Fixed Damage Chapter 56

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


17 - The Avenger's Party

Valery and Mikha confined in the magical device, and will experience endless pain──that's the end of them.

Valery can no longer be able to recover, but Mikha still has the [Light], so there is a chance that he will gain new power and plan some kind of revenge──no, there's no chance.

Since he has a piece of my chain attached to him, if he does awaken to such power and use it, I would know immediately.
It's a kind of detector.

Well, if he wants to revenge, then just come if he can.

We left the institute.

"Rakshasa, I have a question"

I asked the beautiful woman who is the terminal of [Darkness].

[What it is, Master.]

A beautiful woman in a jet-black dress appeared, oozing out of the void.

"The last technique that Mikha used──what was exactly that?"

A spear that is a mixture of black and gold ripped off my [Fixed Damage] scales.
He showed some resistance to [Fixed Damage] that could not be countered by his skill before.

In the end, with the help of Shea and Yurin, I was able to defeat him, but...
It would be troubling if Yuno had acquired the same kind of power.

[That is a mixed technique of [Light] and [Darkness]──so to speak, [Chaos] skill.]

Rakshasa said.

[It's a very powerful skill that combines the attributes of [Light] and [Darkness]. Whether he had a natural talent of it, or he was just cornered to the last minute, or was another factor──I don't know."
"Can I do the same thing?"
[It's possible.]

Rakshasa said.

[However, since Master is under the curse [Chain of Darkness], the use of your skills will be severely restricted. It won't be easy to acquire [Chaos], and use it as well.]
"I see……"
[But if you can acquire it, it will be a great advantage when fighting those who have [Light].]

From the way Rakshasa was talking, I had a feeling that she knew how the way to acquire the [Chaos].

[There are ancient ruins scattered all over the country that humans call the "Principality of Lyju". In one of them.]

Sure enough, Lakshasa smiled,

[However, in order to obtain it, Master must go through the trial.]

I took a small breath.

I overwhelmed Yuno in the battle inside "Black Phase <Qliphoth>".

But that doesn't mean I can relax.

Just as my [Darkness] is getting stronger, so is his [Light].
I want to gain the power to defeat him for sure.

Having the tables turned is, I can not afford such a thing and die leaving things this way.

"Then, the next destination is the Principality of Lyju."

It is the homeland of Fara, a swordswoman, one of the hero party.
Gaining more "power" and revenge on Fara──it's hitting two birds with a stone.

Fortunately, we were on the border between Ralpha and Lyju.
Just a short distance toward the Principality.

"May I have a...... question for you, Chrome-sama?

Shea spoke from the side.

She looks strangely displeased face.

"That person is──the usual [Darkness], isn't she? I can see the figure clearly...."
".....yeah, that reminds me, I haven't introduced her."

At any rate, I didn't know her name until after I moved to [Black Phase <Qliphoth>], and even after I returned, I didn't have time to explain because of the fight against Mikha.

"She is [Darkness]──to be exact, an embodiment of a part of it. She was called a terminal or something like that, but..... her name is Rakshasa."

I told to both of them.

[Once again... Nice to meet you two, the [Subordinate]s.]

Rakshasa pinched the edge of her black skirt and bowed gracefully.

Then she entwined her arms around me.
I could feel her soft bulge pressing against my arm.

"... Aren't you getting too clingy to Chrome-sama?"

Shea became more and more displeased.

"Shea-san is jealous, yea.... how cute."

Yulin smiled.

"Eh!? Ah, wa, no, not it !? I am, umm..."

Shea immediately waved her hands as if in a panic.

"You're getting cuter and cuter."
[You're quite innocent, yes. But──a more adult woman may be more ideal to Master.]
"Adult woman...."

Shea mumbled, repeating Rakshasa's words.

[I have no such experience myself, but... I have seen various Masters in my life, so I am very knowledgeable. If you like, I can teach you later.]

Rakshasa said.

……Hey, what are you talking about from earlier?

[Surely this will be useful in seducing Master.]
"Seducing...Chrome-sama ..."
"Ah, Shea-san, you have a nosebleed!"
"Kyaa, I just imagined it a little ... aah...  I'm so embarrassed."

Shea and Yulin were making noises, and Rakshasa smiled.

"Why you all are getting noisy just by a moment......."

I muttered with a sigh.

My party is──.

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[End of Arc 4]

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