Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 97

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for My Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 3 - The School Festival


Anyway, what I have to do now is work in the hall.
I switch with Yukio and the others, and hold a tray for taking orders and menus.

"Alright! Let's go with full spirit!" (Ryuuji)

With Doumoto's energetic voice, we welcome new customers.

"Welcome back, Ojou-sama." (Yuusuke)
"Eh......" (Yuusuke)

As Kakihara greets the girls from the other classes who have come as customers, they let out even louder screams than before.
Their reactions are very obvious, to the extent that you can tell they're completely after Kakihara.
And if you look closely, you can see that the line of people waiting in the hallway has gotten longer as soon as it's Kakihara's and Doumoto's shift.

"If Yuusuke leads them that way... then you girls come this way!" (Ryuuji)
"Hey, we're also customers, so please serve us properly."
"Oh, You're right! Sorry about that. Then, Ojou-sama, come this way please." (Ryuuji)
"Ah... this might be quite nice."

It seems Doumoto has some acquaintances as he starts leading a few girls to their seats.
Although it's an unspoken agreement, the rule is deeply ingrained that the boys generally handle the female customers and vice versa, and the hall is smoothly managed with just a few words exchanged to inform who will be serving whom.
After that, male customers continue to arrive for a while, and the girls who are on shift with us at the same time handle them. 
While I'm busy taking orders from existing customers and delivering items, I soon notice new customers who need to be welcomed entering the entrance.

――――Well then.

When it comes to welcoming customers, I have to say that line that's pretty embarrassing when taken seriously.
No matter how festive the mood is, an embarrassing thing is still an embarrassing thing.
But of course, I can't just let it go unsaid.
I clear my throat and walk towards the female customers waiting at the entrance.

"――――Welcome back, Ojou-sama." (Rintaro)

I have to admit, my voice was perfect.
It feels like the result of living feigning friendliness for the past few years has paid off.

"Ah...... Umm."
"......Hmm?" (Rintaro)

The customer I addressed is three women.

They're not――――they look mature with their makeup, but upon closer inspection, they seem quite young. Probably students from another school.
These are the beautiful public visitors who attracted a lot of attention that I saw through the windows of the school a while ago.

Apart from that, I feel like I have seen them somewhere before.
Perhaps they're models in a magazine or something? They all seem to have more than just the looks of entertainers, so it won't be surprising.


I have to attend to the customers.
I gather myself and speak again.

"Seats for three, is that correct?" (Rintaro)
"Y-yes. That's right, please......" (K)
"Hmm......?" (Rintaro)

The shortest of the three, who was the first to respond to my question, averts her face as if to hide her high-pitched voice that had just escaped her lips.
It looks a little suspicious, but it doesn't look like there's any harm in it.
I nod once and guide them to the newly vacant seats.

"Please, have a seat over there. I will bring you some water." (Rintaro)

Not only her, but for some reason, the other two in the back also look extremely nervous as they walk into the classroom.
I don't feel any harm from them, but seeing such mysterious behavior makes me have to be on guard.
While feeling sorry for them, I eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Hey... if you get so restless, he'll know." (R)
"I-it can't be helped, can it? If he appears before us in such...... such attire, it's natural to be surprised, right?" (K)
"......I'm not denying that." (R)
"Both of you're acting suspicious too, so don't complain!" (M)

――――Haha, it can't be right, can it?

For some reason, the voice sounds familiar to me now, but I don't know any of these girls.
They have blonde, red, and black hair, and they look completely different from the all-black-haired girls standing before me right now.
They have distinctive eye colors, but all of these girls here have black eyes. They are all different from each other in every aspect of their appearance.
The only thing similar is their body shape and height, extremely similar, but even if I looked at them from above the clothes, it wouldn't be evidence.

But――――but still.

