unlike Setsuna, I had to deal with her grumbling when she gave me an allowance, but Arisa gave me a more generous amount at once, which was a good thing.

As I said to her, I need to be careful not to squander it.

I'd have to set aside the gacha funds for the end of the month separately.

"Because, based on what I heard earlier, it seems Kazuma really doesn't have any money. If I leave him alone, he'll just go crying to Setsuna anyway. So, it's better to scold him properly, make him understand he's doing something wrong, and then, when I give him money, everything will be fine."

"It won't be fine at all! Your logic falls apart towards the end, you know!?"

At times like these, I couldn't help but appreciate having a childhood friend who took care of things for me.

I'm a winner after all. My life is definitely going in the right direction, no doubt!

But just when I thought that...

"Kuzuhara Kazuma!!!!"


I looked up when I heard my name, and there stood Ijuuin with a furious expression.

"What's wrong, Ijuuin? You're making a scary face."

"What's wrong? The wrong is you!!! Kazuma-sama, you're not only deceiving Setsuna-sama but also Arisa-sama!? You savage! Miscreant! You heartless brute! You're the worst scumbag ever!!!"

Ijuuin was berating me with words that didn't suit her refined lady appearance.

With her flamboyant blond-drill hairstyle, she looked even more intimidating as her face turned beet red.

"Calm down, calm down, Ijuuin."

"There's no way I can calm down with this situation!!?? I'm witnessing the crisis of the Dimens' falling apart!! I intended to cover up most scandals with the power of the Ijuuin family, but it seems that both Setsuna-sama and Arisa-sama have already been involved...! Even if I regret it, I can't regret it enough...! For this Ijuuin Reika, it's the pinnacle of regret!!"

"Huh? No, I didn't lay a hand on Setsuna and Arisa, you know..."

"Shut up! Scoundrels like you always try to deceive others about your crimes! My beloved idol, the destined one, was being taken advantage of by a man, and I just stood by silently! The Ijuuin family's reputation will be tarnished!!!"

"I think the Ijuuin family's reputation was already been tarnished when you started treating it as your personal property for the sake of idols."

"Enough, be quiet!!! That is that, and this is this!!!"

While her maid made a sharp retort, Ijuuin remained unapologetic.

I would like to learn from his attitude of being able to immediately divide the situation, but... Hmm?


What was that? Just for a moment, did the maid glance at me? Or was it just my imagination?

"Arisa! Wake up! Just because you both are childhood friends doesn't mean you should give him money! That makes you his sugar mommy! You'll end up being used and preyed upon by Scum-hara-kun!"

"But, without me, Kazuma would definitely become a hopeless person, you know? Setsuna wouldn't listen to me when she said she'd be an idol and support him. Then, isn't it natural for me to give Kazuma some money so that I can at least reduce Setsuna's burden?"

"It's not natural at all! That's a codependent way of thinking! In the end, everyone, including you, will be in a bad situation!"

"That won't happen. As long as I'm strong, that won't happen at all. So, even if Setsuna is a bit clueless, I won't let Kazuma go down the wrong path!"

"Why!? Even though we're having a conversation, nothing is getting through to you!?"

While I was distracted, it seemed that there was quite a commotion on their side.

I was worried about the fact that Nekomiya's face had turned pale like she'd seen a ghost, but now the school bell was ringing, so things should settle down for now....

"SCUM-HARAAAA! What did you do to Arisa!?"

Ack, she's getting involved now. No choice. I need to evacuate from the classroom...


"E-everyone, did you see a girl we've never seen before? This morning, I was suddenly told that a new transfer student would be coming, and the teachers were all frenzy with arrangements, but she still hadn't shown up. Why do I always end up in these situations?"

Damn, Yuki-chan appeared from the front door!

I couldn't force my way through like this. Yuki-chan's eyes were teary, and even though I didn't care, I couldn't bring myself to have her face slammed into the door again after yesterday.

"Wait, Kuzuhara Kazuma!!! Where are you planning on going!?"

Tch, Ijuuin noticed. No choice. I had to escape through the back door! Breakthrough was the only option!

I dashed, cutting through the classroom. At that moment...


"Ow man, I'm in trouble, truly. The Dimens live was so good that I overate and got a stomachache, so I've been on the bed the whole time. My stomach still hurts a bit, but good morning everyone..."

"Sorry, Gotou-kun!"

Bad timing as Gotou-kun peered into the classroom and, with a bit of force, pushed his body to the side, allowing me to escape outside. At that moment, it felt like I pushed a very soft part, but I didn't have the luxury to pay attention. 

"W-whoaaaaaaaaaa!!! M-My packed stomach is going toooooooo!!!!! Blechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!"

"Gotou!?" "Are you okay?" "Pull yourself together!" "Don't you dare throw it up here! Hold it in!" "No, it's going to come out! Endure it, endure it!" "Damn it, that bastard! I won't forgive you, scum-hara!" "Ugh, it's so chaotic... I'm done for..." "Ah, are you the teacher? I'm Ichinose Himeno, who transferred here today. Nice to meet you." "Ah, eh, huuuh? Why is a maid here!? After the Dimens duo and Ijuuin-san, what's happening to my class! I want to quit being a teacher!"

[Don’t run away!!!!!]

"I'm freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!"

I sprinted through the corridor toward freedom, ignoring the various voices coming from behind me.

"Hey, stop running in the hallway. You'll be marked as late, and you need to come back to the classroom."


I was caught quite easily by Arisa, and I was dragged back to the classroom.

I couldn't win against an idol, after all...
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[End of Chapter]


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