Lort Kuzuma - 16

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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16 - I Love 'em, The Bunny Girls...

In the long-awaited holiday.

With Golden Week just around the corner, it was still morning, yet a few people were already in the living room of my house.

"How do I look, Kazu-kun? Do I look cute?"
"Perfect. You look incredibly cute right now, Setsuina. I guarantee it."
"Ehehe, yay♪ I’m so happy♪"

As I nodded, Setsuna jumped with joy.
At the same time, her white bunny ears bounced and the tail on her rear swayed.
Watching this, I couldn’t help but smile.

"Indeed. Absolutely splendid. A perfect bunny girl that you could proudly show anywhere."

Setsuna was currently wearing a black bunny suit.
It was the classic bunny girl attire: a black leather high-leg leotard with white bunny ears, cuffs, a bow tie, and fishnet stockings.
The perfect combination of her black hair and the black-colored bunny suit made her shine even more.
Moreover, the black bunny suit complemented Setsuna's white skin, creating an exquisite contrast.
The outfit highlighted her excellent figure, accentuating her waistline, and drawing out her charm even more, almost unfairly.
The bow tie on her neck served as an impeccable accent, emphasizing her graceful shoulder line.
Healthy yet undeniably sexy, with her deep cleavage being particularly provocative.
For what it’s worth, I do like big breasts.

"Bunny girls are generally embarrassing, aren't they...."

As I was nodding and admiring my childhood friend’s growth, a voice came from behind me.
Turning around, I saw another childhood friend of mine standing there, wearing a blue bunny outfit with her arms crossed in disbelief.

"Oh, Arisa, you’ve finished changing too."
"Yes. This is my first time wearing a bunny girl outfit, and it’s more revealing than I thought. My shoulders feel a bit chilly."

Arisa lightly flicked the blue bunny ears on her head with her finger, looking somewhat displeased.
Her usual twin-tailed silver-blonde hair was the same, but the addition of bunny ears gave her a different kind of allure.
Her blue bunny suit matched her hair perfectly, with knee highs complementing her look and enhancing her foreign features.
Just standing there, she had an outstanding presence, likely suitable for modeling.
To my delight, her chest had grown larger than Setsuna's.

"Marvelous. Superb. Perfect, even. My instincts were spot on, after all...."

I had thought silver hair and a blue bunny suit would be a great combination, but this was beyond my expectations.
Satisfied with my own foresight, I nodded deeply several times. Then, Arisa asked me with a resentful look on her face and a blush on her cheeks.

"......If Kazuma likes it, I suppose it’s fine. But are we really going to take pictures in these outfits? Showing these bunny girl outfits to our classmates would be pretty embarrassing..."
"? No, the bunny girl outfit is just my hobby. I just wanted to see you in it. I don’t plan on showing these to our classmates, so you can relax."

Bunny girl outfits are nice, aren't they? In addition, I also like swimming suits, so I'm secretly thinking of having them wear this one later on as well.

"This is your hobby!"
"I see! Then I’ll keep a full set of bunny girl outfits ready! If it’s for you, Kazu-kun, I’m always game!"

Arisa rebuked my comment, while Setsuna cheerfully accepted my hobby.
Their contrasting reactions made me nostalgic, reminding me of the old days when I asked them to take care of me and how their reactions after were similar. It was heartwarming to think about.

"Hahaha, well, it’s fine. I like what I like. And Setsuna, you don’t need to buy the bunny outfits. Ijuuin gave us a full set in every color as a service. She even said we could request additional options later."

When I handed over the list of classmate requests, Ijuuin, who quickly noticed the bunny girl addition, said, "Y-you plan to make Setsuna-sama and Arisa-sama wear such scandalous outfits!? You’re truly the be... no, the worst, scum! Although I can’t condone it, I’ll reluctantly prepare them for you! You don’t need to say anything! Knowing you, you’d probably ask for every color and variation, right? I’ll get everything ready! T-to think the two misses would become bunny girls…! M-my nose is bleeding… ugh!" She then sent them along with the other outfits.
The outfits came in various colors and had numerous optional accessories, all made of genuine leather, showcasing how much effort she put into it.
Feeling the enthusiasm, they nodded in interest at my words while wearing bunny outfits.

"Wow, I guess that's what can be expected of the heiress of the Ijuuin conglomerate."
"Now that you mention it, the other outfits felt great too, with top-notch materials. The waitress outfit we tried on earlier was all silk."
"The decorations were also quite elaborate. Those must have cost at least tens of thousands. I wonder where she got them from..."

I couldn’t help but wonder if we could still call them waitress outfits at this point.
It's not like it will be in the magazine, so I had thought that cheap polyester costumes from a cosplay shop would suffice, but it seems that the young lady took things more seriously than expected.
She was determined not to have any of DimenS' outfits look bad, so she had them all custom-made from high-end materials, and I wonder what kind of connections she used to get them in such a short time.

"Are you both ready, Misses?"

A small voice suddenly interrupted us as we were discussing Ijuuin's wealth and passion, feeling the difference between her and the average person in the amount of effort we put into it.
Turning towards the voice, we saw a girl with a headband that had bunny ears inserted, wearing a white bunny suit, and looking expressionless.

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[End of Chapter]


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