Fixed Damage Chapter 20 - NTR-ed by LonT #10

10 - The feeling of that day fade away

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10 - The feeling of that day fade away

"Be relieve, Irina. I won't kill you, but──"

I looked down at Irina, whose limbs were crushed and groaning.

"There are two conditions. The first is──Confess what you all hero's party have done."

Irina frowned.

"Explain the event two years ago in detail and save it with audio magic. I will spread it around the world."
"Tha, that is──."

Irina turned pale.

"Isn't there high-level priest magic like that? With the power you have, it can be saved as non-duplicatable audio magic. It's the proof that you've spoken yourself."

I looked at Irina.

"If you don't, I'll kill you. okay?"
"Ye, yes ..."

She had no choice.

If she confessed her sins to all over the world──some might believe, some might not, but Irina's reputation would fall.
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──As I ordered, Irina recorded the confession of their sins with audio magic and sealed it in a small orb.

"This, this is it......"

An orb was placed on the side of Irina who crawled.

"Shea, take it."
"Yes, Chrome-sama."

Shea picked up that orb and left it in her pocket.
I supposed that this have to be distributed all over the world at the right time.

"Then, the second condition is."

And here was the actual game.
To completed my revenge.

"Be my subordinate"

Irina had a confused face.

"I can make the subject as [Subordinate]. Plainly speaking, You are under my control and a part of my power."

The conditions and the skills that could be given had been checked in advance.
In order to finish my revenge on Irina.

"I am, moreover...?"
"Serving once a betrayed lover as a subordinate──isn't that humiliating, Irina? This is my revenge."
"I, I understand. I'll serve Chrome."

Irina bit her lips and nodded.
She was making a look that looked so sad, but I know.

[What, is this your revenge?]

She sneered inside.

[That was cheap if my life is saved]
[I'll lower my head as much as needed]
[If you are going to violate me, please do as much as you want]
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I could hear such a voice.

But I was also sneering inside.

Did you think my revenge was enough with just this, Irina?

"Make this woman my [Subordinate]. So she will be excluded from [Fixed Damage]?"

Checked it out with [Darkness].

["That's right. After you making Irina as [Subordinate], [Fixed Damage] will not hurt her. Also, [Subordinate] cannot hurt you."]

[Darkness] answered.

"So, as just I said, make Irina as my [Subordinate]"
["Confirming the master's will. Authorizes Irina Valim as the master's [Subordinate]."]

At the same time, Irina's forehead glowed pale.

A black-purple pattern emerged slightly.
It was a pattern that looked like a heart-shaped.

"Now you are my [Subordinate]. From then on, pledge your loyalty."
"Yes, Chrome──no, I should call you Chrome-sama from now. Please excuse my rudeness."

Irina spoke reverently.
While crawling, she lowered her head and rubbed his forehead against the ground.

"Please order me what you want. I will do whatever I can with your orders."

What a good woman.

"Well then, Let's empower my subordinate."

I told quietly.

"It would be inconvenient if your limbs stay crushed. I'll make it move freely."
"……! Tha, thank you very much"

Irina raised her face.
Her expression was shining.

I was satisfied.

Once the hope had been raised, then fell it down into despair right in the next moment.
That pleasure was.

"Now, come receive this── My [Subordinate] Irina"

I selected a skill that can be given from [Darkness] and gave it to her.

The name of the skill was──.

[Demonic Beastification], that was it.

"Hyaaaaaaaaaaa... gyaaaaaaaaaaaa...!?"

Irina screamed.

The crushed hand grew creepy, and the feet became insect-like arthropods.
Her white, smooth skin was covered by an armor-like exoskeleton.
Her beautiful face became full of wrinkles, turning into a demon-like appearance with an expression of indignation and sadness.

"No... what, this ... noooooooooooooo ..."

Irina kept screaming of despair.

There should be no pain.
However, she must feel the fear and disgust that her own body was replaced by something other than herself and that was an ugly demonic beast.

The beautiful and neat Saintess disappeared from this world.
All that remained was a horrible bloodthirsty monster.

Due to the skill effect, she remained in this form of a demonic beast until she died.

"This is your end, Irina"

I stared at the demonic beast [Subordinate].

"At least like a 'Saintess', dedicate yourself to mankind until you die──I order you to hunt the remnants of the Demon King's army."
"Giiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa~ agghhhhuuooooooooooooo~"

That demonic beast, formerly was Irina, barked.

Her consciousness as a human still remained.
But she couldn't speak mankind's words and I couldn't go against my orders.

Irina's human life was over.

From now on, she would continue to fight against the remnants of the Demon King Army.
Until her life run out, according to the instructions I had given.

Her attack power was low, but the regeneration was set to an unusually high type of monster, so she won't die easily.

Despite being hurt by the remnants of the Demon King's army and continuing to suffer, she did not die.
You have to keep fighting, Irina.

With the appearance of a terrifying monster, while maintaining the reason as human──She lamenting in despair.

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[End of Chapter]

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