Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 94

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival

25-1 The school festival day

Finally, the day of the cultural festival arrived.
We gathered at the school early in the morning, and in our classroom, everyone started preparing.
Of course, Rei wasn't there in the classroom.

(She said she had a great idea, but...)

I have a bad feeling about this.
I usually think of Otosaki Rei as a smart person, but that's only for her "usual" self. It doesn't account for impulsive actions driven by desire.
I hope she doesn't do something crazy————

"Rintaro! Let's try on the costumes!" (Yukio)
"Hmm? Yeah......" (Rintaro)

Called by Yukio, I head to where the costumes are.
There are only six costumes, three for the performance, and the other three as spares in case they don't fit.
The remaining costumes are available for anyone with free time to wear and promote around the festival.
The girls have a similar arrangement too.

"Oh, You're on duty today too, Shidou?"
"Yeah, I'm scheduled for the third shift." (Rintaro)

A classmate in charge of the costume notices me and approaches, then takes one look at my height, and hands me one of the costumes.

"You aren't over 180 cm, right, Shidou?"
"Yeah, I'm not that tall." (Rintaro)
"Well, it's still taller than average, so try it on with the L size."
"Got it." (Rintaro)

When I put on the handed L-sized jacket, it fit me perfectly.
When I buy casual clothes, I usually go for the L size, so this should be fine as it is.

"If the jacket fits, then it's all good. As for the inside, wear your own shirt, and put on the bow tie and the pants that are here."
"Okay." (Rintaro)

I'll wear this in four hours from the start of the school festival.
I'm assigned to be in charge of the hall on the last shift of the day's schedule, which has three two-hour shifts.
I requested this shift because it's expected that there will be fewer customers.
Based on last year's trend, most of the public customers are contented with the morning shift and go home.

Of course, visible changes can't be expected, but there's another reason why I chose this time.

"The third shift, huh... I'm jealous. The first and third shifts overlap with the street dance club's stage time."
"Haha, I'm glad I won at rock-paper-scissors." (Rintaro)

Outwardly, I appear cheerful. Inwardly, I smirk.
Our school has a street dance club where male and female students engage in various dance styles.
Their stage performance is of high quality, attracting many spectators, including students and the public, every year.
As a result, during their performance time, there are fewer customers for other performances. It's natural for people to gather for scheduled performances, unlike stores that can be visited anytime.
Understanding this, those of us not particularly enthusiastic about cosplaying have no reason not to aim for that shift.
Of course, as I'm not the type who enjoys standing in front of people in a butler's outfit, it's more convenient for me to be seen as little as possible.
Having won a game of luck (rock-paper-scissors) against other rivals targeting those specific shifts, I managed to secure the desired shift.

――――Or so I thought.

"But the third one has Kakihara and Doumoto, right? I think they'll end up attracting more customers, won't they?"
"......Yeah, I think so." (Rintaro)

Yeah, for some reason, I'm on the same shift as them.
Even though they're like the top-class popular students in the class hierarchy, for some reason, they're targeting this time slot, and for some reason, they even won the rock-paper-scissors game.
It's like they have absolute luck, or some kind of special advantage.
Anyway, two good-looking guys, noticeably in butler's costume, greet the customers.
I've heard rumors that their fame has spread even to other schools, so it's not surprising that more people want to see them. Some might even come here after watching a street dance.
In short, my plan of taking it easy has gone down the drain.

"Hey, Rintaro, did you finish fitting on the costume?" (Ryuuji)
"Oh... It's the guy with the LL-size." (Rintaro)
"Haha, what's with that nickname?" (Ryuuji)

With an unusually cheerful demeanor, Doumoto, accompanied by Kakihara, comes over to me.
Doumoto, who has a big build, is wearing a jacket one size larger than mine, and Kakihara, standing next to him, is in a jacket of the same size as mine, L.

"Hey, Rintaro, for some reason, the girls are trying to fix my appearance a lot. Is today's me that bad?" (Yuusuke)
"......Well." (Rintaro)

Kakihara, looking anxious as he asks, looks just like your usual annoyingly good guy.
The reason why the girls around him are doing this is probably because they want to bring forth the ultimate butler.

"Maybe they want to perfect the ideal butler look because the material is good. Yuusuke-kun, you're just the same as always." (Rintaro)
"A-am I? Hmm... well, if you say so." (Yuusuke)

One of this guy's annoying traits is his lack of awareness of how superior he is.
But still, he's a million times better than those who act all high and mighty.
Kinjou, who was making advances on Rei, is a good example of that.

"......It's about the time." (Yuusuke)

Kakihara looks at the clock on the wall and states so.
In about ten minutes, it'll be time for the customers to enter. The first shift should already be ready and in position.

"Alright, everyone! Let's do our best again!"

And so, this year's school festival begins.


"...It's peaceful." (Rintaro)

I mutter in a low voice as I walk around the school.
The density of the visitors is quite high. This school's festival has always had a good reputation, and you can see students from other schools here and there.
Because of that, I've witnessed some of our female students being hit on by students from other schools, but at the same time, our boys are also approaching girls from other schools, so it's in the same boat.
Teachers are patrolling, so if any trouble were to occur, they would handle it somehow.

――――Well then.

"…It's boring, isn't it, Rintaro?" (Yukio)
"Yeah, it is." (Rintaro)

I walk down the corridor with Yukio, having that conversation.

Yukio is planning to tour the festival with the girl tomorrow. After this, he will be working in the hall and in the kitchen, and tomorrow he will be completely free.

"Wanna grab a snack for now? I heard there's a place selling yakisoba outside." (Rintaro)
"I had a proper breakfast, you know." (Yukio)
"What about shaved ice then?" (Rintaro)
"Isn't that too much like a traditional fair?" (Yukio)
"Yeah, that seems to be the theme. It's being run by Class C." (Rintaro)

Hmm―――― I realized as I said that, I was quite indifferent to what other classes were doing.
Come to think of it, I didn't even know what each class was presenting.
No wonder I was bored. After all, I had no goal.

"Well, let's go check it out. Just looking around should kill some time." (Rintaro)
"Yeah, sounds good." (Yukio)

The two of us leave the school building, and outside, there are indeed several stalls set up, reminiscent of a festival.

"It's been years since I bought yakisoba outside. Kinda looking forward to it." (Yukio)

Yeah, you're right, I was about to say that, but I stopped myself.

Come to think of it, didn't I eat it at the pool with Kakihara and the others? Remembering the taste from that time, I suddenly felt a surge of hunger.

"…...I guess I'll have some too." (Rintaro)
"Ooh, you're quite a glutton, aren't you." (Yukio)
"I can't compete with some blonde idol, though." (Rintaro)

It's no exaggeration to say that her appetite defied common sense.
Compared to her voracious appetite, mine was nothing.

[――――Hey, Is that true?]
"......Hmm?" (Rintaro)

On the way to the food stalls, I involuntarily react to a voice I hear while passing by other customers.

[Isn't this the school where that Rei of the MilleSta goes? I saw it on the internet. She's definitely here somewhere.]
[But wouldn't that cause a commotion?]
[Who cares! Let's just go to her class for now!]

――――Well, some visitors are here for that reason.

I can understand the feeling of hoping to meet Rei.
But no matter how hard they try, since she didn't even come to school today, there's no way they can meet her.
What worries me is that there might be some annoying folks who will complain about just that.
Hopefully, we can get through this event without any trouble.

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[End of Chapter]


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