Lort Kuzuma - 12

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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12 - I wonder which one borrows the tiger's authority...

Well, although it was somewhat troublesome, I finally arrived at the classroom feeling good. However, standing there waiting for me as I opened the door was Ijuuin.

"You've here, Kuzuhara Kazuma!"

I'd heard those words so many times I couldn't even count the number this week alone.
It was fine to cross your arms and lean back, but that blonde drill of yours was reflecting the light from outside the window unnecessarily, making my eyes hurt.

"Yes, yes, good morning. Miss Drill-hair, you're as energetic as ever today. I envy your high spirits."
"Hey, are you trying to ignore me!?"

I thought it was not something to see first thing in the morning, so I decided to casually ignore her and head to my seat, but for some reason, I was called out.

"No, I just got to class and I just want to put my bag on the desk normally......"
"You think you can just run away like that!? That's not going to happen!!!"

With that, Ijuuin stood in front of me, blocking my way.
Not even allowing me to put my bag on the desk, what kind of secret police was she? Was she asking me to surrender with my hands up?
It seemed that in Ijuuin's eyes, I was a man who could not be trusted.
She used to address me with respect on the first day, but now she's just calling me by my name. How did it come to this?

"That's right, Scumhara! Listen to what Ijuuin-san says!"
"We will never forgive the scum like you, Scumhara, who try to mess DimenS up!"

Amidst this, several boys, including Sayama and Gotou-kun, raised their voices in agreement, surrounding Ijuuin.
In the past few days, they had become Ijuuin's cronies, forming an unofficial DimenS fan club centered around Ijuuin, openly showing their resistance to me.

"You guys..."

I couldn't help but press my temple.
Was it either the charisma of the blonde drill, or Sayama and the others are simply easy, or both?
Either way, witnessing the downfall of my former friends, I had a splitting headache.
It's tough enough dealing with Ijuuin alone, but the current situation where the guys around me had become outright enemies was truly pathetic in many ways.

"I'll ask just to be sure, but do you guys have no pride? Relying on the newly transferred Ijuuin, from an outsider's perspective, you guys are complete [a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger]."
"Shut the fuk up! Do you understand our feelings? At the last concert, I desperately got hold of arena seats!"
"Yeah! We were cheering for Arisa-chan and the girls and buying a lot of their merch! We thought we were contributing to DimenS, but do you understand the sadness we felt when we found out that the money was going to a scum like you, Scumhara!? It's like my brain is going to explode! It's brain destruction!!"

Well, even if they're angry like that.
Sayama and the others were outraged, but that was just how society was, right? Buying merch and contributing was an individual's choice, and ultimately, it was their own responsibility.
I was very grateful to receive pocket money from Setsuna and Arisa, but it was not like I was pocketing all the money that the fans contributed to DimenS.
There were a lot of concessions involved in merchandise, and it was a common story that most of the concert ticket money went to venue usage fees.
The money they contributed to "Dimension Stars!" was distributed to various companies, including the agency that Setsuna and the others belong to, and the salary ultimately given to the idols was just a small part of that.

Many fans seemed to have difficulty with the idea of idols being treated as "products", but if we set aside such psychological filters and considered it, that perspective was actually quite accurate.
Customers found value in the product "Dimension Stars!" and as a result, demand increased, leading to the creation of more derivative products, which in turn were purchased by customers.
Through this process, money circulated, the economy improved, and popularity grew.

In other words, what I was trying to say was that there were many people besides me who profited from DimenS.
They might not openly stand out, but they were likely involved in countless shady dealings that they wouldn't dare speak of.
As for me, I was just receiving money from Setsuna and Arisa, and I had no plans to work or intention of engaging in criminal activities.

Hmm? I can't be any cleaner than this, can I? In fact, I think I was taking the money in such an honest way to the point where there might not be anyone more upright than me. I'm not doing anything wrong, am I???

"That's absolutely not true! Don't change the subject! What you're doing is nothing but despicable in the eyes of society!!!"

Tsk, not work. I thought I could make it.
Despite passionately asserting my righteousness, it seemed it couldn't get through to Iijuuin.
It was difficult to persuade a scion of a wealthy family, especially one like her.
As I pondered what to do next, a voice of salvation reached my ears.

"Kazu-kun! Are you done yet? Come over here, let's have a talk! Arisa-chan is here too!"

Smiling and waving her hand, my childhood friend, Setsuna, called out to me.
Arisa was also looking over at me from her desk, and it seemed like the two childhood friends of mine were together after a long time.

"Ah, Setsuna! Alright, wait for me, I'll be right there!"

Gratefully accepting their help, I decided to join them without hesitation.
Certainly, Ijuuin and the fan club members couldn't say anything to Setsuna and Arisa. They just glared at me with a frustrated look and didn't try to stop me.

"Phew... Sorry, Ijuuin, Setsuna is calling for me. See you later. Well, it can't be helped, right? It's not like I can ignore it when the idol herself is calling for me. You guys keep calling me scum, but it seems like they both want to talk to me. Dang, it's really tough to be needed so much that even a scum like me is called with a smile! Ahhahaa~!"

"Kuzuhara, KAZUMAAA...!"

Phew, I'm not afraid of those bloodshot eyes, Ijuuin.
After all, I had the idols on my side. The killing intent of a young lady was actually quite pleasant to me.
It felt like I'd risen to the upper class. It was kind of a small but significant rise.
I went to the girls in high spirits. In contrast to my childhood friends who were idols who sought after me, my classmates, who were merely fans, looked at me with jealousy.
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[End of Chapter]

虎の威を借る狐 [toranoiwokarukitsune]: a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger; person who swaggers about under borrowed authority.

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