Sasuga Mia-sama - 21

Tearmoon Empire Story

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21 - Wasting the bloody tax

Anne tilted her head looking up at a luxurious ship floating on the lake, a huge one that could carry dozens of carriages.

"Even so, Mia-sama, why wouldn't they build a bridge to the island? And then, no need for them to bother to carry the whole carriage in the ship....."

"It seems to have built a bridge in the past, but it seemed like they have trouble checking the admission documents and confirming the accompanying employees."

In the case of a bridge, no matter how wide or even the number of bridges, congestion would occur.

In the first place, all students were transported by carriage on the same day. There was no help for it in traffic. Nevertheless, they were children of the royal aristocracy who were not used to waiting.

In case of trouble, the head of the person in charge might fly, and however, widening the bridge and increasing the number of bridges so that the traffic jam wouldn't occur was nothing but wasteful in terms of frequency of use.

"Moreover, when they were carrying students by ship, some of them came to the cabin."

The children of royal aristocracy generally had high pride.

No one who had a lower status than him or his equivalent could take a room above their cabin. It couldn't be forgiven to have a room that was larger than you.

Based on all these circumstances, it is guaranteed that a hole will be opened in the stomach of the person in charge, such as dividing the room.

"Geez, It's completely useless. To get into trouble from such a thing....."

She laughed at the previous timeline, to the figure of Her Highness Princess Monster Claimer, which big arguing about which carriage had to put first. Which mouth that saying such a thing.....?

However, to Anne who did not know such a thing,

――As expected of Mia-sama, your heart is so broad!

And so on, she further and further increasing the loyalty toward her.

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Eventually, they arrived at the harbor.

Picked up the carriage and had farewell with the escort Guard Knights.

"Everyone has a hard time escorting me. Please take care on the way home."

"Roger, I and all the people wish that Your Highness Princess Mia's academy life will be filled with the blessings of God."

Mia once again politely gave appreciation words to the Guard Knights, who lowering their heads.

During the Revolution, most of the Imperial Army betrayed, the Guard Knights were the loyal ones who scattered to protect Mia and her family until the end.

It was natural for Mia who was 'the kind of person who wants to get along well', to respond politely.

"... Your Highness Princess"

The warm words from the princess they serve make the Guard Knights involuntary impressed.

Anyway, it was the first time. To receive such caring words to them

Although they were skilled at guarding the Imperial Royal Family and sometimes preventing even assassination, their duty was just a job after all.

So it didn't matter if the Guard Knights got injured or died. Because it was their work, it was their duty, so, it was natural.....

However, the little princess in front of them was even worrying about returning homeland. With a faintly being moved and unwavering loyalty in their chests to Mia, they were on their way back homeland.

"Now..... then,  shall we go to the academy."

And after that, Mia turned her eyes again to St. Noel's Academy, the land of the decisive battle.

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The island in the lake where St. Noel Academy was located was a so-called Academy City with the function of a city.

There were various shops were lined such as restaurants, clothes tailors, shoe shops, blacksmiths, jewelry stores and stationery shops.

Moreover, all of them are super-luxury stores to satisfy the aristocrat's children.


Anne had a slightly tight face to the unapproachable aura.

"Th, there are many shops that are scary to enter....."

"Fufu, that's right, but it's just the main street. There are any cheap shops for the ordinary people who live on this island, you know? There is also a shop department in the academy, if there, you can have everything you need for life at a reasonable price.''

――Thank goodness. If that's what I use then.....

"So, Anne, Can you check out the shops around here for a while from tomorrow?"


"And I'll have you check all the shops where we can buy something of decent quality at an affordable price."

Mia said with a tone like it was nothing.

"B, but, Mia-sama, don't you get enough allowances so no need for you to worry about life ..."

"Of course, as a princess of the Empire, there is a necessary expense to protect its prestige. But....."

Looked around and frown.

"To wasting the tax of my people have earned with their blood. I'm distracted. "


Anne's voice unintentionally trembled...

"I can't waste it. Absolutely can't..."

For Mia, the tax was literally linked to her "bloody" fate.

If she thought that her guillotine's fate was coming one step closer to one gold coin she spent, she didn't want to waste anything.

"Therefore, I will send half of the allowances to Ludwig for useful use."

At that time, Mia suddenly stopped.


"……That is"

What was standing before the line of sight of both was.....

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[End of Chapter]

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