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7 - Avenger and The Saintess 1

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"Barnez, at the very least please sleep peacefully."

Irina knelt to the side of Barnez, praying to Ralpha, the healing goddess, while shedding large tears.
There was plenty of sorrow and a pious atmosphere.

"O, oi, he has, himself ...?"
"He couldn't stand the guilt to Saintess-sama ..."
"But Saintess-sama is, so merciful to such sinner...... Aah"

The crowds were still roaring, but their faces were enchanted by the charisma of Irina's charm as a Saintess.

...... Really truly, she was a good woman, just on the exterior.

Well, I was always deceived all the time, until the day I was expelled from the Hero's party.
Can't you say something great?

Walking slowly with my weak feet, I came to the side of Shea.

"He killed himself. Did he repent of his sins......"
"It's wrong"

I shook my head left and right for Shea's murmuring.

"That's Irina's priest magic."
"That is──."
"It's a kind of brainwashing spell. It's a forbidden spell that only be used by high priest──it can use to enslave and self-harming your opponent. Now Irina has done both his mouth-sealing and her Saintess's appeal at once."

With a cool face.
And in front of large crowds.

She easily killed Barnez.

Probably, what he was saying was genuine.
Given the information had gathered over the last two years, there was probably much more she had done to get that status.
Like plots, tricks, and even assassination──.

The girl that I remembered, she was just a complete illusion.


Shea looked up at me.
Wait for my order.

"I guess I can set up from now"

I was still looking forward to.
However, some number of the escort of Holy Knight Order had been killed in the uproar. And now their number had decreased.

Of course, no matter how many escorts were in front of my skills ... it was very troublesome if Irina escaped while they being a shield.

If it was now──I might be able to hit the void.

"Let's go, shea"
"Yes, I will protect you"

We went forward.

The wind was strong.
We kept our hands on the hood so that the hood would not turn over, and the hem of the cape was fluttered in the wind.

We faced Irina at a distance of about 20 meters.

"Who the hell are you both?"
"You cannot get closer to Saintess-sama."
"As you can see, a suspicious man has just attacked. Anyone who makes suspicious movements will be restrained."
"Go away"

I told quietly.

"You'll die if I get closer"
"Wh, what, ...!?"

I went further.

Could they retreat after my warning, I wonder.
The distance to them was 16 meters.
A few meters further away from Irina.

"Eei, stop now!"

One of the escorts shouted as if he was frustrated.

"Chrome-sama, from here I will"
"I leave it to you"

Along with my words, My [Subordinate] girl knight jumped out.

Went toward the leading escort knight.

"If you confront me, there is no mercy!"

The sword swung down and severed Shea.

It was just her afterimage that the escort had severed.

"Go, gone."
"Too slow"

As if moving instantaneously──Shea moved to behind the enemy at a tremendous speed,
Dark skill [Acceleration].

And, the girl knight flashed her sword.

Dark skill [Dissection].
The enemy's sword even the armor were broken apart as if a piece of paper.

Shea ran further.

What I saw was a red flash.
Her flame-like red hair in two-side-up was fluttered, and the movement drawn a vivid red trajectory.
(FYI: two-side-up: Todou Kirin (Gakuen Toshi Asterisk), Stella Vermilion (Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry), Tohsaka Rin (Fate/Series).)

She ran through the ten escort knights for an instant and came back to my side.
At the same time, their swords and armors broken into pieces, then fell to the ground with a rattling sound.

Like the first escort knights, the other ten had torn swords and armors.

"I, I can't see the movement──."
"What the heck is that person......!?"
"Our swords and armors are...... It's impossible......"
"If you treasured your life, don't get in his way."

To those who stood up in stunned, Shea told coldly.

"The next is not your weapons or armor, but your bodies will split into two."

The escort knights backed as if they were pressured.

Indeed, in unarmed, it was not possible to compete with Shea which had speed and cutting power exceeding human knowledge.
Well, it was the same case whether they in fully armed.

"I, I won't regret my life!"
"We are the knight to protect Saintess-sama!"
"For the sake of her, even if we die──."

The escort knights were ready at once.
Did they want to fight bare-handed fist?


Shea looked at me.

Now, what should I have to do──.
That was what I thought.

At Riot's case, the soldiers were doing something wrong, so they were all annihilated.

But these escort knights were only protecting Irina with a sense of mission.
If they got a few meters closer, they all would automatically be killed──.

"Please wait a while"
~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

Irina called out.

"Their aim is me, and I will do that."

Stared at me straight.
It was the gaze of a dignified Saintess.

"Take off your hood"

I ignored and went further.

Irina raised her eyebrows and approached us.

20 meters...... 19 meters...... 18 meters remained......

I measured the distance carefully.
If I got too close, she would get 9999 damage.
I didn't want her to die immediately......

"It is dangerous!"
"Ain't I a member of the Hero Party? So, don't worry so much."

Irina smiled at the escorts.
A smile full of holiness and generosity.

That saintess smile, just a sham.

"And I'm blessed by God. I won't get hurt unless it's a Demon King or the class close to it."
"Take off the hood before her, you two"

I looked at Irina.

"You also stop there, Irina. Don't get closer to us anymore."

Stopping her from being killed immediately.

"And then, call the escorts back to your side, I cannot calm down if like this."

Irina called her escorts back to her as I said.

Everyone was staring at me with killing intent.

At the distance of 16 meters, I confronted with Irina.

[End the Chapter]

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