Fixed Damage Chapter 57 (Arc 5)

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 5: Omen of Magic War


1 - Hero vs. Blue Dragon


"This place is──"

When he noticed, he found himself in the castle.

In front of him is a figure of a dragon, shaking its huge blue body.
It is a high-ranking demon, Lagios, one of the former 13 Demon King's Executive, and now was the leader of the remnants of the Demon King's Army.

And next to him is a beautiful swordswoman with highly exposed skin.
She was Fara, a member of the Hero party.

"I thought you've vanished, but you reappeared huh..."

Both Lagios and Fara were surprised.

After all, he was moving from this world to "Qliphoth".
And──after a slight time lag, he came back.

"Yo, your arm...!?"

Fara gulped while looked at his right arm.
No, to be exact, where she looked was the place where his right arm was before.

Yuno's right arm had disappeared in the battle against Chrome.
He had been given first aid by the [Light], so the pain was considerably lessened.
As expected, the lost arm won't recover.

"Hmm, I thought you'd ran away."

Lagios taunted him.

"I'll erase you this time for sure. This is revenge for the Demon King!"

It was going to launch a dragon breath again.

"Fara-san, stand back"

While Yuno held Arkweiss in his left hand, he told her so.

──The war situation has not changed.

Lagios was equipped with the "Barrier Crest".
It is an item that took over the damage that the user received.
It was a troublesome item that couldn't be destroyed except you dealt 30,000 damage on it.

Yuno's holy sword could cause about 6000 damage per hit.
It had already taken one hit earlier, but he would have to slash four or five more times to defeat Lagios.

But before that, he would be obliterated by dragon breath──

"Give up. It's faster for me to wipe you out with my breath than for you to launch an attack on me."

A vivid glow converged in the mouth of the dragon.

"Surely, you're faster."

Yuno responded bitterly.
He had managed to escape from Chrome before, but now he had a new problem.

(As if I'll let myself die here, huh)

He regripped the holy sword in his left hand.

It's hard to evade the breath in the confined space of the castle.
If only he could get out to a bigger place──

[You don't have to run away, Master]

A voice was heard.

Before he knew it, a fat man was standing right next to him.
It was the embodiment of the will of [Light]──or he used to call himself as [Terminal]──Vayu.

[In the battle with [Darkness] earlier, the power of Master was rising. [Darkness] and [Light] enhance each other, therefore.]
"My power, is ..."
[You can use new skills.]

At the same time as Vayu told him, images flowed into Yuno's brain.
Instead of explaining the new skills that Yuno acquired, Vayu seemed to have planted them.

"... I see, so that is it."

A strong light of will lighted up in Yuno's eyes.
Sure, with that he doesn't have to run away.

"Have you braced yourself, Hero!"

Lagios shouted arrogantly.


Yuno grinned.

"Cause I'm going to enter a new phase."
"Screw you! And be gone!!"

The blue dragon released a breath.

"Activating the skill──"

Yuno raised the holy sword.

A golden light rose from the blade, followed by a jet-black glow.

"[Chaotic Cherry Blossom Shield <Aegis>]!"

A shining shield appeared in front of Yuno.

A huge shield about 5 meters square, colored in black and gold light.
As soon as the dragon's breath touched the shield, it vanished without a trace.

"You absorbed my breath !?"
"Absorbed? It's different, you know."

Yuno's smile deepened.

Immediately afterward, a blast of light exploded behind Lagios.

"Gaa ...!?"

The blue dragon staggered with a cry of anguish.

"My breath is──"

Yes, it was his own dragon breath that attacked Lagios.
It appeared behind the giant dragon and exploded.

"My shield didn't "absorbed" your attack. It "transferred" your attack to a certain point──"

Even with this skill, will it be enough to counter Chrome's skill?

[No, this shield alone is very not enough.]

Responded by Vayu.

[There are some restrictions on [Damage Transfer]. It can't transfer skills or magic that belong to the same or higher level.]
"....More power is needed in order to defeat Chrome-kun."

Yuno exhaled a small sigh and returned his gaze to Lagios.
For now, the countermeasure against Chrome had to save for later.

"First of all, let's get rid of you."
"Screw it. As if I'm not going to let you kill me so easily"

Lagios growled.
Although it was wounded, it still able to move.

──The fierce battle resumed.

Yuno fought with his skills and holy sword, but because he had lost his right arm, his attacks are not as powerful as they could be.
On the other hand, Lagios was also wounded, and its attack power and agility decreased.

The battle went on and on.
Not long after, the situation suddenly changed.


With a cry of pain, Lagios staggered.
From the other side, the sound of boots was approaching.

"Sorry, I'm late. I'll help you, Yuno."

The one who came was a middle-aged knight with a sword gripped in his hand.


Yuno's face lit up at the arrival of his reliable friend.

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[End of Chapter]

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