Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 101

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


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Act 3 - The School Festival

26-1 The Post-festival Closing Party

"Otosaki-san is really popular, isn't she?" (Yukio)

Standing next to me, Yukio murmurs as he looks at the crowd gathered in the schoolyard.
In the center of the crowd is our idol, Otosaki Rei.

"This should have a great promotional effect, don't you think?" (Yukio)
"You're right." (Rintaro)

Although I think it's a little too overdone, though.

Today is the second day of the school festival.
Our maid and butler café is allowed to operate as usual since yesterday's issue didn't turn into a big deal.
As for the person responsible for the incident, Kinjou, it seems he did not receive much punishment because I did not strongly appeal to the authorities.
However, I heard that he was suspended from school for around a week and that he could not prevent a report from being sent to the modeling agency with which he had a contract.
It will probably affect his future entertainment activities, but it's better than being involved in a criminal case.

[Otosaki-san is so cute......]
[Isn't REI's maid outfit like a premium item?] 
[I want to date her... I want to date her for real.]
[C-can I take a picture with her?]

As we approach the crowd, voices of affirmation for Rei can be heard from seniors, classmates, and juniors alike.
I'm as happy about Otosaki Rei's popularity as if it were my own.

But――――deep down, for some reason, it hurts a bit.

"...More importantly, Rintaro, it's finally today." (Yukio)
"Hmm? Oh, yeah. It's been quite chaotic lately, so it doesn't quite feel real."

After today's school festival, our post-festival closing party will begin.
It's a place to showcase our practice results and at the same time, it can be a turning point in Kakihara's future school life――――and even his life.
There's a great possibility he won't confess, but whether he does or not will greatly affect his life, and I'm not lying about that.

Perhaps the recent illness was a turning point for him, as his nervousness was at a minimum.
At least he doesn't seem to be overly tense, which is a relief.

"This is my first time doing something like this, so I need to stay focused." (Rintaro)
"...Do your best, Rintaro." (Yukio)
"Yeah." (Rintaro)

Yukio probably never thought I would be on stage.
It wouldn't be surprising if he thought it didn't suit me.
But, his smile showed pure anticipation.
It's the expectation of my best friend. So I want to live up to it.

(I've done everything I can...)

Looking down at the palm of my hand, I see the calluses that have formed on my fingertips.
This is my proof of all the effort I've put in. It's been a result of one thing that started in the summer, both enjoyable and painful.
The saying that "hard work pays off" may sound like a cliche, but I can understand it when I think about how it wasn't all for nothing.
At any rate, the result of all the effort I've put in will be my support from now on――――.

"Well, for now, let's finish today's work. We won't be able to enjoy the closing party if the school festival doesn't end successfully." (Rintaro)
"You're right!" (Yukio)

I still have some kitchen work to do.
Let's finish it quickly and prepare for the afternoon.


"Everyone! Good job for the past two days!" (Yuusuke)
"""Good job!!!"""

Following Kakiwara's lead, we raised our paper cups.
In the afternoon, after finishing our business without any particular trouble, we hold our remaining drinks and commend each other for our hard work.

Although the sales during the time we worked as butlers on the first day were slightly dropped thanks to Kinjo, on the second day, there was no particular impact. If anything, Rei's promotional activities seemed to have been too effective, as the sales didn't change much from the first day, even though there shouldn't have been any public customers.

"The post-festival closing party is optional, so from here on, we're all free to disperse. Really, everyone, good job until today." (Yuusuke)
"Hey hey! You guys are going to be on stage at the closing party, right? I'll make sure to see your performance before I leave."

Seeing our classmates grinning, Kakiwara scratches his head in embarrassment.

"I-I see... I and Ryuuji and Rintaro worked hard, so please come and see us." (Yuusuke)
"Don't be shy!"

Watching Kakiwara being roughhoused by the guys, I can't help but find it amusing.
In the midst of that, Nikaido and Nogi approached me.

"Hey, Shidou-kun. Did my bass come in handy?" (Honoka)
"Yeah. I've been using it carefully." (Rintaro)
"Hmm hmm, glad to hear." (Honoka)

Nogi also seems somewhat pleased and satisfied.
Perhaps she has been worried about letting her treasure go to waste all this time.

"Are Nikaido-san and Nogi-san going to the closing party? If you're willing, I'd like you to come and see." (Rintaro)
"We'll be there. We have to properly witness you guys' big moment!" (Honoka)

Nogi cheerfully announces, and next to her, Nikaido fidgets with her hands and mutters with a slightly flushed face.

"About that... Kakihara-kun really wanted me to come and see, so... that's why." (Azusa)

――――Ooh, well done, Kakihara.

"...I see. Then, we have to make sure to see them!" (Honoka)

Nogi, still with a happy expression, grabs Nikaido's hand and shakes it.
Nikaido becomes flustered by the momentum, but in the end, she doesn't seem entirely displeased, much like Kakihara.

(I see you've made up your mind, Kakihara.)

By the fact that he directly asked Nikaido, Kakihara must have intended to confess.

Even though he must have been suffering so much, the fact that he was able to show his usual refreshing face, unlike at that time, might mean that he has somehow managed to overcome something.
Although he must have suffered so much at that time, he now is able to put on his usual fresh face, maybe it's because he was able to overcome it somehow――――Although I don't know how.

For some reason, I find myself feeling nervous.
Yeah, it's embarrassing to say it myself.

"Hmm... huh?" (Honoka)
"What's wrong? Honoka." (Azusa)
"Well, come to think of it, isn't Otosaki-san gone?" (Honoka)

As to what Nogi said, Rei's figure is not visible in the classroom.
I had noticed that, but I had concluded on my own that she must be in the restroom or something.

Then, suddenly, the school broadcast begins to echo from the speakers installed in the classroom.

[Ah, testing.]

The voice that seems to be a microphone test sounds familiar.

"Huh, Otosaki-san...?" (Azusa)

As Nikaido said, this voice is undoubtedly Rei's.
Amidst the confusion of my classmates, she continued her words through the speaker.

[Umm... Hello, I'm Otosaki Rei. To all the students at the school, thank you for your hard work in succeeding the school festival.] (Rei)

Hearing her faltering voice, the classroom and the hallway fall silent to hear her continued words.

[Including the preparation period, I wasn't able to be involved in the school festival very much. And yet, I heard rumors that everyone in my class was getting into trouble because of me.] (Rei)

The classroom becomes slightly buzzy.
Since it had been decided that the incident with Kinjou was not to be told to Rei, it must be awkward that the situation is already known.
What they don't know is that she was there and was almost harmed, so it's inevitable that she already knows about it.

[Today, I want to make amends for that, so I'm borrowing the broadcasting room like this.] (Rei)

Please look at the schoolyard――――.

In response to Rei's words, we look outside from the classroom window.
In the schoolyard in front of us, there are preparations for a campfire and the foundation of the closing party stage.
And on that stage, there are two figures.

"Huh?! Aren't those KANON and MIA?!"
"No way?! Seriously?!"

The excitement spread among my classmates.
Those two are definitely Kanon and Mia.
When both of them notice that we are watching, they wave towards the school building.
At that moment, cheers erupt from the entire school.

[As a prelude to the post-festival closing party, we, Millefeuille Stars, will borrow the stage for a little while. We hope you enjoy it.]

With those words as the conclusion, the school broadcast ends. ――――Needless to say, everyone left the classroom in unison.

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[End of Chapter]


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