(Road to) Sasuga Mia-sama - 9

Tearmoon Empire Story

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9 - The greatest ally

Ludwig was surprised and stunned by Mia's answer.

Mia saw it,

――Nah, it really really feels so good!

She was completely got in the tone. And dancing inside.

"In the first place, the financial problem of the Empire is simply that there is more we spend than we earn. In order to solve it....."

Then Mia's mouth revealed the problems of the Tearmoon Empire.

That was not what Mia came up with struggling in the grand library for the past few days. Of course not.

To be clear, those words were supposed to be.....

Those were what Ludwig said in the future.

In other words, it is completely rip-off.

his face on that day that came to mind.

A commentary that was brilliantly mixed with sermons, with irony. It was Mia who couldn't understand what he was saying at all.

――That day of humiliation…… I will never forget it!

It was a humiliating event for her, so it was enough for every single word to be engraved in her memory.

A memory of humiliation that revived. Mia repeated what he said at that time.

Empire issues, nobles issues, imperial capital issues, issues with the neighboring nations, and many more.

If anyone listened to the conversation between the two of the future, that wouldn't be the case! So that was what she wanted to say....., It was such a perfect rip-off that could be said that she was better.

Nevertheless, Ludwig's expression changed from startled to awe-inspired.

"... Enough, It's fine already."

Raised one hand, stopping Mia's words, and as it was, then Ludwig knelt on the spot and expressed courtesy gratitude.
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"I'm very impressed that there is a wise person like you in the imperial royal family."

That words shocked her.

――I'm, I'm wise, eh!? That, that insidious glasses is... he, he is praising me!?

Mia shook with joy.

――Aah, I feel like I was reincarnated for this day.

Mia was at the height of excitement,

"But, if you know so far, couldn't you rebuild this country without any help from me?"

That word turned her blue.

――Ah, this's bad! I've been too carried away in the flow!

It was a big miscalculation.

Indeed, what Mia uttered was Ludwig's words. But it was after he traveled around the country and examined foreign circumstances.

In other words, it was the conclusion that Ludwig of the future had arrived after struggling.

For him, who had just become an officer, Mia's words were too great.

The perfect perception of the current situation and the predictions of the future――the impact of the twelve-year-old Princess had done on Ludwig was too great.

So it was no wonder if he thinking, "Even if I don't do anything, it's okay to leave it to a princess like this goddess of wisdom."

In fact, it was going to be a serious problem if he left it to the pathetic Imperial Princess Mia――, and Mia struggled her head desperately. But……

――No, it cannot be like this. I can't think of anything!

As is expected of the pathetic imperial princess.

Fortunately, however, there was a talented young civil officer in front of her.

"Oh, but, so like that. Princess Mia is still very young. Your words probably will not be listened to seriously, do you think so?"

He gave her a convenient interpretation.

"That's exactly right!"

Mia got on the tide. She couldn't help but stay on the path to boost herself.

In addition, Mia at this time was unusually clear-headed.

"And even if you say that I am wise, There are the times I make mistakes, so I want you to think about it and feel free to tell me without hesitation."

Such thing as wise, to call myself...... And so on, If she was a calm person, she probably would put in a tsukkomi.

Even if she was not calm, anyone with a very normal sensibility would surely be amazed.

However, Ludwig's eyes were finely clouded due to the shock.

"To not be prideful over your intelligence, you will listen to the subordinate's suggestions..... What great are you ..."

Earlier, who his advice had just discarded by his superior, Mia's words impressed him. The timing was on Mia's side too.

If without Ludwig's knowledge, Ludwig would find out that she was a pathetic princess who could not do anything.

"If that's the case ..."

Ludwig once again took a vassal knelt. With his head deeply lowered,

"This Ludwig, with my whole body and soul, will serve you."

"Ee, yes please treat me well."

In Ludwig, who had an admirable attitude. That was Mia who had great exhilaration

In this way, Mia, after her loyal maid, Anne, gained her greatest ally.

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[End of Chapter]

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