Fixed Damage Chapter 23 - Playing with the SUCKge

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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1 - Sage Valery

A/N: The first half is Valery's viewpoint, and the second half is Chrome's viewpoint.


At the border of the kingdom of Ralpha and the Principality of Ryju──deep in the forest, there was a laboratory.

"Ple, please save me...... please forgive me ..."
"Hii, it hurts, hurts, hurts, huuuuuuurts......"
"I'm not that persoooon! You're not a huma... gyaaaaaa!"

What happened In the room, was a hell picture of pandemonium──.

Subjects were suffering from constant and severe pain.
In despair, those who continued to be beaten──on the verge of mental collapse.

Everything came from magical experiments.

"Good, keep going... your pain and despair will advance my research."

In front of the suffering subjects, he told them as if he sang.

He was a middle-aged man with forty enthusiastic eyes and a strict atmosphere.
Wearing a reddish-purple robe.
He had a magic wand in his hand.

The Sage Valery was now renowned as the world's best wizard, and was also the one who took the role as a strategist at the hero's party who defeated the Demon King Vilgarodomus.

"Magic is the art of stepping into the darkness of the heart of a person. In order to enhance the Darkness──"

Valery smiled.

Looking at their distressed expressions, his heart did not hurt.
He didn't feel anything.

Valery just observed.

Kept his calmness.
Kept his cool-head.

Assessed their reaction and collected valuable data.
The accumulation would further refine the techniques he was studying.

"Good, more torment ... more sadness ... more despair"

His heart was beating.

What Valery was searching for was the negative emotions of humans.
The origin of magic.

If he could manipulate it freely, a new spell would have been completed.

“Fufufufufufu …… hahahahahaha!”

Valery echoed the laughter of pleasure.

"The magic I once cast to my disciple was, I can call the technique that day as my masterpiece. But it's still not enough! There must be somewhere more intense, vicious, wicked, and strongest! Yes, there must be a technique that can gain power comparable to God or the Demon King. "

The ultimate technique that might go beyond the forbidden spell “Chain of Darkness” practiced two years ago.

When it eas completed──Valery might have the power beyond humans and even the Demon King.
He could reach the area where no wizard has ever arrived since ancient times.

In front of him, over thirty subjects each had a moaning cry.
As expected, it would be their limit soon.

"All of them are waste."

Valery sighed.

"I have to find new lively subjects again."

The neighboring villages had already almost hunted.
No one was going to be a good subject anymore.

Have I to go a little further away──
When he was thinking,

"Valery-sama, there is a report."

Several men entered the room.
They were Valery's escorts.

"Gu, gue~ ... this is ..."

A group of corpses scattered on the floor──the just dead subjects──soldiers who looked at that vomited immediately on the spot.

"If you vomited, go outside. Don't pollute my lab."

Valery raised his eyebrows.

"I'm sorry then..... Ubu......"

He gazed at the escorts disgustingly.

"What is the report?"

Valery asked.

"I'm busy with my research. Make it short."
"Ye, yes. In fact, it seems that one of the subjects ran away."
"What's the number?"
"Ha. It's 372."
"Speaking of 372──That sample girl, huh?"

He snorted.

"I have already taken some prominent data. Just ignore her."
"Do I have to follow her?"
"The curse given to her is powerful. She will die if we leave her alone──she will be killed by monster."

Valery had already lost interest in the report.
Instead, look for a new subject.

"The pursuit for the ultimate curse──the day I got there is near …… it's near…!"

A skewed smile appeared at the mouth of that sage.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

It was been a few days since the "Saintess" disappeared before the people.

In the Ralpha Kingdom was in great turmoil.
Not surprisingly, the Saintess Irina that was popular in the world suddenly disappeared.

In fact, she had turned into an ugly Demonic beast and was still fighting the remnants of the Demon King's Army.
But people didn't know that fact.

Some seemed to guess the case in connection with the recent Riot's murder.
However, it would not be easy for them to reach me.

If they didn't know what actually happened, it was hard to know me.
It seemed in public I officially had died in a battle with the Demon King Army two years ago.
Yuno and co would have reported like that to the country.

Well, that was more convenient for me.
People who were supposed to be dead were more likely to act without worrying about their identity

After that, Shia and I used horses to escape from the scene.
We deliberately chose a zone with many vicious monsters and chose a route that was hard to be chased.
There was no sign of pursuing so far, since we had carefully erased our footprints.

Of course, don't lose guard.

Irina's voice orb had not yet been spread out.
It was still kept by Shea.

Because it described the work had done by Yuno and co, it was necessary to determine the timing of spreading out.

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~

My next stop was near the border between the Kingdom of Ralpha and the Principality of Ryju.
It was said that there was a laboratory of sage Valery there.

Valery was not always stayed permanently, but he often stayed in the laboratory.

That night, we were traveling through the forest.

Thick forests have poor possibilities.
From where monsters might appear, or robbers might attack.

"Don't be more than 10 meters away from me."

I told to Shea.

She had been given dark skills [Dissection] and [Acceleration].
Even the best warriors would find it difficult to beat the current Shea.

However, if she was had a surprise attack, It didn't necessarily mean that she wouldn't lose her guard.
It was best to be in the absolute safe zone, within my skill range.

"Yes, I won't leave no matter what."

Shea grabbed my robe sleeve.

She approached my dead tree-like arm.
...... No, It was not good if she was clinging like that.
Perhaps she was trying to comfort me, misunderstanding that I broke up from Irina, and I was heartbroken?

"Shea, It's not like if you have to cling like tha──."

When I tried to tell her,

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...!"

Suddenly, a faint scream was heard.
From the front.

"Chrome-sama, I'll check it!"

Shea shouted.

"I see, but if it's dangerous, return immediately."

Shea, after said that, ran away with leaving a red trail.

It was her high-speed movement skill [Acceleration].

~ "(This is a Translation Content of" ~
[End of Chapter]

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