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8 - Avenger and The Saintess 2

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8 - Avenger and The Saintess 2

"Now, take off your hood food."

I raised my hood.

Silver hair and a mask that hid face.
The vestiges of me from two years ago, it should be small.

Shea also raised her hood next to me.
She also hid her face with a mask, like me.

"You are……"

Irina slightly tilted her head.
She probably was looking for a memory of who I am.

Changes in hair color and thin skinny limbs──the former image of me had changed completely.
The atmosphere I wear, that was it

However, she might be noticed who am I by my voice.
So, I lower my voice instead of camouflaging.

"... What do you want from me?"

Irina's attitude was like facing her first-time opponent.
After all, she didn't seem to recognize me.

Or──have you forgotten me already?
For your own ambitions, you switched men and slept as much as you want

And──Irina's expression changed slightly.
Her eyes narrowed slightly, leaving her smile with a neat and calm atmosphere.

It seemed she would do something.

I feel her hostility towards me was growing.
After all, she was a partner who once spent as a lover.
Rough predictions were made about what she was trying to do.

Well, no matter what she did, it was useless.

The next moment, something like a black flame rose from around me.

"Mm ...?"

Irina slightly raised her eyebrows.

"Chrome-sama, just now is...?"
"It's Irina's high-level magic. She shot it without chanting."

I answered to what Shaa asked in a whisper.

"That is──."
"She tried to curse us just like to Barnez, who committed suicide earlier using Brainwashing magic. Maybe she is making appropriate excuses around."

I snorted and stared at the Saintess.

"Pretended to hear the requirement then attacked with magic. It's a pretty good personality, Irina."

But it didn't work for me.

EX Skill [Fixed Damage] worked to "All" that had hostility toward me.
Even Inflicted 9999 damage on magical types and annihilated it──.
Yes, as if Irina's spell that she shot earlier had destroyed.

".....what actually is it?"

The Saintess floated a confused expression.
Naturally, that expression was just acting.

Until when would she play as an innocent, yes.
She had a really good personality, after all.

"Second, I'll tell it to you."

I said while looking at her.

"First, your attack won't reach on me, and one thing again──if you get within 10 meters of me, you'll die instantly."
"Wha, what is...?"
"That's just an advice. I don't want you to die easily."

I said, took one step closer to Irina.

Just only one step.
I wouldn't get any closer.

──Now, let's start this revenge──
~"(PTW/N: It's showtime, da!)"~

"Shea, destroy all the escort's weapons"
"Just for intimidating. There's no need to kill anyone but Irina. After that, you have to advance to the prior meeting point"

Shea bowed reverently.

Then she drew her sword and got ready.
The blade was wrapped in a black aura.
The skill of [Dissection] dwelled on the sword.

"You all!"
"What do you want to do to the Saintsess-sama!"

Immediately the escort knights stood in front of Irina.

"If they get closer, My skill will kill them. Finish them before it happened as much as possible, can you do it?"
"As your order, Chrome-sama" settle them

She was completely my first knight on board, Shea was.

"You all are, get in the way"

Said that and my [Subordinate] girl knight kicked the ground.

Shee closed the distance with the escorts at almost subsonic speed.
Black energy wings grew on both her feet.

By the power of [Darkness], she had the ability to [Dissection] with sword and moving with [Acceleration].
Shea, who could be called as a super knight, sneaked through the escorts in a flash.

The swords of the Holy Knights were slashed together from the base.


They stood up stunned.
The sword blade flew here while rotating,


As soon as it entered the range of [Fixed Damage], it disappeared as dust.

"As you can see, If you get within 10 meters of me, it will be destroyed. You all are equally hostile to me."

I looked around the escorts.

"What, what the hell are these guys ...!?"
"A monster ...?!?"

They stepped back as if they were pressured.

"Don't get close if you still treasuring your life."

Said it, I looked to Shea.

"Do as we planned. I'll catch you up later."

She nodded and approached Irina.


That Saintess screamed.

Shea wrapped behind her very fast and restrained her.
Further press the blade against her neck,

"If you do something strange, what will happen is... you know it, right?"

Irina stiffened and nodded.

Shea would sever her neck before she could attempt to use a non-chanting spell.
With Irina's resistance sealed, Shea got out of the surrounding.

"You all too. If you approach, you will die. It is better to escape quickly."

I declared it to the crowds.

If they saw the sword disappeared by [Fixed Damage] earlier, it was clear that "If you approach, you will die" was not just a threat.
Immediately, the crowds fled like a spider's children scattered.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

Shea took Irina and ran on a prepared horse.
And I started off on a horse a little late, while controlling the escort knights with my skills.

We run for tens of minutes and arrived at the point we planned in advance.

It was an old abandoned church.

It was so ironic that Ralpha's church was the place to judged Ralpha's Saintess.

"No one will get in the way here"

I entered the church.

Shea and Irina were in front of the altar at the innermost of the church.
I faced her about 15 meters away.

"Wh, what actually are you going to do to me ...!"

Her voice was shaking.

"You are, Who are you, what is your purpose?"
"Am I? who I am, Don't you know me well?"

I slowly removed my mask.
For the first time in two years, she faced her former lover with his real face.

The eyes of Irina and I were intertwined.

A few moments of silence.

There was a feeling that the air was gradually becoming heavier, colder and more concentrated.

"No way"

Irina took a breath.

"There's no way, you are──"

Her voice trembled and faded.

"Chrome ...!? No way, but you were that time ..."
"I was alive. Thanks to you all, I have gained 'power.' I have to grudge and burn hatred."

Holding despair and revenge.

"Now, it's time for the judgment──Saintess-sama."

"Chrome, please...... do not do a terrible thing"

Irina said in a trembling voice.
Shea pressed her sword against her neck, blocking her movement.

"Please, listen to....."
"Okay, so let's listen to your story."
"First of all, tell me the truth, why I was chosen to be sacrificed. You promised to marry me that day."
"Tha, that is ..."

Irina's face turned pale.

"You understand the effect of my skills, right? I also have killed Riot."
"You are a high-ranking priest. Can you sense the [Darkness] I have?"

I looked at her.

"Irina, I allow you to use the sensing spell, but if it any other spell I will kill you immediately."

My eyes shot sharply the saintess.

"... I, I understand."

Irina cast a priest perception spell.
It was to measure hatred, despair, and [Darkness] in me.

"This is ...!?"

Immediately, Irina's face drew blood.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~
[End of Chapter]

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