Fixed Damage Chapter 88

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


13 - The second coming of Great War #2

"Skill [Transformation: Dragonoid Battler Form]!"

Lightning burst forth from the entire body of the girl wielding the holy sword.

Crack, crack...

While emitting dazzling sparks, Violetta's whole body trembled violently.
The clothes she wore burst apart, revealing her smooth naked body.

Her fair skin began to be covered in green scales.
Wings sprouted from her back, a tail from the base of her buttocks, and claws at the tips of her limbs.
And from the sides of her head, two ominous horns appeared.


Violetta, who had transformed into a figure resembling a hybrid of a dragon and a human, let out a fierce roar.

"Hmph, now that I have become a [Dragonoid Battler]──you all are decided to perish. Are you prepared?"

Violetta directed her golden eyes toward the demons.
With a thud, the ground cracked as her tail struck it.

A tremendous fighting spirit, called Prana, emanated from her entire body, scorching the air.
It was an unbelievably vast amount of fighting spirit.

She possessed the power of the strongest dragon, a supernatural warrior──.
Her transformation ability was the true essence of Violetta, the heroine who wields the dragonic holy sword [Io].

"D-Don't falter! It's just one person!"
"If we all attack together──"

Although the demon army hesitated, they all leaped toward her from all directions.

"If you all attack together...... So what?"

Violetta snorted softly.
She spread her wings on her back and accelerated by blowing out particles of magic power.

Along with the charge of the young heroine, shockwaves swept through.
In an instant, Violetta accelerated to the speed of sound.


She roared.
The dragon girl raced through at an unimaginable speed, swinging her holy sword in all directions.

A rain of blood poured down.

In just three seconds.
Over a hundred demons were all cut into countless pieces and lay scattered.

"Power is welling up──Fufu, I can still keep going."

Violetta smiled with a belligerent expression and looked at the remaining demons.

"Come on, keep coming. Let's kill each other to our heart's content."

The demons retreated in fear.

She's strong──
Margo held his breath.


Violetta roared.

Aura surged from her entire body.

Her fighting spirit was even denser than before.
It was an immense fighting spirit that seemed to reach the stratosphere.

"No way, this power... has she reached the level of True Radiance [Arc]!?"

Margo was stunned.

"That's impossible...! There's no way that lass──Violetta Meza, could possess that much power..."

Two years ago, during the battle with the Demon King, by using the forbidden spell [Dark Chains] and sacrificing Chrome Walker, a member of his party, Yuno's holy sword [Weiss] evolved into an [Arc].
After thorough preparations of various magical rituals besides the forbidden spell, it was finally able to evolve.

But Violetta──she was trying to reach that level only by just her own efforts.

No, it wasn't just her.
Harold, the hero they fought recently, was also in the same situation.

His wind-attribute holy sword [Garlev] was also on the verge of evolving into an [Arc].

"What does this mean..."

Margo furrowed her brows.
Did this mean their willpower was that strong?
Or perhaps──

"Something is happening... Yes, something that triggers the power of the Holy Sword to grow..."

The [Light] and the [Darkness] interfered with each other, enhancing their powers.
So, somewhere a powerful [Light] or [Darkness] had been born, causing the [Light] or [Darkness] in various places to strengthen...!?

It was just a hypothesis.
But Margo had a premonition that this hypothesis was true.
And the existence that served as the catalyst for this was──

"Is it him the cause?"

In his mind, a silver-haired young man appeared.
A former comrade of him, who burned with flames of revenge in his eyes.

"Chrome Walker... Your existence is the one."

While muttering so, Margo focused on the projection.
An even fiercer battle was unfolding.

"Now, I'll hunt you down, demons!"

The dragon girl charged forward.

Her claws gleamed.
Her tail swung with a buzz.

With overwhelming close combat abilities, she defeated the demons one by one.

"R-Run away──!"

The remaining terrified demons turned their backs and fled.

"I won't let you run! [Exord Breath]!"

Violetta unleashed a pale blue flame from her mouth.

It was a dragon breath created with magic power.
The breath spread radially, eradicating all the fleeing demons.

Except for a few dozen at the rear, most of the demons vanished.

"In just a few minutes, our army is in a state of collapse..."

From behind those few dozen remaining demons, a giant silhouette emerged.
It was about 5 meters tall.
A skeletal monster wearing a hood and robe like a mage.

"Oh, Narvum has appeared. To bring out the executive leading the first army... She's truly a Hero."

Margo mumbled.

Narvum, a demon.
He was a descendant of the [Ancient Lich] also known as [The King of Undead].
His power was comparable to the "Thirteen Executives" like Lagios and Frangulas.

"Now, how do you conquer this situation, Heroine?"

Margo murmured.

If by any chance Narvum was defeated──
He would have to go there himself.
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[End of Chapter]



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