Fixed Damage Chapter 42

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


3 - Shea's Magic Sword 2

"A mere human being is......!"
"I've tired hearing that line."

With a magic sword colored in black and red in her hand, Shea said to those angelic knights.
Her flaming red two-sided up hair fluttered in the wind.

"Do you intend to fight us the [Messenger Spirit] of [Light]?"
"I'll hella crush you all."

The angel knights──The [Messenger]s raised their hammers and threaten her.

Shea looked at them with freezing cold eyes.

"If you are [Messenger], Then, I am──"

The girl knight howled and kicked the ground.

The wings of the black boots spread and spurted purple particles.
With that momentum, she accelerated.

She accelerated more, even more, and further more──!

"A [Subordinate] who gave my body, mind, and soul to Chrome-sama!"

In a flash.

The movement with the power of [Acceleration] and the slash that contained [Dissection].
The sword of transcendence that synergized those two, clean-cut off one of the angel knights' hammer──also his body whose enveloped by [Light].


A flash.
Furthermore, she cut off another surprised angel knight into two.

Another flash.
Another one by turning her sword.

"H, hiiii........!"

The angelic knight opened its wings of light and fleed into the air.
But, before his body could float to the air,


The final flash.

Shea's slash didn't even give the fourth angelic knight time to fly──she instantly cut off his body.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help you..."

Shea knelt beside the girl's corpse.
The head was barely intact, so she fixed the face, which was drawn up in fear, as gently as possible, and closed her eyes, which were still open.

"This's my fault..."

She was disgusted with her own helplessness.

If I hadn't let my guard down, I could have saved her.
Large tears fell from her eyes.

As soon as those tears touched the girl's face.


Those evaporated.

A yellowish-white light was overflowing.

"Eh, wha...? This is──"

Shea backed away, startled.


The girl's corpse pulsed.
She got up on her crushed feet.

The torn-off arm rose attached to the severed surface and new flesh was formed.
It became a much thicker arm than before.

No, it was not just the arm.
She noticed that both of the crushed legs of her had also grown thicker.

And a yellowish-white armor wrapped around her slender body.

"Could she be........!"

Shea gulped and her voice choked.

"Cry out a voice of despair, o child of human."

She──something that was she, told to She sternly.
Eyes full of hostility looked at Shea.

"The [Messenger]......!"

Shea gritted her teeth.

Does it mean that if those angelic knights kill her, she will also become an angelic knight?
Or is this another factor?

She didn't know either.
But there was one clear thing.

She had already become Shea's enemy, that was it.


She groaned with bitterness.
The angel knight slammed a huge hammer down on her.

"──Skill [Acceleration]"

The wings of her boots spread, spewing out purple particles.
The momentum of the attack caused her to retreat significantly.

The hammer struck the point where she had been a moment ago.
The ground cracked and caved in.

Taking advantage of the recoil, the Angel Knight rushed forward.
Closed the gap in an instant and delivered a second blow to Shea.

"......I don't want to fight, but."

She activated [Dissection] skill.
Wielding the black and red illuminating magic sword, she cuts off the angel knight's hammer from the base.


The angel knight retreated.

"Y, you, have you already cannot return to your before? Heyyy?"

She shouted aloud.

Shea knew intuitively.
As a human being, she was already dead.
The one in the very front of her was a newly born monster who was born to kill.

Although she knew it──she couldn't help but scream.

"Now, crush!"

The reply was a will of attack.

A yellow-white light gathered on the hammer that had cut off from its base and was instantly regenerated.


With a murderous voice, the angel knight swung the hammer.

The hammer that was swung down blasting the air.


Shea cut it off while screaming, and with her momentum, she also bisected the angelic knight.

At her feet was the corpse of the angelic knight which was divided in half from the head.

The face that resembled her older sister was none.
It was nothing more than the remnants of a grotesque enemy.

"How can........he do this?"

Shea muttered.

It was as if humans were just mere tools.
Did Chrome also get sacrificed like this in the past?

"I can't forgive you──"

Again, her anger rose.
To Mikha, the one who responsible for all of this.
And then──


Something like black particles──slightly overflowed from Shea's body and scattered.

Sadness, anger, hatred.
With all of those shook her off, Shea proceeded.

Eventually, the village came into sight.

"I'll catch you, Mikha the wizard."

She bit her lip and muttered so.

"That is........?"

A sickening, disgusting smell wafted through the air.

Flames, could be seen.
Black smoke was rising from everywhere.
Shouts, cries of agony, and screams were echoing.

A number of blood pools spread out at her feet.

And beyond that was──.

A pretty wizard who looked like a young girl with her red hair cut off at the shoulder stood there.
(PTW/N: if I'm not wrong her-oops his hair is pink, not red.)

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[End of Chapter]

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