Fixed Damage Chapter 29

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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7 - Break into 2

The high-tier magic of fire and lightning suddenly disappeared before my [Fixed Damage].


That two pretty-boy magicians made a startled voice at the same time.

I proceed with Shea and Yulin.

"Da, dammmiiit, this guy.....!"
"Why our magic is──" (PTW/N: Hmmm, do not know at all, why are they, those blushing pretty-boys, referred themself as ore(tachi) instead boku, or atashi(LoL))

They shot attack magics one after another, but there was no way they could break through the interception of [Fixed Damage].

15 meters remained.

"I want to ask one question"

I stopped advancing.

"What have you done to the lab subjects? Also, what do you feel of those people?"

The two raised their eyebrows at the same time.

"There can be no such feeling for just experimental materials."
"Rather, to become the cornerstone of our magical research. They should be proud of themself."
"They must thank us!"

They laughed and shot more magic.

"……So that's it"

I very understood.
Even their natures were very similar to their master, Valery.

I started proceeding again.
This time without stopping, I didn't feel the need about it and continued to move forward.

13 meters..... 12 meters..... 11 meters.....

"Wh, why..... why is our magic.....gaaaa~?!"

Of the two, the one who was positioning himself at the front spurted blood first.
Along with that scream, he turned into countless particles and disappeared.

"Where is Valery?"

I glared at the remaining one.

The distance was about 12 meters away.
If he got a little closer, he would die.

"Answer me"

He was standing with a pale face.

He was just like a frog stared by a snake.

Definitely he was very confident with his magic.
With his magic completely useless, and his ally was killed, made him completely lost his fighting spirit huh.

If he just spat out on Valery's whereabouts, It would be easy and saved me──

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"Th, there's no way, such a thing..... it's too overkill....."

Mikha and co were stunned when they saw the battle projected on the magic video device.


Of the two who went to intercept the intruders, one easily vanished.

By a mysterious man in a hood and cloak.

Is that──a magic?
However, the activation of magical power was not recorded.
Moreover, to high-tier magic──he had never heard of a spell that could instantly obliterate two types of magic attacks with different attributes.

What did that guy had done?
What kind of technique he had done to make attack magics and Matthew vanished?

Mikha could only be pale for that an unintelligible event.
The same was true for the other four.

"What's wrong? What a fuss."

A man entered the room.

The age was forty years old.
A beautiful man with long bluish-black hair.

Sage Valery.

He was one of the best wizards in the world and was the master that Mikha loved.


Mikha reddened his cheeks.

He was called to his bed last night and the memories he had until the morning revived vividly.
Just like a maiden in love, Mikha turned to Valery with a shy smile on his face.

Valery nodded lightly to him,

"Is it an intruder? And you said that my disciples were killed....."
"Yes, Matthew and Miguel headed to intercept, but Matthew has vanished by a mysterious attack. Miguel seems to have been cornered."

Mikha answered.

".....Hmm. Matthew is an excellent flame-element user and Miguel is a lightning-element user. Both of them should have the ability of the court magician class."

Valery growled and turned his eyes on the video projection.

"This sign is ...!"

His eyes were wide open.

"Is it the power of [Darkness]? However, that is an area where even I, the one who researching [Darkness], have not reached....!"

Valery's eyes were opened.

It was the first time Mikha saw his expression.
What made his master who was always calm, to be so surprised.

"Just calling [Darkness], and fully utilize its power are areas in completely different dimensions──who actually is that guy?"

Valery murmured.
Eventually, with a smiley face,

"Could it be, him...!? No, he should've died....."


"Master, please leave it to me!"
"No, please let me do!"

Other disciples had made their way.

Was it the way to show to Valery their good points here?
They might have the intention of competing against Mikha, who was currently receiving the most favor from their master.

".....Hmm. If so, go with all of you."

Valery jerked his chin.

"This intruder is not just an ordinary person, but all of you possess the power of a court magician class, like Matthew and Miguel. Unless you all work together, you won't be able to win."

While saying such words, the light in his eyes was strangely cold.

──Could it be.
Mikha suddenly thought.

It was an intuition.
He wondered if Valery would sacrifice his disciples against that mysterious intruder to determine his abilities.

Looked it was tough, and he wondered that Valery was going to discard him and them away.

(No, such a thing won't happen. Last night, he loved me so much. Valery-sama won't forsake me.....)

Desperately convinced himself, Mikha was anxious about Valery's cold eyes──.

~"(This is a Translation Content of so, read only on my site)"~

[End of Chapter]

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