(Not yet) Sasuga Mia-sama - 7

Tearmoon Empire Story (WN)

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7 - Princess Mia is motivated

White Moon Palace had a grand library that gathered knowledge of the entire Tearmoon Empire.

With a cheek attached to the wooden desk provided at the grand library, Mia sighed depressingly.

"Hmm, what should I have to do....."

Mia had been in the library for the past few days.

On that day, Mia remembered Anne and spent a week reviewing her diary to sort out her memories.

As a result, she realized that it wasn't a dream, but what actually happened..... or, more precisely, what would happen.

As a result!

"Right right right, such a thing, It's something completely unappealing."

Mia eagerly awakened.

It wasn't a joke, for example, she could be put on the guillotine again. She had to escape from that future somehow.

So Mia stayed in the library and looked into the current Tearmoon Empire.

Certainly, according to Mia's memory, the empire's finances would deteriorate in the coming years. famine would come to provoke the plague, plagues were spreading, people started a revolution, and the neighboring nation intervened by helping the Revolutionary Army.

Roughly, like that.........., She felt like that ...

The conclusion of what she recalled from those memories in the library was:

"It's very difficult."

It would be so. After all, she was spoiled. So she didn't know what should have to do because she just started investigating politics and the economy.

Mia held her head in frustration, knowing what would happen, but not knowing what to do.

No matter how sweet the sweets she ate, her mind, never came up with a good idea.

She understood that it was bad for her one meal cost equal to one month's salary.....

"As I think, I have to find that person ..."

At the same time as remembering Anne, Mia remembered another loyal subject.

An excellent young civil officer who worked to bone to rebuild a collapsing empire and eventually help the Mia and the Imperial Royal families.

Even when Mia fell to the bottom, without abandoning, despite the person who worked to the end,

――The name is not written anywhere. I remember that he was sooooo rude.

Insidious spectacle glasses, bastard glasses, rotting glasses, etc. She remembered calling that person a lot, but she never called by the name.

"If I don't know the name, I can't do anything. Why I not writing something that could be a clue.....?"

She thought so and read the diary again, and at the page on the day she met for the first time,

[A fool that thrown from the center to the countryside]

Was written small there.

"That's right, Surely, I recall that that person had been appointed to the Imperial Capital for a while ... I wonder if I could go look for that person?"

Maybe now still in the Imperial City.

Did immediately while I still thought it. Then Mia stood up, and Anne did preparation for her to go out.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~

In the Tearmoon Empire, the Imperial City of Lunatia, there were five lunar ministries to help the Emperor reigned nation and palace.

Caeruleum Lunar Ministry, which is responsible for the administration of the capital.

Aurum Lunar Ministry, which is responsible for handling tax matters.

Rubrum Lunar Ministry, which is responsible for local administration.

Viridium Lunar Ministry, which is responsible for foreign affairs.

And the Nigrum Lunar Ministry, which is responsible for organizing the Seven Imperial Armies, that's it.
(PTW/N: I choose those words, instead of Blue Moon Ministry, Gold Moon Ministry, Red Moon Ministry, Green Moon Ministry, Black Moon Ministry,,,, tehee... ;p)

Mia headed to the Aurum Lunar Ministry, which was closest to the White Moon Palace.

There was no particular reason. She didn't really think that he was running around to rebuild his empire's finances, or that he was stubborn on the money.

It was just an intuition.

"Umm, Mia-sama, what's the purpose of heading to this place?"

To Anne tilting her head, Mia was,

"I just want to meet someone."

But, she just answered a word.

"Someone you want to meet ... can that be ..."

Anne kept her mouth open. Then nodded as convinced,

"If that's the case, This Anne is, I'll do my best to help."

"...?? Well, if you say that, I'm glad to hear it."

She didn't know why Anne suddenly burst out.

"It'll be alright if you stay beside me..... Ara?"

As she walked, she heard someone arguing.

"Why do you waste such money? In such a case, the finances of the empire will soon collapse. You should know it."

"Tsk, you're noisy"

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
"Shut up! Keep saying such a small matter, what the hell do you intend?"

"That's not just small matter. If this continues, the empire will......"


Mia smiled as she heard a familiar, nostalgic voice.

"That's right. There was a value for struggling in the library!"

The information she gained at the library was completely irrelevant ...

Still, it seemed at least that Mia was fortunate.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata.my.id)" ~
[End of Chapter]

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