(Road to) Sasuga Mia-sama - 11

Tearmoon Empire Story (WN)

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11 - Shadow of Imperial City Lunatia

Where there was light, darkness was always born ...

Lunatia, the splendid capital of the great country Tearmoon Empire, also had a shade, out of sight area.

That was the slum area near the city walls, known as the “New Moon District”.

The place where the poorest people live. That was a place where they had no food to eat and if they got sick, they were thrown away on the street.

A place where human activities had almost ceased. Except for a small church and an orphanage.

Indeed, it was an abandoned district.

A girl wearing a beautiful out-of-place dress was walking on such a street corner.

None other than the daughter of the Tearmoon Empire's emperor, Mia Luna Tearmoon.

While rarely walking around the streets, she walked down the road with unsteady steps.

"Your Highness Princess Mia, it's dangerous if you go too far. You have to keep near us ..."

The surrounding of the girl, there were four armed escort soldiers, as well as an exclusive maid, Anne, and Ludwig, who had recently recruited.

Why this group, which seems to be so eye-catching, came to visit such a place.....

The story went back a few hours.

"... I think this is the problem to be cleared up."

Thanks to the sweets brought by Anne, Mia's head became clearer.

Mia rereads her diary and finds an interesting statement in it.

[The epidemic was so bad that I was pelted by eggs.]
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A few years later, a plague epidemic spread in the Imperial Capital.

It seemed that Ludwig was not even able to predict that catastrophic event, where 10% of the population of the imperial city was dead.

The rewritten diary showed that the finances, which were improving thanks to Ludwig, became worsening.

"Hmm, I can't afford to ignore it..... but how can I prevent the plague?"

Basically, Mia didn't like much effort. If necessary, she would stay in the grand library, but it would not last long, and she hated researching and studying in the first place.

Then what have to do ...

"I just need to ask someone what I don't understand."

The answer was simple. Just ask someone and rely on them. Mia now had a handy wisdom fountain.

"I'm going out, Anne-san!"

"Where are you going? Mia?"

"to that bastard glas ...no, to Ludwig's place."

"Aah, the other day's gentle..... then you have to fix your dress."

That was Anne, whose suddenly her breath became rough.

"Is that so? I think it's enough, even now ..."

Mia was wearing a chic black dress. Anyway, if she went to a ball or the like, She thought it would be fine to meet people with that dress, but.....

"It's very not! You can not take light the matter appealing to men? Let's go to the dressing room, Mia-sama."

Mia was forcibly brought into the costume room.

Anne prepared Mia's clothes with the help of a senior maid nearby.

The blue dress with Bluemoon Sakura had a relatively short skirt length, which was designed to be both cute and easy to move.

"Ara, This dress. I see it for the first time."

Mia had a lot of dresses that pilled up. Of course, it was impossible to worn all of them, and there were many dresses that no longer could be worn because those were already too small in size.

"Fufu, you look very cute, Mia-sama."

With that smile, Anne began arranged Mia's hair.

After enough combing and finished styling the shiny platinum-colored hair, she applied a hairpin with a rainbow-colored gem as the finishing touch.

"Ara? That is ..."

Looking at the mirror, Mia looked at the hairpin and narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Is there a matter somehow? Mia-sama?"

The answer to Anne's questions was from Mia, but from the senior maid.

"That's what a certain large merchant gave to Mia-sama last year. Mia-sama was also very pleased."

Anne smiled happily after hearing about the senior maid in charge of the costume room.

"So like that yes. Then it's a right pick up."

"That's right ..."

That was Mia's answering voice, although it seemed to be sinking a bit ...

――To be honest, this is a bit subtle.....

Not that she didn't like the design of the hairpin. In fact, she didn't hate its appearance......

But, Mia had no reason to be pleased by the hairpin.

――But if I go to see that bastard glasses, is this enough?

Thinking again, Mia didn't dare say anything.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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