(Road to) Sasuga Mia-sama - 10

Tearmoon Empire Story

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Src: Syosetu

10 - Prophecy x Blood-Dyed Diary

"Nfufu ..."

After seeing Mia smiled at her, Anne tilted her head slightly.

"You sure are in good mood, Mia-sama."

"Ara? You noticing?"

Mia was in a good mood after returning to her room. She was very happy.

Anyway, that insidious glasses ... Ludwig said she was "Wise".

――Wise …… I am wise. Nfufufufu
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Rose up to heaven to be called like that. Mia's tension was unlikely to change for a while.

"Ah, that's right. I have to write it in my diary to remember the events of today's memorable day....."

Immediately, Mia picked up her diary and dive on top of the bed.

While her small body bounced on the fluffy bed,
She then rolling around. Around, around, rolling around.

Luxurious feathers of moonlight birds are used in the luxury beds, gently wrapped Mia's body.

Mia fluttered her feet, while burying her face on the fluffy blanket. The skirt in the loungewear was turned up, her young limbs were exposed, and that was an unladylike manner.

"Ufufufu, Ufufu"

"... Mia-sama, Such improper thing is..."

The wind blew Anne's remarks, Mia with a grinful smile,

"Ufufu~ I'm Her Highness Princess Mia the wisdom of the empire, you know? There's no problem at all"

Ugh! That behavior seemed to be..... Anne watched Mia with an eye to seeing something rather pleasant.

(Got praised by a man that she has a feeling! That definitely makes her very happy!)

Anne was, in Anne had a strange misunderstood about Mia, she felt like a sister watching over her little sister's first love...... It made her feel good.

That was not a good example of how difficult it is to fix a button that has been mistaken once.

Aside from that, Mia wrote new letters in her diary, fluttering her feet.

The event of Anne's exclusive maid until today, with some dramatization. Continuing writing.

――Ara! I suppose I have talent in poetry and drama, I wonder? I can write this way!

She was very happy. Mia's pen was kept flowing.

After writing everything and closed the page, Mia thought.

――Yes, if I changed the description in my diary, what would happen to the future in the diary?

She was a little curious.

A beautiful diary and a bloody diary in front of her. If these two books were the same, what happens if she rewrote them here?

Mia who opened the blood-stained diary without any trouble,

"Wha! What is this!"

Unexpectedly, she raised a startling voice.

The letters in the diary were distorted and rewritten. What Mia rewrote just before was rewritten exactly as it was, and further description was rewritten accordingly.

It looked as if the future was being rewritten.

――Not only does it look like, but the future is actually being rewritten!

Mia noticed.

With the help of Ludwig and having him move early, a major change in history was born.

――Is this, can it be ...?

Mia rose quickly and sat on the bed.

Then, turning over the pages that follow with trembling hands. When she reached the last page of her diary, Mia spilled out a thin, sad sigh from her mouth.

――That, still hasn't changed.....

The last description, where unchanged, predicted the execution of Mia.

――Why, to such a thing ...?

In despair, in the very front of her eyes were dyed pitch-black. In front of the miserable end, Such anxiety burned in her heart, she wanted to fleed somewhere.

――It's fine, it's all fine. I still have time.

Once, after taking a deep breath and calming down, Mia read her diary again.

With the help of Ludwig, there were somewhat improved in finance, just it, but there were a number of events that still could not be changed.

Plague in the slums area of Imperial Capital, the rebellion of ethnic minorities in remote areas, and more.

The problems were piled up.

Moreover, there was no telling her further about the solution.

――It's bad. Just with Ludwig's praise doesn't mean I'm on track!

Mia stood up with a feeling of cold water splashed to her head,


She called her exclusive maid in high-pitch.

"To improve my head function, I want something sweet!"

......That there was rather a stupid thing

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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