Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 4

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part

2-1 Money = Power

The next day, Otosaki comes to school and is chatting with her classmates, looking the same as usual.
Seems she was able to go home safely after that. As long as I can confirm that, I don't need to worry about her anymore. I avert my gaze from her and turn to face Yukio sitting in front of me.

"...... That's unusual. Rintaro is staring at Otosaki-san." (Yukio)
"Y-you think so? Although I did the same yesterday." (Rintaro)
"Well yeah, but it's not the usual...... kind of gaze." (Yukio)
"No way.... It's just your imagination." (Rintaro)
"...... Well, I guess." (Yukio)

No matter how good of a friend he is, isn't he too sharp?
I'm really glad I reset the relationship with Otosaki yesterday. If I had accepted her request as it was, this guy might have found out about it promptly.

"――Hmm?" (Rintaro)

As I'm talking with Yukio, my phone suddenly shudders.
It seems that a Line arrived from Yuzuki-sensei.

"Emergency. I found a flaw in the manuscript, and I need your help again today." (Himiko)

I frown as I read the message.

"wasn't the deadline said today......? That person." (Rintaro)
"From work?" (Yukio)
"Yeah. She said he found a flaw in the work that was supposed to be done yesterday. She told all her assistants to take a day off, so I guess she could only rely on me, her relative." (Rintaro)
"That can't be helped, can that." (Yukio)
"I guess there's not much work left to be done if she's only calling me, so I'll just take it as a bonus and go." (Rintaro)
"Assistant to a famous mangaka....... I'm kinda jealous." (Yukio)
"You won't be able to say those words anymore if you witness the mass zombification phenomenon there......." (Rintaro)

I send a message of approval to Yuzuki-sensei and put my phone away in my uniform pocket.
As soon as the class is over, I leave the school and head to my workplace just like yesterday. I ask Yuzuki-sensei, who apologize to me, about my work and we both get right to it.

"Sowwie~, Rintaro~." (Himiko)
"I don't mind, I was told that my hourly rate would be increased properly." (Rintaro)
"Of course! I'll pay you handsomely!" (Himiko)

As a person who earns a living, I'm willing to do anything as long as I get paid. It doesn't matter if the workload is as large as today's, "What, I'm going to be the only assistant doing this?", It doesn't matter if I get paid more per hour.
In fact, my expectation that there wouldn't be much work to be done if I was the only one called is way off. It's a little harder than yesterday, to be honest because I have to work alone.

"Sorry......, I'm sorry......." (Himiko)
"......! AAH ENOUGH! If you have time to apologize, please just move your hands!" (Rintaro)
"Y-yes, sir!" (Himiko)

You are a big named author, so don't show me anything too pathetic. Gosh, I'm sure the reason why she only called me is to keep anyone from seeing her pathetic side, but please don't show me too much either.
I have a lot of respect for you.

(M-my fingers are starting to feel numb......)

I started working on it around 16:00 and struggled for seven hours. Yesterday, she asked me home at 21:00, but today, I went two hours over that time.
But thanks to my efforts, I think the manuscript itself turned out better than before. Although Yuzuki-sensei is looked exhausted, her expression is one of satisfaction.

"Done......, it's done! Rintaro!" (Himiko)
"That's great....... I'll home then." (Rintaro)
"I'm really grateful. I'll pay for your cab fare. Get a good rest today." (Himiko)
"Thank you very much. You too, Sensei, please go to sleep." (Rintaro)
"Sure. I'll sleep like a dead man." (Himiko)

I turn my back on her, who seems reliable but not at all, and leave her workplace.
I take a cab with the money she gave me and arrive in front of my house much later than usual.
The entrance to the apartment is locked automatically, so I have to enter the password. As I'm about to enter the password as usual, I notice something.

"......What are you doing?" (Rintaro)
"I was waiting for Shidou-kun." (Rei)

She's sitting at the end of the entrance. She seems to have tightened up her disguise since yesterday, wearing a mask, lensless glasses, and covering her hair in a hoodie.
To be honest, it makes her look more suspicious, but unless they get very close, they won't notice that she is Otosaki Rei.

"......I told you not to come again, didn't I?" (Rintaro)
"Yes. But I came here because I really wanted to ask you a favor." (Rei)

She's a hard woman to understand.
It may be easy to turn her down here, but if she labels me "Shidou Rintaro as a horrible person", I won't be able to live peacefully anymore.
Goddฮฑmn idol. She's too high in the hierarchy to be treated so disrespectfully.

"Haa~ I understand. I'll listen to you for now. Come on in." (Rintaro)
"Mm, Thank you." (Rei)

With a somewhat happy tone of voice, Otosaki gets behind me.
I let her in and sit her down on the couch as I did yesterday.

