(Not yet) Sasuga Mia-sama - 6

Tearmoon Empire Story

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6 - How to show cute devotion

Princess exclusive maid.

It was a very honorable position and a goal for all maids who serve in the castle.

Such a commoner, even if wrong, could not assume that role. It was always of a decent family, the second or the third daughter of a noble family.

And more importantly, the salary was high. It was almost twice as large as a typical maid, and almost three times as large as the salary of Anne, a newcomer from the commoner.

It was hard to say that she was not a very good woman, and she was surprised to have been appointed to such a position.

If she suddenly selected like this, it was likely that she would be bullied by fellow maids if she doing poorly.

But Mia declared loudly and proudly,

"From now on, Anne is my exclusive maid. You will be under my protection. Everyone, please think about what it means."
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When this happened, nobody could get it anymore.

Anyway, it was the direct nomination of Princess Mia who was known for her selfishness.

The maids, who have seen many whimsically fired servants, couldn't afford the risk to make the selfish princess bad mood.

"Umm, Anne-san, that is, until now....."

After this day, senior maids' reaction to Anne changed. Instead of being bullied for no reason, they were kind.

Some also, began to help.

In this sudden change, Anne was only puzzled.

――While the salary can raise up, but ...

She didn't know why, but could not help felt weird.

Anyway, That was Princess Mia. She was a rumored selfish princess who fired a servant with a single feeling.

If she was kind for no reason, that was inevitable if Anne scared.

So, Anne decided to ask boldly.

"Um, princess, why do you treat me so good?"

On that day, Mia was sitting on a bedside chair in her room and reading an old diary.

Maybe that was fun, Mia these days had been reading it all the time.

――Is that a famous person in the diary, I wonder...?

Mia, raised her face in response to the call of Anne, said with a lovely smile.

"I'm just rewarding your devotion."

Even so, she was a completely unknown Anne.

"What did I have done to the princess?"

"No matter what you do, I have to reward you, a faithfully thick person. It's just that, That is what I have to say."

――I do not have such loyalty!
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Anne shouted in the heart.

She was not come to White Moon Palace to offer loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor or Her Highness Princess.

Then if have to say, it was for money.

Her family was a poor merchant. Moreover, there were still five younger brothers and sisters. Anne's income was a lifeline because his parents could not make it at all.

That was why it was very welcome to increase, but the reason that she had thick loyalty was far from her real self, or something like that.....

――My stomach is grinding....

Mia smiled as if she did not mind anything in Anne's heart.

"That's being said, Immediately, I want you to show your loyalty, but....."


There was no loyalty! Anne wanted to say that, but she couldn't.

――What exactly is required ...?

In excited, Mia turned her face gently, as if she were a mischievous child――well, Mia was actually a child.

"With this, can you buy me some sweets?"


It was a very cute way of showing loyalty.

At Anne who was nervous, Unexpectedly anticlimax, she was about to laugh.....

"With this……"

She saw what stretched and screamed.

"Wa, wai, wai, a princess! This is too much!"

At Mia's hand was a giant gold coin called the full moon gold coin. It was equal to one ordinary maid's average salary, for 60 days.

"Ara, is that so? I don't have much money in my hand...... Oh, yes, that's right, it's okay to buy something delicious for your family once you go home."

――If I go to any first-class restaurant, it will be used up!

"Oh, and hereafter, you'll call me as Mia, not a princess."

"Eh?..... Umm."

"Well then, I've asked you. Hurry up as much as possible. I need some sweets for thinking....... Ufufufu, I'm looking forward to the snack."

Anne could only look at Mia who was singing humming.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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