Lort Kuzuma - 15

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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15 - You can't get the better of your desires, think with common sense.

"Cosplay, you say...?"
"Yeah. I'll take cosplay photos of Setsuna and Arisa. I'll dress them, the center duo of the DimenS, up in your favorite outfits. It's not a bad offer, is it?"
"That's imp...... ugh, verily possible. You, who have brainwashed them, could do that......!"

Initially denying, Ijuuin quickly twisted her expression and admitted.
This girl, who had been watching our relationship from afar, probably understood that I could persuade those two and make them do cosplay.
And that was correct.

"That's right. Brainwashing might be a bit of a misunderstanding, but for me, dressing them up in costumes is a piece of cake. So, what will you do?"
"......Without any consideration, why are you suddenly proposing something like this? What exactly are you planning?"

Ijuuin stared at me suspiciously, but there was no ulterior motive on my part.

"I don't have any plans. I'm just tired of constantly being bothered by you and the fan club. I've had enough of being ambushed early in the morning. I just want to reconcile in a mutually beneficial way."
"Reconciliation? Just release Setsuna-sama and Arisa-sama, and everything will be fine! Those two possess the potential to soar in the world! It's unforgivable for scum like you to monopolize them......"

I stopped Ijuuin, who was about to attack.
This deal was because I found it troublesome to be confronted like this. I genuinely wanted her to just shut up and listen to me.

"I don't mind all that pretentious talk. I don't dislike to boast, but right now, I find it bothersome to be interfered with more than necessary. I want some distance. In return, I'll give you photos of the two. It's a mutually beneficial and not a bad offer, I think. How about it?"

In reality, I thought it was not a bad offer. By simply stopping pestering me, Ijuuin could get her hands on the rare items, the cosplay photos of her favorite idols wearing the outfit she requested.
Idol otakus, who were hobbyists collecting merchandise, made up the majority of this community.

In a community where some fans staked their lives for a handshake event with their idols, getting the opportunity for their idols to wear a costume based on their request is almost non-existent. If they were to get that chance, it would be the ultimate experience for fans.
It satisfied both the desire for approval and fetishes. There was hardly an idol otaku who would refuse this offer.
Especially those fanatical enough to transfer schools just to be close to their idols.
With that in mind, I proposed an offer to Ijuuin, but...

"......Could you not underestimate me?"

With a stern and determined look, Ijuuin glared at me.

"Who do you think I am? I am Ijuuin Reika, the daughter of the Ijuuin conglomerate and member No.007 of the "Dimension Stars!" fan club! I have the pride and self-respect of being a single-digit number! Do you think I can be lured in by such lowly means and bait?"
"......Does that mean, you have no intention of taking this offer?"
"Of course not! Even if I were to obtain photos through such means, it would not be acceptable to the other fan club members! I absolutely do not approve of such methods! Using those two for your selfish desires is despicable! Shame on you!"

With that, Ijuuin dismissed my methods and denounced them.
There was no doubt in her eyes. I could glimpse both the pride of a conglomerate heiress and the dignity of a DimenS fan.

"I see, that's a shame......"

I sighed softly. I may have underestimated Ijuuin.
I thought she would immediately take the bait, so this resistance caught me off guard.
It was probably futile to try to convince her. I could sense such a strong will from this blonde drill lady.

"Phew~, do you understand now? Kuzuhara Kazuma, your dirty tricks won't work on me......"
"Well then, what about you guys? Do you not want cosplay photos like the ones I offered to Ijuuin?"

So, I decided to stop the pointless conversation, switch targets, and ask the guys instead.

[I-is it really okay!?]
"Yeah. But, stop pestering me, and don't follow Iijuuin either. Since she doesn't want it, if you're going to side with Ijuuin, I won't give you the photos."
[Got it! Kazuma-san! Understood clearly! I'll ignore what that person says!]

Hmm, quite a good reaction indeed. While satisfied with my classmates' enthusiastic change of heart, I continued my questioning.