"Hey, what do you want for dinner tonight?" (Rintaro)
"Shrimp fry." (R)
"..." (Rintaro)
"..." (R)

When I speak to the girl walking at the back, she immediately gives me that answer.
When I give her a glare, she gradually breaks out in a cold sweat.
The same is true for the two in front of her.

"......I made a mistake. It's a Pork cutlet." (R)
"That's not where you made a mistake!" (K)

The smallest girl delivers a chop to the girl who corrected her answer to pork cutlet.

Yeah, well, I have expected that to happen.
Even though the impressions are completely different, I have been surprised by their disguising skills many times. Just by changing their eye and hair colors, they look like completely different people, and my eyes know that best.

"I'm sorry, Rintaro-kun. We'll do our best not to get in your way." (Mia) 

"MIA" puts her face close to my ear and whispers.
On the eve of the school festival, the word "great idea" that Rei had said passed through my mind.
I'm sure this is what she meant, but it was so simple that I couldn't even think of it.

"......Be careful, seriously." (Rintaro)
"It's okay. I'm confident in my acting skills." (Mia)

Well, she's on the level of a professional actress, so she has confidence.
Kanon seems to be skilled as an idol, and for Rei————as long as she keeps quiet, there shouldn't be any problems.
Although they are too beautiful and have attracted a lot of attention, they haven't been exposed as MilleSta yet, it's perhaps because they are paying attention to their surroundings properly.

"Rintaro, is there a problem?" (Yuusuke)
"What? No, I'm fine! Nothing's wrong," (Rintaro)
"Is that so......?" (Yuusuke)

I urge Kakihara to return to his own work and then have Rei and the girls sit in the vacant seats.

"......You're attracting a lot of attention, you know." (Rintaro)

I inspect my surroundings with my eyes only, trying not to move my face.
The male customers are obviously conscious of them, and they keep moving their eyes to check the faces of the girls.

"Well, of course. No matter how much we try to hide it, our overflowing aura of beautiful girls can't be concealed." (Kanon)
"That statement sounds like it came from someone not very smart," (Rintaro)
"HUUUUH?! Calling someone stupid makes you the stupid one." (Kanon)
"Then it's just you." (Rintaro)

I didn't say anything referring to her as stupid, though.

"Anyway――――Ojou-sama, have you decided on your order?" (Rintaro)

I, as the butler, can't afford to adopt a casual attitude towards customers, whom I should be meeting for the first time from an outsider's perspective.
With my best sales smile, I addressed the girls who were examining the handmade menu.

"Stop it, Rintaro. That smile is too much for me." (Rei)

Saying that, Rei's eyes seem distorted into heart shapes for some reason.
I'm happy to know that she's complimenting me, but at the same time, I'm a little scared.

"Hey, Rin――――I mean, Mr. Butler?" (Mia)
"Yes, what can I do for you?" (Rintaro)
"Is that smile, also directed at people other than us?" (Mia)

I can't quite grasp Mia's intention behind the question, so I glance around.
Am I being tested in some way? If so, I should answer honestly.

"Dear customers are all my first guests to serve, so dear customers are the only Ojou-samas I have had the pleasure of serving in this way yet." (Rintaro)
"......Hmm, I guess that's okay then." (Mia)

I wonder what pleased her.
Mia looks back at the menu list with satisfaction.
Separately, Rei and Kanon look grinning or rather, looking satisfied.

"Anyway, do you have any recommendations? I'm good with anything." (Kanon)
"In that case, I would highly recommend the warabimochi. For drinks, we have green tea or black tea." (Rintaro)
"I see. Then I'll have the warabimochi and green tea." (Kanon)

Starting with Kanon's choice from the menu, Rei and Mia also follow suit and order the same.
After jotting down their orders just to be sure, I place my hand on my chest and bow my head towards them.

"Please wait a moment, Ojou-sama." (Rintaro)

With the designated line spoken, I leave the table with a smile that is not a sales smile.
Regardless of the method, the fact that I'm able to show Rei myself in the butler's uniform is a pleasure for me.

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[End of Chapter]


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