Fixed Damage Chapter 16 - NTR-ed by LonT #6

Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess
6 - Conclusion of Fresh Blood

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As soon as Shea muttered it, her movement turned into an afterimage.

Much faster than that man I mentioned earlier.
Her speed like a flash, comparable to Riot or the other of Hero's Party members──or perhaps surpassing them.

Still, can she make it in time?

Barnez was already approaching a few meters before the portable shrine where Irina was.
The distance to Shea was about 20 meters.

"That's useless, that woman is mine──."

I went forward reflexively.
However, my weakened feet were so sadly weak that I could only move slowly.


Revenge that had been burning for two years.
Is easily taken away by another man?

Maybe he had a grudge against Irina.
You maybe had anger, hatred, or despair accordingly.
But still, I was──.

"That person is mine......!"
"What is going on?"

Irina descended from the portable shrine to the ground.

As ever, she was much more beautiful than two years ago.
Divinely beautiful, pure as a goddess.

Indeed, as a saintess.
...... However, it was only her appearance.

"Barnez, why do you do this?"

Irina doesn't change her face even before the murderous man.

"It, it's..... it's your fault!"

Barnez shouted a trembling voice.
He thrust his sword in front of her,

"I've been thinking of you only and devoting everything! Even I've stained my hand with dirty work, as you say! But once you get the status of the Supreme Priest, you just easily throw me away? So, was I just a tool for you!?"

He gabbled in once

The crowds turned to be noisy.

"O, oi, what is he talking about......?"
"Saintess-sama has, done such a terrible thing ...?"
"There's no way, look at Irina-sama. There is no way such a divine and pure woman can do such a terrible thing."

The voices of those confused by Barnez's words were immediately sealed off by those who refute it.

"Anyway, the opposition in the cult is trying to plant a dirty image on Saintess-sama."
"That's right, Irina-sama is the true saintess, merciful to everyone!"
"Saintess-sama! Saintess-sama!"
"Saintess-sama! Saintess-sama!"
~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~
A loud cheer quickly arose.

"......Well, turn out like this huh"

Only the exterior was really good, That Irina was.

The surrounding crowds were completely ally of "Saintess."
On the other hand, Barnez had been pointed out as a despicable person, who was trying to detract her reputation by the fact that completely untrue.

"... Shea, wait for a little."

I called out to her.
Nevertheless, without saying that──Shea had already read the air and stopped.

However, she seemed to be on guard so that she could stop Barnez whenever he would hit Irina.

I also, even if a little I have to get closer now.
I advanced with a weak step.

Meanwhile, the crowds had begun to condemn Barnez.

"A cowardly person who is trying to degrade Saintess-sama!"
"Who's the one paid you!"
"Go home, go home!"

He began to be yelled at and pelted with rocks.

"Kuh ...!"

As expected, Barnez had an impatient face.

He would have wanted to expose Irina's "rottenness" in public.
In fact, given what she had done to me, what Barnez said was quite likely to be true.

But almost everyone in the crowds didn't know Irina's "back face".
They couldn't believe in Barnez' words.

"Please stop it, everyone"

It was Irina who controlled the crowds that were heating up.

"It looks like he's under the spell. The fact that it was a fuss about unfounded events and denounced me, that influence is──trapped him in the evil heart."

Irina opened her arms and proclaimed to the crowds.

"Ooh, what a poor one. In the name of Saintess Irina──I will heal you now."
"Wha, what the hell is that pure action!"

Burns screamed in anger.

──No, he tried to cut her.

His movement stopped suddenly.

"Guh..... I, I can't move ...!?"
"Yes, that's already fine."

Irina extended her right hand towards him.

"Oh God, Please give salvation to his soul──."

Her pupils shone mysteriously while casting that spell.

"That is──"

I took a breath.

What Irina had just cast was the high-ranking priest magic.
And the effect was──.

"Uugh ... wha, what did you do to me...?"

Barnez's expression changed completely.
He looked like a haunted object.

His face with such anger or hatred for Irina was completely falling through.

"Have you calm down?"

Irina smiled brightly.

"U, uugh ... what have I done to Saintess-sama ...... aah...!"

Barnes was kneeling down on the ground.

"I'm very sorry, everyone! I have said nothing but shit! There's no way Irina-sama will do such a terrible thing!"

Barnez shouted at the crowds, reversing his attitude.

"It looks like you've been trapped by a spell in a fight against a sorcerer ... Such a disgraceful behavior to a holy knight......aah"

She moaned in the voice of anguish.

"Irina-sama! The sin of pointing my blade to you, I will redeem it with my own life!"

While shouting it, Barnez was──.

He put his sword to the neck and pulled it all at once.
That young knight fell down on the spot with the fresh blood gushing out.

"What a thing!"

Irina made a sad voice.

But I did not miss it.
A slight smile came to Irina's lips.

The spell── that she had just cast.
It was a priest's forbidden spell that brainwashed and drove the subject to self-harm.

A super-high-class spell that could only be used by Irina, a high priest.

"At the very least, please rest peacefully."

Irina muttered with a sad expression and cast a healing spell.

The bleeding from Barnez's neck was slightly weakened.
But that didn't stop the bleeding.

It was just a pose for the crowds.
Barnez was in the fatal wound and no longer could be healed with an advanced healing spell.

"Aa... gh ... Iri... na..., M... my"

Barnez moaned with a faint voice.

In the end, did he regain a little his sanity.
Or maybe──?

His hand fell without force.
It was no longer moving.

… He died huh.

A sense of relief that he did not kill my revenge target, and a pity for him.
Inside of me, that two emotions sprang up at the same time.

──At least sleep peacefully, Barnez.
I muttered in my heart.

"Your remorse will soon be cleared"

By my hand of course──.

[End of Chapter]

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