Fixed Damage Chapter 19 - NTR-ed by LonT #9

Arc 2 - Darkness and the Saintess
9 - Avenger and The Saintess 3

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9 - Avenger and The Saintess 3

"Shea, get Irina's feet forward."

Before listening to the story, I ordered my [Subordinate] girl knight.

"Yes, Chrome-sama."

Shea nodded and got Irina to sit, her appearance as if both her feet had thrown forward.

First of all, prepared for the first sanctions.


I urged Irina.

"... Forbidden Curse "Chain of Darkness". Its power is to suck up the subject's hatred and despair, to create [Darkness], and to give the designated humans the [Light] generated by the created [Darkness]."
"In other words, As the [Darkness] was born in me, and Yuno gained [Light] thanks to it ... is that right?"
"Yes. That was what Valery-san explained."

And Irina.

"To give you despair, Umm, I have to court you... By doing so, your [Darkness] would be deeper......"

Surprisingly straight, Irina told me, Does she avoid making an excuse for buying extra anger of me?.

"The reason you were chosen was that Valery-san and Yuno especially requested. I haven't been told for the reason."

In other words, ask Valery and Yuno for the true reason.
Of course, Irina really knew the reason and might just be hiding it.

Well, it's okay.

"Next question."

I asked about the question I wanted to know more.

"Are you going to betray me from the beginning?"
"...!... no, it's not right! I really loved you."
"Wasn't you embraced by Yuno on the night I propose you,"
"Really, I really fell in love with you."

Irina sighed sadly.

"But, I have ambition. I don't want to end as just priest──I want the higher. I want to be a saintess who can be passed down to future generations."
"At first, it was just a small wish, but it turned to be an ambition, and it grew so bigger day by day that I couldn't control it."

Irina continued.

"While competing with the other hero's parties, my ambition grew infinitely. I thought that only Yuno, who gained [Light], could fulfill it."
"So──that was why you turned away to him?"
"But, umm...... at that time, somehow it happened!"
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Irina shouted.

"You abandoned me and get to Yuno, was it you have been tricked?"
"That's right! The only one who really I love is you! Despite my ambition, it was a mistake to allow my skin to another man. Even now, I still regret it. I still have a feeling to you from the bottom of my heart...... "

Without saying anything, I stepped on slightly.


An animal-like bitter voice leaked from Irina's mouth.

Her feet touched the area of [Fixed Damage] and fresh blood spewed out.
I carefully adjusted the distance so as not to kill her, and only hurting her feet.

──I've been training my skills in the last two years.

The skill's damage value and range of effect did not change, but I learned the technique of limiting the area to be damaged by fine adjustment of the distance.

Everything was for this time.

Perhaps, her feet would have suffered irreparable damage again if she took once again.

"Next is the arm. Shea."
"Yes, Chrome-sama."

She made Irina's arm to stuck out according to my orders.

"St, stop..... I beg you, please stop it..."

Irina screamed, but I and Shea ignored it.

"How about the man earlier? Is he also tricked you?"
"That, that is, that... I was brutally violated! He put medicine on me and messed up my body──Agggh, aaaaaaaaaaagggyaaaaaaaaaaa!"

This time, her arms.
The limbs of Irina were now dead.

"Aa ... ghh ... Chrome~........."
"Transparent lie is unsightly, Irina" blatant

I looked down coldly at the saintess.

"In the end, all you have done is just counting. Anyone who can be used for what you want──"

Why did I fall in love with her, I wonder.

No, when she became my lover, she wasn't such a woman.
I wanted to think so.

At first, it was not a lie that I fell in love with her.
There was a desire to believe her words in every corner.

Even though regretted it, it was still an important thought for me──.

But, is that even also a lie?
I no longer knew where the truth was and where the lie was.

Surely, I wouldn't know it forever.

──I also don't think I want to understand.

I felt that my regret that has been smoldering for a long time was clearing little by little.
I looked down at Irina, who was bloody and suffering, with surprised in that awakening feeling.

"No, don't kill me! Please don't kill meeeeeee!"

Irina screamed.

As might be expected, She couldn't afford to keep up that saintess appearance.
Exposing her nature, she screamed for her life.

Her face distorted with tears was so ugly.

"Let's go back to be a lover again, like we did in the past? You can embrace this body as long and much as you want! And even money ... I'll be the Supreme Priest so I can give you as much as you want! Right? You also, still have feeling about me, haven't you? I, I'm much better than a woman there? Both face and body──"
"Be relieve, Irina. I won't kill you."

I smiled.

Neither anger nor hatred will ever go away.
Even now, there was a fiery flame in the heart of my chest.

However, there was still room to calmly perceive such a state.

"After all, We once a lover, Irina"

I told while thinking in innocent.

"Chrome ... Thank you very much"

Irina's expression was shattered.

Even so, I not sure she believed my words straightly.
However, she was now in a situation where her limbs had been crushed, her resistance has been sealed, and she had no choice but to take my word.
You were trying to behave in a way that didn't ruin my mood, right.

But──Too bad for you, Irina.
Whatever attitude you took, I had decided.

Revenge on you──that was the climax stage.

From now on, execute.

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[End of Chapter]

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