Fixed Damage Chapter 52

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


13 - Fateful Confrontation 3

"Skill [Blessing Arrow]!"

Yuno raised his holy sword in his left hand.

Bullets of light that resemble feathers are fired sequentially.
Is it the same skill as Mikha's?

"It's useless. That technique won't work to me."

All the light bullets disappeared as soon as they touched the black scales around me.


Yuno groaned.

"Moreover, Chrome-kun only showed me one type of skill..."
[It's a little different, Master]

That fat guy── [Light]'s terminal, Vayu, spoke.


As soon as he said it, his eyes that looked droop, started to shine with a golden glow.

Chills ran all over my body.

It was as if the inside of my body was being squeezed.

What he was doing……!?


Said Rakshasa.
At the same time, the chill disappeared.

[There's no point in trying to analyze My master's power, Vayu.]
[Don't interfere, Rakshasa.]

The gazes of the two terminals were clashing.


It was Yuno who asked.

[I couldn't analyze everything, but ... I could confirm that he was cursed by "Chain of Darkness" which made him unable to use his normal skills.]

Vayu replied.

[With the exception of the skill that has elevated to the EX class... It is not possible for him to have two or three skills of that level. There is no doubt, that man's skill is only [Fixed Damage].]
"So he's not only showing one skill, but that it's the only one he can use.....?"

Ask Yuno.

"If so, is there a chance....?"
[There is. However, [Fixed Damage] is a powerful and unrivaled skill. It's not going to be easy... Unless you reach [White Phase <Sephirot>]──]

And Vayu.

[The limit of you in this world will pass soon. You'll have to deal with him sooner or later.]
"... Ah right, there was a limit. Then, will I return to fight Lagios again?"
[Having fought [Darkness], Master's [Light] should have been strengthened somewhat. I'm sure you can beat the Demon King's executive this time──]
"Got it."

Yuno nodded obediently.
The erased right arm──its cut surface started to distort.

"... The settlement with Chrome-kun will come soon. With this resentment."
"What are you talking about ...?"

I took a step forward.
I didn't understand the content of their conversation, but there was one thing that caught my attention.

[The limit of you in this world will pass soon.], that's.

Does it mean that Yuno will be gone soon?

No, I won't let you go──
I started to run.

But my weakened body can only move so slowly and pathetically.

"Someday──I'll definitely pay this back, Chrome-kun."

Yuno hatefully glaring at me.

"I'll never forget what you did to my friends......."
"What the hell is, that "friends" thing?"

Even though I was a former friend, I got such a gaze.

"You've fallen into the evil [Darkness]. And that's why, this Yuno, the hero of [Light], will defeat you."
"Do whatever you want──"

Don't run away.
Right here and now, I will──

In the next moment, the figures of Yuno and Vayu turned into countless particles of light and disappeared.

[It seems that we are also about to exceed the limit to stay in [Black Phase <Qliphoth>].]
Rakshasa said.
[Shall we go back?]

I couldn't reply for a while.
There was a strong sense of frustration.

Even though I met Yuno again.
The power of [Light] that I was concerned about could be suppressed by my [Darkness].

I let him go.


Rakshasa came closer to me.
To comfort me.
To soothe me.

I exhaled and calmed down.

"I want to hear more about how to use [Darkness] from [Abyss]. Can't I still stay here a little more?"
[If you forcibly do it, your very existence will be assimilated with [Black phase].]
[It means you'll be a part of this world. Your will, emotions, and soul, everything will disappear──]
".....Okay, let's go back."

I sighed and agreed.

After all, everything is still halfway...

Both the purpose of obtaining a stronger [Darkness].
And the settlement with Yuno.

As I had done when I first arrived here, I walked through the huge gate and returned to my original location.

In front of me is a beautiful boy with scarlet hair──Mikha. (PTW/N: no idea, I recalled at first it was pink)
At my side are Shea and Yulin.

The situation seemed to be the same as just a moment after I moved into the [Black Phase].

"All of you, stop them! Give me chance to escape!"

Mikha transformed the corpses of the villagers into [Spirit]s one after another.
He turned his back and started fleeing.

There's a huge difference in physical ability between me and Mikha.
No way I could catch him up.
However, it's too dangerous to send Shea.

What should I have do──
If I let him go, he'll probably do the same thing in other villages.

I definitely can't let him go.


I looked at the black chain hanging from my right hand.

It was a spur-of-the-moment thought.

There was no basis for it.
But, instinctively──I knew it.

It was possible.

So without hesitation, I waved my right arm.
The black chain that hung there extended like a whip.


The chain wrapped around Mikha, who was surprised.

"I won't let you go."

If I restrain him and close the distance, then it settled──.

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[End of Chapter]

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