(Road to) Sasuga Mia-sama - 8

Tearmoon Empire Story (WN)

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8 - Princess Mia showed off her face

The encounter with him was the worst.

On that day, Mia visited a young civil officer for comfort.

Her first impression was not so bad. No, it was rather good.

Her slick hair, stretched out to covered his ears, behind the lens of small foreign-made glasses, and his cool eyes radiated intelligent light.

Though a bit cold, the very neat look was enough for Mia's aesthetic.

So, Mia greeted gently, with a smile rarely seen by the commoners.

Nevertheless, his answer that returned was

"Do you know how much the costs of the royal meal?"

That was it. And with a very cold, freezing voice.

"What is that? I guess you're a little rude?"

Suddenly, Mia flustered.

The glasses young man in the very front of her eyes seemed angry, but she had no idea why he was angry.

Mia who rarely scolded by someone.

What was more, she didn't know what that her first-person met said.

"In the first place, Why, I come here to give appreciation, Why you have to said something like that!"

That's right. She was now grateful to the person in front of her.

An empire impoverished by financial collapse, epidemics, and rebellion of minority tribes. In a situation where many civilians, military officers, and ministers fleed, Mia heard that a young civil officer was struggling alone.

"It's a very impressive story. I should visit you soon."

She thought that, and that was how she came. she had come!

Even so! Even though so!

The young civil officer glanced coldly with the cold eyes behind the glasses and pointed.

"You all the royal family..."

He said what he wanted. Moreover,

"You're in the way if you stand in such a place forever. If you have time, please do the work that can only be done by a princess, Your Highness Princess Mia."

――What is that attitude! I can't forgive this man!

Mia couldn't sleep much that day because of annoyance.

Even after she got in bed, she was just clinging her teeth and banging the pillows..... She swayed her limbs in rampage, and it was already morning when she noticed.

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And well, the encounter was the worst with such feelings.

It was true, however, that he was running around to rebuild the empire even after Mia was captured in prison.

He apparently appealed to release Mia, and of the many vassals, only he and Anne came to see her on the day of the execution.

That was why Mia's trust in him was great.

――Well, if he speaks a little better, I have nothing to say.

"... Hnn, you speak too much, Ludwig of the third tax officer, I give you order to leaving for the Rubrum Lunar Ministry."

In the meantime, things were started rolling.

――Oh, that's right. It's Ludwig, his name..... What, Rubrum Lunar Ministry?

".....I moved to the countryside, is that what you mean?"

"That's right. If you can increase the countryside taxes, isn't you can avoid the imperial crisis?"


――Oh, that's bad. This, that insidious glasses, is about to be thrown to the countryside at once!

Mia was greatly impatient.

He was flown to the countryside and returned to the imperial capital only after the Tiamoon empire had ceased.

That is in other words...

――It's just go straight to guillotine!

Mia jumped out of the shadows and stepped in front of them.

"Wait a minute!"

"What the he.....wha..... Yo, Your Highness Princess Mia!"

"I heard about the story."

"This is, My apologies to have you hear an unpleasant thing....."

Suddenly, the superior said to Meer, wiping the greasy sweat on his forehead.

"I don't care. I'm not really impressed. Easily to send a young officer to the countryside. I'd like to have a lot of discussions and work for the sake of Empire with him."

"Huh, no, but ..."

Meer glanced at the superior officer who seemed to say something.

"Ara? can't you hear what I've said?"

"Uu, no, no, p, please excuse my rudeness."

"Is that so, it's fine. By the way, the young one there, um, I'm sure, Ludwig-san, right?"

"Eh, ah, yes ..."

Suddenly, was shaken, Ludwig raised his voice in confusion.

"I have a little talk, can you go with me?"

Mia grabbed Ludwig's hand and took him to the back of the building.

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"Umm, what is it? Me... No, I still have a job....."

Until recently, Ludwig had been confused, but now he had regained his calmness, and now he was now in a state of bored.

"I want to talk a little."

"Umm, I told you I'm busy ..."

"I have something to talk to you a bit."

"... Are you not concerned to other? You're more selfish than I heard."

Ludwig sighed, shrugging slightly amazed.

"So, what do you want me to hear?"

"That is it, To put it simply, Is there a way to rebuild the empire's finances? I wonder about that."

When he heard that, Ludwig's eyes narrowed quickly.

"Hm, then, let me ask. You Highness Princess Mia, do you know how much is the costs of your meal?"

Ludwig said, laughing at his nose, as if she was stupid.

But on the other hand,

"Well, I guess for one meal, it's about one month's worth of your salary, it is around one crescent cold coin, isn't it?"

Mia answered with the best triumphant face.

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[End of Chapter]

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