Fixed Damage Chapter 15 - NTR-ed by LonT #5

Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess
5 - Day of The Parade

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Irina was, for him she was his first love.

She was the ideal woman.

A gentle personality that can't be compared by anyone.
With her neat and beautiful appearance.

When he first met on an escort mission, his heart was captivated at a glance.
The pure saintess quickly turned from worship to love target for him, who was the top person of Holy Knight Order.

And the Saintess also responded to his wishes.

He was, immediately hooked on Irina.
The relationship between the young couple progressed quickly and soon became a relationship between a man and a woman.

In the public, Irina was said as the lover of Hero, but she told him that it was a misunderstanding.
The hero was just a friend, and only him that she loves.

He soared.
He wanted to give his body and heart for the sake of Irina, and he wanted to do anything.

And then, he acted as told by Irina.
In order for her to rose to the highest priesthood, he worked to trap those who might be in her way.
Not once or twice, but sometimes he even did dirty jobs such as assassinations.

She, the Saintess, deserved to be the Supreme Priest.
Then he had to eliminate the obstacles.

(Nevertheless, Irina discarded me.)

The kisses that we shared repeatedly many times, is that just facade?
Did the words of love that we whispered to each other at the bed are a lie?

And because he was no longer useful, Irina abandoned him.
I remembered her figure when drooping to the Supreme Priest in front of his eyes.

(After all, she just used me from the beginning)

As an easy-to-handle tool for her to go up in the priesthood.

Could not be forgiven.
That woman who trampled her heart.
Lightheartedly made use of others for the seat of the Supreme Priest, that woman was.

A gorgeous parade was taking place in the very front of his eyes.

Riding on the luxurious portable shrine was Irina, dressed in the Supreme Priest's robe.
The crowd gathered and cheered when they saw the young and beautiful Saintess.

Indeed, only her exterior was good.
When he looked at that way, he was so frustrated that enough to tormented his chest.

(Holy fuccc, I'll show you the hell! You'll get the punishment, Irina!)

He pushed the crowd and walked toward the saintess.

※ ~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

At the kingdom of Ralpha Royal capital.
After the inauguration ceremony of Irina, the parade was taking place.

I and Shea were watching the parade in the crowds.

Well then, when have I to take action, yes──.
When I was thinking, I turned my gaze to a point in the crowds.

"How strange, he is."

He was a beautiful young man.
Something like a black haze clung to his refined body.

["I can see quite high hatred and despair of him."]

I heard the voice of [Darkness] from my chest.
It was unusual for her to say such commentary.

["It's just like you used to...... No, Not like yours yet, those number is not as big as yours"]

[Darkness] returned a voice as if she was smiling.

["He may have been betrayed and his heart was trampled, just like you."]
"Same as me......huh"

Shea seemed to hear my mutter, and she looked back.
No, now she could hear [Darkness] when she became my [Subordinate].

"That man running through the crowds. He looks so strange."

The black haze became darker.

Under the influence of [Darkness], I could see vaguely "negative emotions", such as malice and grudges of others.
I couldn't visualize it unless they had a strong "negative emotion".

It looked like a black fog now.


That young man suddenly shouted.
At the same time kicked the ground and rushed.

He was fast──.
He was a lesser extent than my former party members Riot, Fara and Margo, but his's movement was on top-tier of warrior or knight.
He thrust toward Irina and the others at the speed like the wind.

"What, what are, you!?"
"Protect the Saintess-sama!"

The Ralpha Holy Knight Orders were guarding the portable shrine drew their swords all at once.

“……!? Captain Barnez, why──”

Said one of the holy knights.

"Don't get in the way!"

A man called Barnez flashed his sword.

Blood dripped.
Barnez slew three holy knights at once.
One and two more further with returning sword.


Just the sole him was already overwhelming the Holy Knights.
Barnez, who killed five people in no time, accelerated further.

"Even though I always love you! Even though I only thinking about you! Why you betray me, Irina!"

Barnez approached the Saintess' portable shrine, while shouting in irritation.

"Tsk, He's going ahead──."

I was really impatient.

The revenge target who had been pursuing for two years, will be stolen by other guy──.
But my physical ability couldn't stop him.

In the first place, if I moved within the effective range of the skill, Irina would die immediately.
Then my purpose could not be fulfilled.

My hope was not for that woman's simple and easy death.
It because, the pain, remorse, and despair at the end, was the judgment of revenge──.

"Shea, stop him!"

I ordered my [Subordinate] girl knight.

"Please leave it to me, Chrome-sama── [Acceleration]"

Shea nodded reverently and ran just like an arrow.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~
[End of Chapter]

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