Fixed Damage Chapter 53

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


14 - Moment of Decision

The black chains extending from my hands were entwined around Mikha's entire body, restraining his movement.

"I can't move......."

Mikha struggled, but the chains didn't falter.

"Slash! Blast!"

Mikha hit cutting and destructive magic, but it did not affect at all.

"T, then──skill [Blessing Arrow]!"

This time, he attacked the chain with the skill of [Light].

But the result was the same.
The attacks that touched the jet-black scales only vanished to dust.

I closed the distance between us step by step.

"N, no...... I don't want to die......"

Mikha's expression tightened in fear.
He must have completely understood that neither magic nor skills are would affect me.

"Please, don't kill me......."
"Did you save the villagers who begged for their lives?"

I said coldly.

I didn't stop walking.
It's not even worth listening to him beg for his life.

"H, hiiii......"

Though his face was covered in despair, he still looks beautiful.
Coupled with the cuteness of a girl, everyone can't help but feel pity.

But, I am not.

After what he did to Yulin's village, there was no way I could forgive him.

"Save me ...... Valery-sama, I love you so much......, please save me......."

Mikha mumbled, his teeth chattering.
He looked up to the heavens and shouted Valery's name over and over again.

"I don't want to diiiiiiiieeeeeee!!"

He screamed.
At that moment──


"What ......?"

An aura similar to golden flames emerged from Mikha's entire body.
Furthermore, the jet-black aura was mixed with it.

"What is, that...!"

It's as if... [Light] and [Darkness] are simultaneously blowing up.

"Don't approach me, don't touch me. Only Valery-sama can touch me ... begone, you evil power.....!"

Mikha shouted.

The gold and black aura twisted and turned into a spear, thrusting forward.
It hit the black scales and then broke them──.

"Pierce it!"

Mikha shouted.

"[Chaotic Spear of Flash <Gungnir>]!"

Bouncing off the scales, the gold and black spear pushed forward further.

"[Fixed Damage] was repelled!"

The spear thrust straight towards me.


Just then, someone jumped out from the side.

"Haa....kuh, u.....!"

She collapsed with a muffled scream.


My and Shea's screams overlapped.

An ominous spear pierced Yulin's chest deeply.
Gold and black, two-colored flames blew up and burned her whole body.

"A... gaaaaahh ... haa, aaaa....."

A cry of anguish and an exclamation.
Her beautiful face and body were burned.

"Haa, haa, aaa......."

With a rough breath, Yulin's face was distorted in pain.
It seemed that she is still barely alive.

However, if this keeps going like this ──

"Tsk, don't get in the way!"

Mikha yelled.

"Pierced it again! [Chaotic Spear of Flash <Gungnir>]──"
"I won't let you!"
"I am..."

Shea slammed the [Dissection] magic sword against the gold and black spear that got out of Yulin's chest and floating in the air.


Shea was blown away by the aura released by the spear.
However, the movement of the spear also stopped for a moment.

At that──very moment──concluded the game.

"It's over, Mikha!"

The black chain that I released bound his limbs and bent-squeezing them as hard as could.

"G, gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

The bones of his limbs were snapped, and Mikha fell to the ground screaming in agony.
The gold and black spear fell to the ground as if the intense pain had caused him to lose control of the skill.

"I'll sanction to you later. I'll save Yulin first."

I said as I looked down at Mikha.

A dull ache spread through my chest as I looked at Yulin, her whole body burned.

She was hurt because she was defending me.
I'll save you for sure.

"Rakshasa, come!"
[This's the first time you've called me by name in this world, isn't it?]

In response to my call, a beautiful woman in a black robe oozed out of the void.

"Are there any [Darkness] skills that can heal?"

I asked.

"I want to save the girl who is lying there, so let me know if there are any appropriate skills."
[You have more skills now as the [Darkness] become stronger. So, it's possible to help her.]

Rakshasa said.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"T, then, can I use... right, can Shea use that skill?"
[There is no limit to the number of skills that can be given to the [Subordinate]. But, the more skills you have, the greater the burden will be.]
"Burden ......?"
[Currently, there is no problem, but if you increase to three or more, there is a risk of mental collapse.]

For some reason, Rakshasa smiled with a strangely happy expression.

"Then, what should I do? I myself can't acquire any skills other than [Fixed Damage], can I?"

When I look at Yulin, she seemed to be in a lot of pain.
Her breathing and her limbs' convulsion have weakened considerably.

[That's right. But, there is something else we can do, you know.]

Rakshasa smiled.

[We can just give her the skills directly.]

That means──

"Are you saying I have to make Yulin my [Subordinate].......?"

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[End of Chapter]

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