Fixed Damage Chapter 14 - NTR-ed by LonT #4

Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess
4 - Subordinate 2

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"Giving power?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"Does [Fixed Damage] skill will disappear or weaken?"
["No, it doesn't affect your own skill. Well yeah...一I'll explain one by one."]

Then, [Darkness] entered the explanation mode.

["First, the darkness skill you have is [Destruction]. By exceeding a certain hatred and despair level has evolved it into EX skill [Fixed Damage]...... This will be the form you hold."]
"In other words, I can use [Fixed Damage] as before?"
["That's right. Also, as I've said before, you can't use any other [Darkness] skills due to the effect of the magic "Chain of Darkness". Choose any of the disabled skills and give it to her."]
"……I see"

Even if I had it, it was the skills of [Darkness] that could not be used and had become a useless treasure.
So, you want to Shea use it, huh.

["In short, in terms of strength, you are as before, only her will be strengthened."]
"So, I told to share my skills, but can such a thing be doing?"
["It is possible if the other party agreeing on it."]

The other party agreeing──yes.
I repeated those words in my heart.

"What will do you do, Shea?"
"I want to help you. If it can make me be strong, please by all means."

Shea looked straight at me.

"Any power is fine. Please bestow it to me, Chrome-sama."
"... I understand. As you heard, [Darkness]. Give her some of my power."

["Confirming the Master's will. Shea Framlite will be certified as the caster's [Subordinate]"]
["Granting [Darkness] skills to [Subordinate]"]
["Skills that can be granted are [Destruction], [Dissection], and [Acceleration]"]
["Of these, [Destruction] is retained by Chrome Walker as before, and the remaining [Dissection] and [Acceleration] are given to Shea Framlite."]
["In addition, the effect lasts until it is ended by the caster's will."]

At the next moment, my body was flooded with black light, and that gleam was transferred to Shea.

“Nn……Kuu~…… ”

Her body convulsed with a strangely spark voice.

The gleam stopped right away.
She doesn't seem has changed in particular──?.

"This is……!?"

Shea drew her sword with a surprised face.

There was a black shine on the blade.
Its atmosphere was like a magic sword.

"I can feel it, Chrome-sama. My sword is fulfilled with a strange power."
"For the sword, that strengthening ...?"

As mentioned earlier, the skills that dwelt in Shea were [Dissection] and [Acceleration].
Among them, just [Dissection] that was expressed, huh?

"I want to do a trial slash."

Unfortunately, there are only forest trees around.
If we cut it by accident, it could fall down to us and we would end beneath it.

"──No need for it, it's like a custom-made opponent has come huh."

I narrowed my eyes.

"It's the approaching sign of a demon"

Even though I lost magic power by previous magic, but I still have the power to sense magic.

This dense and evil magic was not a human or an elf.
It was definitely a demon.

Although the Demon King was already defeated by the hands of the Hero Party of Yuno and co, their remnants were still rampant in various countries.
Is it a remnant faction or just a stray demon who had lost their way into the human world from the demonic world?

"Human's ... smell ..."
"The smell of man and woman ..."
"Man... kills ... Woman... violate ..."

Emerging from the trees along with the noise were seven giants.
Each was about three meters tall and had a muscular human body with the head of a cow.

It was an intermediate level demon "Minotaur".

And moreover, there were seven.
If I was a human knight, it was a level of strength that could not be confronted unless I was part of a corps unit.

It was not known whether it was a stray demon or a remnant of the Demon King's army.

"......It's just a good chance to test your skills."

Shea put her hand on the sword handle.

Her hands were trembling.
After all, it was scary.

"Don't overdo it. It's still unknown how much the [Darkness] you've got, It's still unknown how strong you've become. In here I──."
"Chrome-sama, please stay within 10 meters of the enemy."

Shea looked back.

Her dignified and dazzled eyes──had no color of fear, and there was a strong fighting spirit.

Keeping within 10 meters, that would be a sign for me to not defeat the enemy with [Fixed Damage].

"If I can beat that, I can prove myself has become stronger.
On the upcoming journey, I will be eligible to keep up with Chrome-sama──or I think so."
"You don't have to suddenly fight a strong opponent."

I said with a cool face.
Shea smiles mischievously,

"Ara, are you worried?"
"I'm not ruthless enough to drive my travel companion to the dead, This me."
"Fufu, you admit me as a friend."

Shea's smile deepened.

"No, that is ..."

It was a word that suddenly came out of my mouth.

A friend, huh?

──Since you got [Darkness], It's your first time to forgive others?
──Fufu, haven't you at least starting to recognize her as a friend?

I remembered the [Darkness]'s words.

"If you think it's a bit dangerous, come back immediately. In that case, I'll kill them with [Fixed Damage]."
"I will not bother Chrome-sama's hand."

Shea said that.

"I leave──."

While telling me, A girl knight kicked the ground.
Black energy wings grew around her ankle.
And at the same time,


With Shea's voice, her body shook greatly.
She created afterimages at tremendous speed.


The Minotaurs were amazed.

"It, it's too fast...... gyaa~!?"

Leaving aside the demons' mutter, Shea run through.
Her movement was so fast that it looked almost like a red flash.

"First of all, one"

Along with the voice, a red flash run again between the minotaurs.

A black glittering sword flash.
Red shining trajectory.

And that was, the all six.

In just a few seconds, all six remaining Minotaurs were beheaded and fell down.


She released [Acceleration] and returned to me.
Wiped the blood from the blade and put it in the sheath.

"How about it, Chrome-sama? Am I, am I enough to help you?"

She was bathed in the blood of the demons on her forehead and cheek, and she smiled with a gorgeous smile.
Just like a knight of [Darkness].

"... Yeah, it's enough."

I returned a faint smile to her.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

A week later, we already in the capital city of Ralpha on the celebration day.

The day of the inauguration ceremony and parade when Irina became the new Supreme Priest.
And that was the day I would take revenge.

[End of Chapter]

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