Fixed Damage Chapter 46

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


7 - Opening gate

This was my turn to hunt Mikha down.

His subordinates, the [Spirit]s, were no longer stood before [Fixed Damage].
Even with Mikha's [Flower Protection] skill, it couldn't prevent my skill's damage.

The [Spirit]s who were approaching me started to disappear.

"Damn...... that's enough. Come protect me!"

Mikha turned again the corpses of more than a dozen villagers into [Spirit] and had them lined up around him.

"Have you given up on attacking and decided on all defending?"

But it's no use.
I just needed to close the distance between us, and then all his defenses were wiped out.

"Gimme back that orb."
"Give you back? Are you kidding! This is Valery-sama's property! You don't deserve this! I will never give this to you!"
"Then I'll take it by force."

I walked straight toward him.


Mikha was pressurized and backed away.

"You've done all this cruel thing to Yulin's village. Don't think I'll ever forgive you."

At least I'm not going to let him get away with it.
If we let him get away, he'll probably do the same thing somewhere else.

I was going to make sure we took care of him here before there're any more casualties.

"Buy time! I don't care what it takes to hold them back! I'll run away in the meantime!"

Mikha screamed.

At the same time, the [Spirit]s who were guarding surrounding him were coming towards me all at once.

Some rushed before me, while others threw hammers at me.
Also, some of them flew using light wings and attacked from the air.

All of them──as soon as they touched my black scale, vanished.

"You won't get anywhere, Mikha."

I kept stepping.

He was much faster than me.
But I could kill all his attacks.
If I cooperated with Shea, it's possible to catch him.

──And, it was then.

[Your awakening seems to be progressing, Master. I'm glad to know that.]

A voice mixed with a faint laugh rang out from the middle of the sky.
A charming female voice.

It was [Darkness]'s.

"What, suddenly you came out of nowhere."

When I asked her, she only answered on a whim.
Why did you come out at this time ......?

[Darkness and light are mutually reinforcing entities. The stronger the [Light] that illuminates, the stronger and deeper the [Darkness] becomes.]

[Darkness] explained.

[With the [Darkness] nurtured more than ever before, you have the opportunity to move into a new phase. The [Black Phase <Qliphoth>] will open up.]

I raised my eyebrow at that unfamiliar word.

In the next moment, something like a black fog spread out in front of me.
From the other side, a huge gate, several hundred meters high, appeared.

"This is──"

A purplish-black glow lighted up inside the gate.

My vision darkened, and then...

The next thing I knew, I found myself in an endless wilderness.

"Where is this ......!?"

At least this place wasn't Yulin's village.

An eerie, reddish-black, dirt wilderness stretched to the horizon.

No way, I thought.

I recalled the story Valery told me at the Institute.
The answer that came in response to my question about what actually [Light] and [Darkness] were.

[Simply put, it's something of enormous energy lying in a space that is different from your world.]

Could the "different space" she means be──this place?

"It's a good guess."

Before I knew, there was one's figure at my side.

The glossy pitch-black hair that reached to feet.
In contrast, the skin was infinitely white and fine.
The black dress that seemed to blend in with the surroundings was like a noblewoman.

There's no glitter in her eyes, like the [Darkness] itself──.

"You are ......."
[I didn't think you've ever seen me so clearly embodied before.]

She was [Darkness].

A mysterious beautiful woman was staring at me with a bewitching smile.

Did she actually look like this?
I had seen her vague figure before, but......

[It is the [Black Phase]. A world where the [Darkness] is darker and more rutted than here. It's also my hometown.]
"It is another world, isn't it?"

In response to my question, [Darkness] nodded quietly.

──This is not the time to loosely chat after a long time.

"There are Shea and Yulin in the world on the other side. If I don't go back soon...."

Both of them will be killed by Mikha......!

[The time here flows differently than there. There's no need to panic.]

[Darkness] smiled.

[Because when we leave here, we'll return to the time a moment after.]
"So get me back to there."

I told her.

"I have no business with this [Black Phase] stuff."
[Are you sure? You want more power, don't you?]

[Darkness] cleared her throat and laughed coyly.

More power──
That's right, I'm seeking more [Darkness] power for the upcoming battle with Yuno.

"Is there something in this world that will make me even stronger?"
[First, you must have to know and realize.]

In response to my question, [Darkness] replied somewhat lazily.

[You must have to meet. You must have to face. With that existence.]
"..... Without wasting any time, can you be more specific?"
[This is a woman's right to irritate her lord. Right, Master?]

[Darkness] looked extremely happy.

[Let me guide you. To lead you to the deeper [Darkness]. Now, this way.]


Thus, the journey toward isekai [Black Phase] began.

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[End of Chapter]

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