Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 96

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival


Putting aside irrelevant matters, I casually fill my spare time.
I stroll around aimlessly, and even go to see a play that doesn't particularly interest me because I don't know anyone in it, making the most of the freedom of being alone.
As a result, I find myself surprisingly enjoying the play and basking in the satisfaction of having a good time, before checking the time and heading back to the classroom.

(Ten minutes before the shift change... this should do.)

Considering the time needed for changing and other handovers, five minutes seems a bit tight.
I open the door for my classmates, separate from the one for the customers, and enter just like I did with Yukio.

"Oh, sup~! Rintaro." (Ryuuji)

Then, Doumoto, who has arrived earlier, calls out to me.

Doumoto is already dressed in a butler's outfit, and his hair is also neatly styled with wax.
I've been thinking since the last time at the pool, but is he the kind of guy that other guys admire? His chest is quite prominent due to his thick pectoral muscles, and his waist is tightly toned, creating a stunning inverted triangle body shape.
Unlike the slender, muscular physique of Kakihara, he gives off a solid and sturdy impression, without any unsightly unsightly, bulging muscle look.

"I thought I came quite early, but it seemed I lost to Ryuuji-kun, huh." (Rintaro)
"Nah, I was with Yuusuke and Honoka for a while, but then Yuusuke and Azusa had to leave for the committee work. Honoka and I were going to hang out together, but then she suddenly blushed and said something about feeling embarrassed, and ran off somewhere." (Ryuuji)
"...Heeeh." (Rintaro)
"She was acting kind of weird. Maybe she was not feeling well or something." (Ryuuji)

Most probably, however, I think that worry is misplaced.
It seems to be a setup of Kakihara → Nikaido, and Nogi → Doumoto. Doumoto seems to be like your typical dense romantic comedy protagonist, and Nogi must be having quite a hard time.
From here on out, it's really none of my business, so I won't unnecessarily intervene.

"Sorry! I'm late!" (Yuusuke)

As the conversation ended, Kakihara, out of breath, burst through the door behind me.

"It's okay, there's still over five minutes until the shift change." (Rintaro)
"I-I see...... I was having trouble resolving the unexpected trouble, but I'm glad I made it in time....." (Yuusuke)

Catching his breath, Kakihara grabs his costume.
Now, I also need to change soon.
The rental items have only a rough size, so they feel a bit off, but it's not as tight as Doumoto's, so I guess it's fine.

"Don't you style your hair, Rintaro?" (Ryuuji)
"Well... honestly, I'm not good with wax and stuff. Thus, I don't use it much normally." (Rintaro)

What I don't like about wax is that sticky feeling.
I understand that styling my hair means grooming to some extent, but I feel uncomfortable when my hair becomes stiff.
I think my hair is quite long for a guy, but putting wax on it is too much of a hassle.

"Isn't that a waste? It's not like you can wear it that many times, so why not try a different hairstyle?" (Ryuuji)
"Huh...?" (Rintaro)
"N-no, if you don't want to do it that much, you don't have to do it." (Ryuuji)

I unintentionally make a displeased face, which makes Doumoto back off.
But what he's saying is not entirely wrong.
Since we have these costumes, it'll be more enjoyable if we dress up properly.

"......Can you teach me, how to do it?" (Rintaro)
"Huh, are you sure?" (Ryuuji)
"I thought about what Ryuuji-kun said, it's only about two hours, so maybe I should give it a try." (Rintaro)
"......I see." (Ryuuji)

Kakihara nods once, picks up the wax he has been using, and stands behind me.

"If that's the case, I'll help too. Ryuuji, give me your opinion too." (Yuusuke)
"Got it. Let's make Rintaro look really handsome while we're at it." (Ryuuji)

No, you don't have to go that far――――

Before I'm able to say that, Kakihara and Domoto begin working on my hair.

"Should we make it stand up a bit here?" (Yuusuke)
"Yeah, and then style it this way......" (Ryuuji)

It still feels strange to have someone else touch my hair.
Of course, it doesn't make my heart race like when Rei did it before.

"――――Hey, it's looking pretty good, isn't it?" (Yuusuke)
"Yeah...... it's looking really good." (Ryuuji)

Their gazes are drawn to my face, which is reflected in the mirror used to check my appearance.
I also see myself with my hair set, well, it's certainly more defined than usual. That's the way of being dressed to be seen, I think.
Combined with the butler's outfit, which is not like my usual appearance, it's a high point from my point of view.

"If I take care of my appearance properly every day, I can look like this, huh...... Thank you guys." (Rintaro)
"No... if anything we're actually the most surprised." (Yuusuke)
"Huh?" (Rintaro)

Seriously, their genuinely surprised looks make me more and more confused about the situation, and I even begin to wonder if there is something strange with my outfit.
Perhaps seeing my puzzled expression, Kakihara hurriedly speaks up.

"W-We're surprised because it suits you so well!" (Yuusuke)
"Yeah! You can even ask other girls for their opinion if you want!" (Ryuuji)

There's really no need for that.
Well, it doesn't seem like they're just being polite, and getting positive feedback from these two is good enough for me.
Besides, no matter how good I look, it won't make a difference as long as I'm with these two.

"Hey, Rintaro. It's about time...... to shift......" (Yukio)

Just as our trio set ended, Yukio, dressed in a maid outfit, appears.

"Hmm, yeah. I'm heading out――――what's up?" (Rintaro)
"Eh? Umm, Rintaro, aren't you?" (Yukio)
"Yeah...... I am, what's wrong?" (Rintaro)

Yukio looks stunned as he gazes at my face.
I wonder what. I'd like to get some feedback at the very least, but perhaps he's holding back from our usual exchanges because Kakihara and Doumoto are here?

"Say! Inaba, don't you think Rintaro is cool today, too?" (Yuusuke)
"Huh? Ah... yeah. I, I think he's really cool." (Yukio)

Asked for feedback, Yukio looks somewhat puzzled.
Even though there is no sign of falsehood in his words, I can't understand why he looks so complicated.

"......At this rate, everyone will notice Rintaro's good points." (Yukio)
"What's that supposed to mean?" (Rintaro)
"It's nothing, really. Come on, it's time to shift change!" (Yukio)

As Yukio says, it's already time to switch.
As we leave the staff room-like area and enter the classroom, all eyes are on us.

Some girls let out excited shrieks, while boys who know Kakihara and Doumoto cheer mockingly.

"Oh, no way... the super handsome guys show up just as we're leaving?"
"What should we do!? Should we line up again?"
"But then we won't get around......"

I can hear such exchanges from nearby girls who seem to be from another school.
These girls are not the only ones who have such impressions, everyone, including the current students in the classrooms and the public visitors, directs their attention toward Kakihara and Doumoto.

"Ugh, it feels kinda uneasy." (Yuusuke)
"You feel so? I think It's kinda nice to be the center of attention." (Ryuuji)
"Well, it's not a bad feeling, but..." (Yuusuke)

Ignoring the conversation between the two, I'm overcome by a strange sensation.
Some of the gazes that I thought were solely directed at Kakihara and Doumoto are somehow also directed at me.
And the owners of those gazes begin whispering to each other, making me feel even more uncomfortable.
I hope they're not saying anything mean at least――――.
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[End of Chapter]


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