(On progress) Sasuga Mia-sama - 12

Tearmoon Empire Story (WN)

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12 - The Great Leader sent by Heaven (Note: a big Misunderstanding)

For Ludwig, that encounter was shocking.

Born as the second son of a merchant, he was a smart child from an early age. He wanted to be a government officer early on because his elder brother took over his parents' shop, and soon after he began studying, he realized how rotten the Tearmoon empire was.

The causes were various, but it was clear that many were from the nobles lineage, topped by the emperor.

Probably because it, he despised the so-called noble people, both the nobility and imperial royal family,

One day in front of him, a girl suddenly appeared.

Mia Luna Tearmoon.

The first princess of the empire, a girl near the apex of the nobility, said, shook her beautiful platinum-colored hair, such as melting the moonlight.

Lend me a hand to rebuild this empire.

The sparkle of intelligence she showed was too bright, just like the moon goddess..... Ludwig stabbed by the light, and still unable to keep his heart from rising.

Since that day, he had been working for responding to Mia's trust.

His superior resistance was largely sealed off using the authority of the Imperial Princess.

That was very obviously in Mia's ears,
Looking at the place where no one came to say anything,
she guessed he would move as she expected.

Perhaps she told her thoughts about the empire, because Ludwig would move spontaneously.

It showed a rough policy, and detailed judgment that respected the opinion of the on-field expert. Naturally, many countries had perished because they could not make the right decision.

Ludwig was horrified by the fact that a twelve-year-old girl had made the right decision.

"Is she the great leader sent by Heaven to the Empire ...?"

Until that time he was thinking about such things so.

......Naturally, that was nothing but a delusion.

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"Good day, Ludwig "

"Oh, this is, Your Highness Princess Mia. Welcome, please come in."

He stopped working and Ludwig rose. He gave a guide by hand, and Mia smiled thinly.

"Your work, you have worked hard, thank you, Ludwig"

"That's not, Your Highness Princess has made it much easier. Thank you very much."

Ludwig lowered his head and Mia nodded.

Apparently, Ludwig spilled out a relieved breath that his actions to date were correct. After all, the other side had much more wisdom than him. So, he couldn't afford to relax.

"By the way, I came here today because there's something I want to talk to."

"Hmm, something you want to talk ...?"

With his arms folded, Ludwig thought.

――When I look at the state of Her Highness Princess, she doesn't seem that she dissatisfied with my work..... but, maybe, I've missed something.

After all, the other side was a wise one like a moon goddess.

Mia's reputation in Ludwig was soaring to a level that no longer could be reached..... seriously unfortunate. (PTW/N: maybe better if: seriously, he could not be helped anymore.[?])

"That's right, I'd like to talk here ... but there's a place I'd like to go a little bit with you."

Mia smiled mysteriously, saying so meaningfully.

"Where is that?"

"The New Moon District....."

In that one line, Ludwig was astonished.

"――!? Are you going to the slum area of poor people?"

Unintentionally, a moaning leaked.

Slum area, closest to the city walls in the Imperial City of Lunatia. The New Moon District.

It was a place where not only royal aristocrats, but even ordinary people, would not go there.

That was a place Ludwig had never been to and he didn't want to go there.

Even if heaven and earth upside down, it was not the place where the First Princess of the Empire went.

"Mia-sama, no matter how much, you cannot go to such a place!"

The irresistible scream was, came from an exclusive maid, Anne.

Even if she thought Mia had come to see Ludwig, Mia's statement was like a bolt from the blue. Even as a young girl, she did not want to get near to the New Moon District.

Her parents had said, "Don't approach that district because it's dangerous," and it was the same way to her little sisters and brothers.

But the two just nodded their heads and answered, however, Mia said.

"It's necessary. I want Ludwig to look directly and think about it."

She said in a definitive tone.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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