"Alright, then, let's hear your requests."
[I want a waitress, please! With a smiling face and a cheerful pose, please!]
[I want them to be dressed in Chinese dresses! With their hair up in a bun, looking brightly at me!]
[I-I want them in maid outfits! Crossing her arms, looking down at me, saying 'What are you looking at, idiot?' That kind of attitude!]
[You idiot! They as cheerleaders are supreme! With cute popping-hopping cheering 'Go~ Go~'! Just imagining it, I'm already...! Ugh!]
[I want them in swimsuits! I'll pay any amount of money for it! I'll do anything!]
[I want them in a nude white shirt, lie down with me, like we're cuddling! If it's with Yukina-chan and Arisa-chan, I'm totally fine! I'll take it from here, so give me a slightly embarrassed version too!!!]
"Wait, wait. Your requests are a bit too much. Someone, please jot down everyone's desired outfits and scenarios in a notebook. Make sure to write their names. Also, I'll have to reject anything too extreme, so please understand that."
[Yes! Kazuma-san! Understood! You're a god! Please leave it to us!]

Phew~, those the honest about their desires bastards. But...... I don't hate such guys, you know?

"Hey! W-wait a minute!"

As I nodded in satisfaction at the reactions around me, Ijuuin, for some reason, getting impatient.

"Everyone, What are you all talking about!? This is a trap, you know! It's clear that Kuzuhara Kazuma is scheming, so why are you falling for it!?"
[Well, even if you say that. This chance doesn't come often.]
[I may be a member of the fan club, but I'm not in the single digits. I just want to see Yukina-chan wearing my favorite outfit.]
[Sorry, Ijuuin-san. I really want to see Arisa-chan in a maid outfit. I know Scum-hara is annoying, but I can't resist my desires.]
[Sadly, we're just a bunch of idol otakus.]
"I-I can't believe this..."

Betrayed by the allies she thought she had, Ijuuin's voice trembled.
It must have been quite a shock for her. I gently patted her shoulder as she trembled.

"Too bad, Ijuuin."
"K-Kuzuhara, Kazuma..."
"Well, that's how it is. Sorry, but it seems everyone is on my side. I can't let everyone's goodwill go to waste, so I'm going to do a cosplay photoshoot as soon as possible on the next day off."
"Well, you don't seem to want it, so I can't help it. I'll make sure to tell the guys not to give photos to you, so please understand that, okay? You're not going to steal photos from your classmates just because you're the daughter of a conglomerate, right? You said you had pride as a single-digit member. I believe in you, okay?"

After patting her shoulder again and giving her a warning, I turned to return to my seat, but...


This time, a hand was placed on my shoulder.
The hand was trembling slightly, as if in conflict.

"T-to this me, Could you please... give... give me the photos, too...?"
"Hmm? Did I mishear? I feel like I heard something impossible..."

The hand placed on my shoulder quivered. But soon, the tremors subsided, and a trembling voice was heard from behind.

"G-give me too, please, could you give me the photos of the two of them...!"

Hearing this, I smiled thinly, trying not to be seen by the drill lady.

"Oh, really? Even though you were so adamant earlier. Were those words just a lie?"
"I was pretending to be stubborn in front of everyone... But in truth, I want them. I really, really want them so bad!"

Phew, she's fallen.
I opened my mouth, savoring the delight.

"If so, there's something you need to tell me, right?"
"Ugh... I-I apologize for my rudeness up to now. So, please...!"
"I beg you, right?"
"......I beg, you......!"
"Where is the "Kazuma-sama"?"
"I beg you please, Kazuma-sama...! Please, please, give me a photo of the two of them, in cosplay!"

No matter how much money one had, people couldn't resist their desires.
Even if she was the daughter of a conglomerate, she was no exception.

"Phew, I can't help it then....... But, there won't be a next time, got it? However, you'll cover the cost of the costumes and the camera. It's only natural to accept that kind of penalty, right?"
"Of course, I will...! U-ugh...!"

Convinced of that, satisfied, and with a gracious attitude, I responded to Ijuuin's show of sincerity, even as she groaned in frustration.
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[End of Chapter]



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