"I'll at least make you a cup of coffee, but can you go black coffee?" (Rintaro)
"Preferably sweetened one." (Rei)
"Sure. One with sugar." (Rintaro)

I mix more milk and sugar into the instant coffee and place it in front of her.
Normally I drink my coffee black, but today I made it sweeter. I do this to recover from my fatigue, and it turns out to be the right decision.
When I've calmed down from the turmoil caused by her visit, I make eye contact with her and ask,

"So, what is it the favor that you want to ask me?" (Rintaro)
"I've thought about it all day. And after all, I really want to eat Shidou-kun's dishes again." (Rei)
"I've turned you down yesterday, haven't I......?" (Rintaro)
"Yes. But I just can't forget it. The lunchbox I ate for lunch and the snack I had during the lesson were no match for yours." (Rei)

――Don't get carried away, me.

The fact that she likes my cooking enough to barge in on me naturally made my cheeks loosen up. If I accept her request, immersed in such temporary joy, I will surely regret it.

"Th-that so...... but it's still impossible. As I've said many times, if by any chance you and I were to be seen together, the name Otosaki Rei would be damaged. I can't take responsibility for that. In the first place, even the cost of food is doubled by a simple calculation. It may sound stingy, but I don't want to have less money to put into savings." (Rintaro)

I try to save as much of my earnings as possible in case I don't end up with anyone in the future.
It's not only ruining people's lives, but also draining my own savings.
It doesn't matter how many chances you have to get close to your idol, it's always better to decline.

"So just give up. You're a celebrity, after all, and you can easily go to better restaurants. You don't have to come all the way to my pla――." (Rintaro)
"I'll pay you 300,000 yen a month, and I'll also pay for food for the two of us. So, please provide me with food every day." (Rei)

Suddenly, Otosaki takes out a bunch of money from her bag and places it in front of him.
It certainly looks like roughly 300,000 yen――

"How about it?" (Rei)
"Deal. Don't hesitate to come." (Rintaro)
"......" (Rei)
"......" (Rintaro)
(PTW/N: Umm... Mr. Synopsis, you said that 'Rintaro is wary of such a tempting offer', but... DAHEEEELLLL is thisssss!!1!1?? ๐Ÿ˜…️๐Ÿ˜‚️)

Oh, sh*t. I was tempted by the money.
I cough and open my mouth again.

"Y-you may be able to pay me like this today, but can you keep pay me 300,000 every month just because you're an idol? Don't do something you can't do." (Rintaro)
"I've got five commercials lined up for this year. My songs are selling well, and I have concerts coming up. So I have no problem with that." (Rei)
"It's too convincing.......!" (Rintaro)

I don't know how much money she's getting, but I'm sure she's getting a lot of money that common people like me can never get.

"Not enough? Then even 500,000 is fine. I don't spend a lot of money to begin with......." (Rei)

I hurriedly stop her as she tries to take out more money.

"...... No, I don't even know how much I can actually meet expectations, so there's no need to raise them from the start." (Rintaro)
"But......" (Rei)
"...... Okay. I'll take your offer." (Rintaro)
"Really⁉" (Rei)

Otosaki, who her eyes shining, grabs my hand.
I calm my heart, which is about to explode, and speak the rest of my words.

"I was defeated by enthusiasm. I need money to live after all...... Honestly,  I'm flattered that you put a value of 300,000 yen on my work" (Rintaro)
"I really want you to let me pay you more. But if Shidou says I don't have to, I'll put up with it." (Rei)
"Oh, please do that. When I meet your expectations in the future, at that time you can reconsider about it." (Shido)
"I understand. I will." (Rei)

Her hand slips away.
I've always known that there was something wrong with her, but Otosaki was a weirdo who went even further than that.
I can only think that she is out of her mind to pay 500,000 yen just to have a classmate cook for her.
I can't point it out more, because I'm pretty much the same way.

"But you have to promise me. When you come to my place, you will make every effort not to reveal yourself. Don't let your guard down, and don't take off your hat and mask. This is also for my sake, but most of all it's for your own sake, you understand?" (Rintaro)
"I know. I still want to continue being an idol." (Rei)
"Okay, then here's the deal. I'll make you meal, and you'll pay me for it." (Rintaro)
"Yup, we have a deal." (Rei)
"...... Well, it's just a verbal agreement, though. Then I'll make today's meal. What do you want to eat? Depending on what you want, I can't start to cook." (Rintaro)
"Then, I want curry." (Rei)
"It's going to take some time. Are you will be fine?" (Rintaro)
"I'm fine. I'm staying the night." (Rei)
"――What?" (Rintaro)

Otosaki has a very natural look.
Rei, A top idol and MilleSta's center, is staying at my place......?
My brain couldn't keep up with the processing, and the confusion spread.

"I said you'd make me food every day. I eat breakfast every morning. But if I commute here from my house every morning, I won't be able to get enough sleep. So I'm staying here." (Rei)
"O-oh......, I see. But it's still a no, understand?" (Rintaro)
"Why not?" (Rei)
"It's not a good idea for two high schoolers to sleep together alone, no matter how much we don't like each other...... You can't make excuses for sleeping over, even if it's just for eating together." (Rintaro)
"Then I will pay 500,000. And I'll be more careful."  (Rei)
"Mmm already. I can't help it then." (Rintaro)

Sorry, but I can't win against money.

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[End of Chapter]

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