Fixed Damage Chapter 13 - NTR-ed by LonT #3

Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess
3 - Subordinate 1

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"Holy fuuuuuuuuuccccccccc k!"

Barnez screamed and knocked his fist against the wall.
The skin of the hand broke and blood gushed.

No pain was felt.

All he felt was anger and regret.

"That fuccin, Irina......!"

Barnez bit his lips and moaned.

He was a top holy knight serving the Ralpha Order.
By the previous incident, he would probably be dismissed.
Even though, he got on it with determination, but──.

He couldn't expect Irina, would truncate him coldly.
Perhaps she was forced by the Supreme Priest and she offered her body against her will, He had a faint hope, but.......

That hope was too brittle and then crushed.

Looking back at the Great Church that was just kicked him out.

Looking at Irina and the Supreme Priest in the bedroom, it was clear that they had a relationship.
How many times have you been embraced?
Just thinking it, He wanted to scrape his head.
The most beautiful and pure saintess in the world that he only can hold in his hand.

"And with that man...!"

Remembering the supreme priest's triumphant face, he felt he was really pathetic.

──No, nothing more than that.

"Irina was such a woman."

The black thoughts that gushed deep into his chest sprang up and swirled.

"Is that all lie what you say that you love me.....? When I am no longer useful, you just throw me away huh......? Damn, that fuccin bitch ...!"

With the despair being betrayed, He seemed to vomit jealousy to the Supreme Priest.
Absolutely won't forgive them.

"In a week later, I'll make you knew it, Irina ...!"

On that day, a ceremony would take place at the Great Church and a parade would take place at the royal avenue.

Earlier, it was announced that the current Supreme Priest was retiring.
The new Supreme Priest would be Saintess Irina, a member of the Hero Party who had defeated the Demon King in the previous battle.
A ceremony and parade to celebrate her inauguration.

That filthy saint must be punished.

(Wait for it, Irina ...! You'll be given a punishment)

Barnez was burning a dark passion.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

Shea wanted to know what kind of eyes I made when I still in the Hero party.

"And if, Chrome-sama's feelings get a little lighter by talking ..."

Looking straight at me, her blue eyes had a warm light that reassured me.

When did I last feel the warmth of a person?
I was betrayed by Yuno and Irina, expelled from the party and something in me was broken.

Inside of my heart, I felt something like a transparent wall was born.
A wall that rejected and repelled others.

Shea might have overcome it a little, perhaps because of the common denominator of "revenge".
Maybe because she couldn't hold that anymore, the feelings of closeness and solidarity.

"── It's not a pleasant story to listen to, you know."
"Just Chrome-sama, it's okay"

Shea smiled.

Gently smiled.

"Please, please tell me"

──I told Shea, about the hero party had done.

The sacrifice of my magic to strengthen the hero.
Deprived of all magic and expelled from the party.
Being betrayed by a woman who I thought she was my lover and a man who I believed he was my best friend.
And then, the spirit of revenge raised the [Darkness] that dwelt in me, and expressed as the skill [Fixed Damage].

"Hero-sama and co have done such a terrible thing to Chrome-sama......!?"

She learned the true color of them for the first time, and she seemed surprised.
The power of the world's heroes, the heroes Yuno, was created from the expense of sacrificing,  by sacrificing me.

"No way..."

Shea's face was pale.
Aside from Riot who she had actually seen his violence, [Hero Yuno] was still an absolute hero for her──and for the people around the world.

It would be a shock to know the shadow of the hero.

"However, there is no evidence"

I stared at Shea.
I felt upset, then straightened my eyes.

"If it's the power, then now it's my weakness. Originally my hair is black, but now is gray, and my limbs are completely weak and all thin──is that not enough evidence?"

I snorted my nose lightly.

"Well, believe or not, it's all up to you."
"Chrome-sama ..."
"If you want to leave me, you always free to leave. I won't blame you. In the first place, this is my revenge. There's no nothing to do with you."

Silence flew.

It didn't matter if Shea left.

Originally, this revenge journey was intended to went alone.
It was unexpected that she was there.

"I've been saved by you, that debt, I swear I'll return it."

Shea knelt.

Just like the knight swearing loyalty to their lord.
Kissed me at the back of my hand, and said.

"I believe in you, Chrome-sama"

Believe in me, huh.

Trust──An emotion that had been vanished two years ago.

The lover and best friend I trusted in all betrayed me.
Since then, I couldn't believe anyone.

Of course, not everyone in this world was unworthy to be trusted.
There were bad people rotten in the world, but also there were good people.
Some people deserved trust.
If I looked for it, it would surely exist.

But that was just the logic.

Believing in people was painful.

Believing in a person just awakened the pain of that day.
It reminded me of that day's despair.

So now, I was surprisingly shaken.
For the first time in two years, I received the word "Believe" from others.

Shea's lips were touching the back of my hand.

From there, a small spark scattered.


I and Shea took a breath of surprise at the same time.

["Since you got [Darknese], It's your first time to forgive others-desune~."]

The voice of [darkness] resounded from within me.

I...... forgiving?
Am I, to Shea?

["Fufu, at least you're starting to recognize her as a friend, huh."]
"She just following me herself."

I said it to [Darkness].

"Chrome-sama, this voice ...?"

Shea leaked a voice of puzzled.
Is seemed like she was able to hear the voice of [Darkness] that should normally only be heard by me.

"It's the voice of "power" dwelling in me. I simply call it [Darkness]."
["Chrome, [Fixed Damage] is a powerful skill, but your curse impairs your physical abilities. Shea with knowledge of the sword will make up for it. However──,"]

[Darkness] told.

["What are you trying to face is, the world's strongest party members. She seems young and talented in swords, but she is clearly weak as she is now."]
"... I've been told it a lot."

Shea opened her lips.
However, I would not refute it.

It was true, and probably she also thought it

["That's why it's better to give strength to her."]
"A'll give it?"
["Some of the powers of [Darkness] can be given. I'll give it to her."]

[End of Chapter]

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