Sasuga Mia-sama - 22

Tearmoon Empire Story

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22 - Princess Mia, Sowing the seeds

In Mia's academy year, there was an extremely popular boy.

Shion Saul Sankland.

He was the first prince of the Kingdom of Sankland, a land of history and tradition, a great power alongside the Tearmoon Empire, he was yearned by all girls.

His silver hair, cool eyes, neat features, and sweet voice. Besides, he was also calm, friendly and full of justice.

His studying results were extremely good, and only a very small number of teachers, not to mention seniors, were able to reach his skill level of the swordsmanship.

The perfect prince, it was nonsense to not longing him.

Mia fell in love with such an attractive boy..... recklessly.

No, to be clear, it was a bit more precisely arrogance than love.

In other words, she so convinced that there would be only one princess, the princess of the Great Nation Tearmoon Empire, who would fit the Prince of the Great Nation Kingdom of Sankland.

That was why she couldn't forgive a girl who became close to him, leaving her alone. Even more so, she was a noble's daughter from the empire, also a daughter of a poor noble.

Tiona Rudolfon.

A poor noble's daughter with the territory in a remote area of farmland, just out of the south of the Empire. Leaving herself to such a bumpkin couldn't be admitted at all, such as shooting dead a person's feelings.

Mia was, bullying her. she abusively taunted and actively participated in the harassment by other noble daughters.

And the harassment at that time was the driving force of Tiona.

She would be the leader of a revolution that spoke for the anger of the people. She would be called as Saintess, and under her command, Mia would be executed by a guillotine.

――Myself, have done such stupid things.

After almost two years of living in a dungeon, Mia was very harassed, that harassment roughly similar to what she had done, and realized the truth.

In other words, she just harvested the seeds she had sowed herself.

That the harassment she had given others was returned to herself.

"Mia-sama, that....."

In Anne's voice, Mia was pulled from the sea of memories. As she pointed, in a corner of the city, Tiona was surrounded by a few girls.

――Aah, this is.

Mia noticed.

This was exactly the same situation as before, when she and Tiona first met.

At this time, Tiona was in trouble with a daughter of a powerful aristocrat from another country.

――Isn't that her servant has act rudely or something, I wonder?

Mia, just passing by, treated Tiona coldly at that time.

"What should we have to do? Mia-sama....."

"What should..... isn't that already decided?"

Stay away from dangerous things. Follow the policies she had determined in the carriage.

She didn't want to even a bit hostile, of course, or even be approaching as a bystander.

It was hard to witness such a scene and be neither an enemy nor an ally. A bystander who did nothing was nothing less than an enemy to the person in trouble.

If she got caught in it, it's a pain for her.

Mia, who had been thought that she had to change her way from now on....., suddenly felt as if she was standing behind her spine.

――Wha, what I have to do? Right now.....

It was a little strange, but it was a sign that a mishandling might lead to unexpected things.

After a little thought, Mia remembered the one who asked the question.

――That's right..... Why didn't I ask Anne for help?

She knew Anne asked her if she was going to the right or left (ptw: help or ignore). But in this case, there was no reason for Mia to help.

She didn't have an obligation to go and helped, though the person in trouble was a countryman.

Nevertheless, Anne had asked. what should we have to do?  And.

With this, it feels like she had to deal with Tiona.....

And, what Anne was thinking.....

Mia looked at Anne again and seen that her reasoning was correct.

Anne was looking at herself with the eyes completely filled with trust. She was not listening to whether she would help or not.

[How will you help her?] She could hear that.

Anne never imagined that Her Imperial Highness Princess Mia whom she admired wouldn't help those in need.

――He, here, this is...… the ultimate choices!

The options presented in front of her were too difficult to choose.

Will you help your mortal enemy? Or, Will you lose the trust of your most loyal subject?

Soon, Mia concluded. At this time, she could not afford to lose Anne's trust.

"It can't be helped, We'll go, Anne."

"Yes, Mia-sama!"

After two years in prison, Mia realized the truth. No, she was going to realize it.

But what she understood was only half.

The seeds you had sow must be harvested by yourself..... whether it was a bad one or a good one.

Just as the harassment you had done to others came back to you, the good things you had done to others would come back to you someday.

But, Mia at this present time did not understand it.

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[End of Chapter]

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