Lort Kuzuma - 17

Childhood Friends Became Popular Idols ~The Sweet Girls Are Supporting Me~

Osananajimi-tachi ga Ninki Idol ni Natta ~Amaamana Kanojotachi wa Ore ni Mitsuide Kurete iru~

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17 - Let me confine you

"Ah, Ichinose. Sorry to keep you waiting."
"No, it's fine. It's natural for women to take time to change. Please don't worry about me. This is part of my job as well."

Though Ichinose said that formally, her body language was anything but formal.
While I didn't notice it when she was in her uniform, her figure was ideal, with all the right curves in all the right places.

(I thought a maid bunny outfit was heresy... but this, this is actually quite something...)

As I admired her figure, Setsuna puffed her cheeks in protest.

"Kazu-kun, don't just look at another girl. Look at me more!"
"Oh, sorry, sorry. I got carried away."

While apologizing, I secretly glanced back at the bunny wearing the headdress.
Ichinose was a sort of spy sent to my house by Ijuuin, who was concerned I might do something inappropriate to Setsuna and Arisa, under the pretense of helping with the photoshoot.
However, she revealed that right after arriving, and it was something I could easily imagine without being told, so I wasn't worried about it at all.
In fact, I was grateful. After all, she had agreed without hesitation to wear the bunny girl outfit I had asked her to wear on a whim.
Given that she had come to school in a maid uniform, I had assumed she took great pride in being a maid, so it was a pleasant miscalculation for me. A kind of delightful surprise.

(I'll have to thank Ijuuin by getting her to wear a bunny outfit too. But I'm surprised Ichinose's got quite the figure as well...)

Compared to the other two, she might be more slender, but it's not fair to compare her to idols. Besides, attractiveness in girls is not solely about having a good figure.
Her doll-like face, despite the lack of expression, would attract many admirers, and I could tell that her legs, clad in black tights, were quite shapely.

It’s all about where you find the charm.
For a maid to not be outshone standing next to two popular idols is impressive in itself.
I even thought she could become an idol herself if polished, but regrettably, she already had an employer and was managing both her maid duties and student life.
As I pondered the wasted potential, I heard excited voices.

"Wow, Ichinose-san, you look so cute! The bunny outfit suits you very well!"
"I agree. But, did you really have to wear a bunny outfit too? You weren't told to cosplay, right?"
"Indeed, but I thought it wouldn't be right if I didn't do anything while the misses dressed in. Plus, Kazuhara-sama seems to like this outfit too."

Somehow, the three of them were having a lively conversation.
That was nice and all, but for me, the important thing was that there were three beautiful girls in various bunny outfits in front of me.

(What a wonderful sight... After all, bunny girls really are the best.)

Just that was enough to make me emotional, but the fact that these beautiful girls were gathered in my living room made me feel even more pleased.
It felt like I had become someone special, a chosen one, making me sentimental.

"Yep, yep. In your own house without parents, having girls cosplay for you and creating a harem. This is truly a man's dream. I feel like the protagonist."

Incidentally, my parents were currently abroad on a business trip, leaving me alone at home.
If not for that, I couldn't have held a cosplay photoshoot. In addition, my parents are very strict with me, their only son.

When their transfer was decided, unlike a typical gal game protagonist's parents who would leave their son alone at home while going abroad, they said, "I know for sure that if I leave you alone at home, you'll do nothing good. To take responsibility for raising such a scumbag like you, we will definitely take you with us!" They were desperately dragging me away from my childhood friends.

Of course, I resisted with all my might and eventually pleaded to Setsuna and Arisa to convince my parents. But the way my parents looked at me at that time was not proud of their son for having devoted childhood friends trying to stop them, but rather as a worthless scumbag.
My mother even apologized to the girls, saying, "I'm sorry for warping the lives of such good girls like you for the sake of this worthless son." Honestly, it was infuriating.

I'm a super competent son who has established a way to be a perpetual NEET without relying on my parents, you know?
I'd rather have them think of me as a successful person. This is why those brainwashed into thinking working is a given are a problem.
They don't even doubt that common sense itself is wrong.
Having a blood connection with salaryman-minded parents is truly lamentable for me.

(I will absolutely never work...!)

Taking my parents as an example of what not to be, I reaffirmed my determination not to work.
Setsuna and Arisa would still need to work hard as idols.
It was necessary to create an environment where I didn't have to work and could live freely.
Their earnings are essential to me.
If I can avoid working, I will spare no effort. Whether it's a harem or whatever, I will build and maintain it!
With that resolve, I spoke to the three girls who were still chatting.

"Hey, girls, can I have a moment?"
"Hmm? What is it? Are we starting the photoshoot soon?"

I shook my head lightly at Arisa, who turned around and asked me that.

"That's part of it, but I realized I hadn't properly thanked you all yet. Thanks for going out of your way to join me today. I really appreciate it."

I said as I bowed my head. As the saying goes, even among close friends, manners are important, so expressing gratitude is essential.

"It's no problem at all. I don't mind, and if it helped you, Kazu-kun, I'm happy!"
"Same here. Rather, I'm glad you relied on me, Kazuma, I mean... Don't make me say more, you idiot...."
"It's part of my job, so don't worry. If anything, I'm thankful for this opportunity to get to know you better, Kazuhara-sama."

Each of them gave a different response, but all were favorable toward me.
Satisfied with that, I continued.

"Thanks. It's helpful to hear you say that, but allow me to do something for you as a thank you."
"A thank you?"
"Yeah. Is there anything you want me to do? I'll try to fulfill any request."

Upon hearing this, my childhood friends' eyes lit up.

"Really!? Is that okay!?"
"You're spending time with me although it's your day off, and being an idol must be tough, right? I get an allowance too, so I need to show you some appreciation."

Surprised, Arisa's eyes widened, but Setsuna immediately jumped for joy.

"Yay! Kazu-kun will grant my wish! I'm so happy!"

Her bunny ears, tail, and her ample chest all bounced with excitement.
While admiring those childish gestures, I asked her,

"Setsuna, do you have something you want to ask me?"
"Yes! There's something I've always wanted to ask!"

Well, that wasn't unexpected.
Setsuna was a girl too, and it was normal for her to have wishes.
She had always put me first, so I should be happy she had her own wish.

"Alright, go ahead and tell me. It depends on the content, though."

Even as I said this, I knew I'd probably grant her wish without hesitation.
Knowing how sweet she was to me, it was likely nothing difficult. Probably something like wanting me to pamper her more or something like that.

"Yes! Listen!"

While thinking that, I waited for her to speak.

"Let me confine you, Kazu-kun!"

My black-haired childhood friend uttered it out with a beaming smile.


And I was left speechless.
Eh, wait, what?
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[End of Chapter]

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