Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 102

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival


Before I knew it, many students had gathered in front of the stage set up in the schoolyard.
It may be an exaggeration to say "all the students," but at least 80% of them seem to be there.

"WHOOAAAAAAAAA! It's KANON in the fleeeeeesh!"
"MIA-samaaaaaaaaaa! MIA-sama, look over here, pleaseee!"

The two on the stage respond to the cheers by waving their hands.
With just that simple action, the entire schoolyard is enveloped in even louder cheers.
Truly, it's as can be expected from idols.

[Everyone! Thanks for going along with our REI's whims!] (KANON)
"""No problem at all!"""
[All of you are so kind, I'm happy! But since we're here like this, we'll do our best to make it as exciting as possible!] (KANON)

When KANON is in her idol outfit, she gives a completely different impression than usual.
She is known in the public eye as a lively and energetic girl, and she indeed puts that part of herself out there. However, to me, she gives off a strong impression of being reliable.
Her pride in perfectly fulfilling her role as an idol seems to be fully on display.
Perhaps this is the impression I got because I know the usual Kanon.
It feels somewhat special, and I don't feel bad about it.

[Today, we're going to perform our classic song and a new one. Please enjoy until the end!] (MIA)
"""Kyaaaaa! Mia-samaaaaa!"""

When Mia speaks, the cheers from the girls become even louder.

Truly, as can be expected of a prince-like character. ――――But I know that she wants to be a "girl" more than anyone else.
That fact also fills my insignificant self with a sense of superiority.

[Hey, geez! You're late!] (KANON)

KANON says as she looks behind us, the audience.
When we all turn in that direction, we see Rei walking leisurely towards us.
She's already changed into her stage costume, and the decorations resembling jewels on her clothes are sparkling in the sunlight.

"Sorry, I'm going now." (REI)

We open the way for Rei to pass through to the stage.
It seems like she was planning to go around the outside and head to the stage, as she looks surprised and bows her head to the students who made way for her.

[Umm... Once again, thank you for your hard work during the two days of the school festival.]

Rei, wearing a chest-mounted microphone, says so as she looks at all of us.
We all listen to her quietly.

[Once again, I apologize to those who were inconvenienced because of me. And also to everyone in Class 2-A. I'm sorry for not being able to help with the school festival preparations and on the day itself...]

Rei bows her head.
Kanon, Mia, and all of us. Everyone silently watches her.

I didn't want to talk about this kind of thing, but the truth is that there are quite a few people who harbor negative feelings towards Rei.
Some say she's too high and mighty, or that she's getting too full of herself, or that she's just a nuisance by being at school. Heartless conversations like these can be heard as long as you're at this school.
Rei probably hears them too.
There should have been a more suitable school for REI of the Millefeuille Stars.
Even so, the fact that she chose this school means that she must have come with some kind of determination, even though she didn't tell us the reason.
In the midst of all this, Rei might be putting her body on the line like this in the hopes of being accepted even just a little.
This could be the trigger for even more people to dislike Rei――――Well, there's no use just thinking about unpleasant things.
All I can do is simply watch over this.

[Well then... please listen. "Summer Over".]

Then, the intro of the song begins to play which I don't really remember hearing, only that I heard her humming at home.
This is Millefeuille Stars' new song.
The lyrics of the song, which features a girl who doesn't want summer to end, resonated with everyone. It's a dilemma of feeling happy that it's no longer hot, yet feeling sad as it becomes colder.
Every year, a different summer comes, and every year, we feel the sadness of a summer that will never come again.
We just listen, completely absorbed in the song.

And as the song ended, an unprecedentedly loud cheer erupted, engulfing the stage.
Some students are in tears of joy at being able to hear MilleSta's new song up close.
Thinking of watching a live performance in this kind of atmosphere, it's no wonder that everyone feels a little melancholy.

[The next song is the last one.] (MIA)
[The last song is our signature song! If you know it, please sing along with us!] (KANON)

Upon hearing Kanon and Mia's words, those who understood cheered loudly.
When it comes to their signature song, there is only one.

[――――Please listen, "Millefeuille Star".]

MilleSta's debut song, "Millefeuille Star". It boasts a notoriety surpassing the songs used in commercials, it goes without saying that it's their signature song.
The fans, whose excitement was already high, joined in enthusiastically.
With the audience participation, the song became even more exciting, and the three of them gradually got more energized.
If I were just a fan, this time today would have been a lifelong memory.
I am reminded once again how much of a luxurious time I usually spend.


At that moment, I feel a gaze and turn to it.
It comes from the center of the stage. Amidst many students, Rei found me, and our eyes met.

――――[Do your best.]

I can somehow hear those words in Rei's gaze.

(This is the return from that day, huh.)

On that day, Rei choked up during MilleSta's live performance.
I had raised my voice to her, but in such a large venue, it probably didn't reach her at all.
What reached her was probably just my gaze.
Even I wasn't certain of it, but by returning the gaze like this, I felt that it had indeed been conveyed.
I can't help but smile at how happy this interaction made me.

"...... I guess I'll give all my best." (Rintaro)

I'm just a simple boy, who for getting spurred on to do my very best by the encouragement of a girl.
I'll have to thank her later.

――――Before I become unable to convey anything at all.

"......" (Rintaro)

I grit my teeth and leave the crowd in front of the stage.
It's about time we have to get ready.
Let's forget the unpleasant things for now and just focus on today.

Just like a summer that has passed once, today, once it's over, it won't come back again.

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[End of Chapter]


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