Fixed Damage Chapter 24 - Playing with the SUCKge

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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2 - Shea's Battle

Following Shea that had advanced first, I went ahead.

Keep moving slowly with my weakening feet──still at full speed.
The progress was slow and I frustrated.

I also wished I could use [Acceleration] ...
I approached the voice's source while feeling frustrated.

The distance to the enemy was about 40 meters remaining.
Shea seemed to had defeated most, with more than a dozen monsters corpses lying on the ground.

Behind her was a frightened girl.
It seemed like she was being attacked by the monsters.

.....This was strange.

I wondered.
How could that many monsters attack a single girl at once.

No, the top priority now was to caught up with Shea.
Shook off my doubts in my head, I proceeded with all my might.

"The rest is, that two──."

Shea said dignifiedly and held again tightly her sword.
In front of her were two monsters side by side.

One was a huge doll-type monster about 5 meters tall, "Flame Golem."
As the name implied, it was a golem that wrapped the entire body in flames, and good at long-range attacks utilizing strong defense and fire.

The other one was the two-headed tiger monster "Dual Tiger".
It had a powerful close-range fighting ability, and could fight at mid-range with magical wind and lightning bullets from its two heads.

Both seemed to be formidable.

However, the HP of both was about 700 to 1,000.
If the two got within my skill range, they would die instantly.

If Shea could not win, I'll defeat the enemies with [Fixed Damage].

As I went further, the fight between Shea and the two began.

The two-headed tiger first moved.
With a tremendous acceleration power, shaved the distance to her instantly.


But nobody could beat her in a speed game.
Shea easily avoided the Dual Tiger's charge and turned around and struck her sword on its back.


No, just before that, Shea jumped backward in a hurry.

The point where she was standing a moment ago, a firebomb burned out.
That was an attack fired by the flame golem behind the dual tiger.


The dual tiger pursued Shea, who jumped backward and lost her position.
Despite being a monster, it was a stunning combination attack.
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──After that, when Shea narrowed the distance, the flame golem fired a flame of restraint, and the dual tiger set up to where she dodged.

"That..... !! won't reach me...!"

Shea was in the state that she could not hide her frustration.
She succumbed to the flames that Flame Golem emitted continuously, and she couldn't move on.
There, the dual tiger attacked, and she was driven into the defensive.

".....this is not good"

Indeed, her skills had a tremendous effect in close combat.

But Shea was not a professional knight.
She had good swords, and her arm was good because she had been guided by her sister who was a former knight commander.
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However, there was an overwhelming lack of practical experience.

In the battle against Minotaur immediately after acquiring the skill and in the fight against Irina's escorts, the skill alone was able to overcome it, but it seemed that she was struggling with the opponents who well teamed up like this time.

"I may not able to win..... run away right now!"

She shouted to the girl behind her.

"A ... aa ....."

But she couldn't stand up, as if she had been missing her waist down.

"Kuh, if I withdraw, she'll ──"

Her voice was full of impatient tone.

She had already realized.
It was difficult to win against these two things by herself now.

But still, Shea was trying to confront them to protect her.
Her soul was that of a real knight, even though she hadn't had any practical experience yet.

Or maybe her sister was so too.
Drew the sword for the weak.

With courage and pride, even if the opponent was stronger than herself.

She might be such a true knight.

"Hold up a little more, Shea. I'm going now──."

I felt like whipping on this weakening feet as I advanced.

Another 20 meters..... 19 meters......


Shea retreated to flame golem's flame.

Another 18 meters..... 17 meters..... 16 meters.....

Shia was further blown away by the wind and thunder magic bullets emitted by the dual tiger.


Slammed to the ground, crouching unable to get up.
She might have been hurt or broken somewhere.

Another 15 meters..... 14 meters.....

The dual tiger approached the fallen Shea showed its bared fangs.
The flame golem fired from behind.

Another 13 meters..... 12 meters.

Almost there.
Please survive, Shea──.

"I won't run away.....!"

Shea rose with the help of her sword.

"As long as there are people attacked in front of me, I will protect them with this sword... like my sister did..."

Burned her fighting spirit and held tight her sword.

Dual tigers fired lightning and wind magic bullets, and flame golems fired flames.
From the front and left and right──There was no way to escape from magic attacks approaching from three directions.


"I see, there is no need to escape from the very beginning ...!"

Shea raised her sword with an expression that she noticed something.


Activated the skill and swung the sword down.
All magical attacks that would otherwise be impossible with a mere steel sword had been cut off.

[Dark] skill [Dissection].

The effect cut off everything.
Not only the substance, but also included magic──.

The two monsters stopped moving confused.

It was just a moment.
But that created a lot of value.

I was able to close the last distance at that moment.

"Sorry to make you wait, Shea"

In instant, [Fixed Damage]'s range caught the two.


With a terrifying scream, the fire golem and the two-headed tiger fell at the same time.
Their bodies turned into countless black particles that splattered and disappeared.

I make it in time──

I was relieved to save Shea.

And she managed to protect the girl she tried to protect by her life.

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[End of Chapter]

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