My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 28

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


Here's the new Act!!!
what turmoil will be faced by our boi???

[Act 2 Begins]

28 - The new daily lives

On a weekday night, at 20:58.
I'm laying on my bed in my room, looking at the screen of my smartphone.
What playing on the screen is a music video of Star☆Mines.
The group's five members are dancing happily on a special stage, wearing refreshing light blue and white dresses.

"Rinka is a good singer after all." (Kazuto)

Beautiful and cute are also added.
The one I'm paying attention to is Mizuki Rinka.
She is popular among the public as a cool idol, and her singing ability is so high that she is regarded as a diva.
Her appearance also gives off a cool aura.
She has a well-developed face, but the most attractive feature is her sharp, piercing eyes.
It is often said that the eyes speak more than the mouth, and I believe it to be true.
Rinka's eyes convey a strong conviction and innocence, and you can tell that she is serious about her idol career.
It's also true that she has an uncompromising personality, which makes it a little difficult for her to fit in with her surroundings at school.............

"It's a little late to say this, but, amazingly, three members of Star☆Mines are in my school." (Kazuto)

Moreover, Mizuki Rinka is in the same class as me.
This is probably the only thing I can be proud of, being a nerd gamer.
However, the fact that we were just normal classmates is in the past.
Because it's different now.

Ping♪. A light notification sound is heard from my smartphone. It's from a chat application for a game. The sender is listed as "Rin".

We've been friends for a few years and even got married in the game.
If I have to describe Rin in one word, it'd be......, a bright and innocent girl, I think.
Her comments and reactions are honest and cute.

Just the other day, she saw Fountain Square, one of the dating spots in the game, and said, "Woaa~! Look at that~! It's so beautiful~!" It was not an act, but her genuine emotion.......
When she got a rare item, she would say, "Yaaayyyyy~! I've got something amazing~!", and innocently pleased.
However, she didn't show this side of herself to everyone.

Or rather, she only showed it to me.

Whenever she was approached by other players, she basically responded with a "Hnn".
That's why Rin's friend list only has my name on it.
It seems that Rin has had a lot of trouble with people in the past, so she may have adopted an exclusive style.

[It's past the appointed time! What are you doing?] (Rin)

Oh, man. It's already past 21:00, huh?
It seems that I was a little too absorbed in Rinka on the screen.

[I'm sorry, I'll log in now.] (Kazu)

I quickly reply.
I get out of bed, boot up my computer, and sit down on my chair.

"Well......, let's do it again today." (Kazuto)

I launch Black Plains as usual.
After a few moments of loading, the computer screen showed a menu with a magnificent plain in the background.
This is a divine game that I've been playing since I was in the second year of middle school.
I'm a sophomore in high school now, which means I've been playing the game for four years.
In other words, I've known Rin for about four years.
I'm amazed that I don't get tired of playing this game.
Well, there's no way I can get bored.
As long as I have Rin, I'll never retire from the Black Plains.

After logging in, a small fishing village appeared on the screen.
In the center of the screen is Kazu, the character I'm controlling.
His occupation is Warrior, and he is a man in armor who wields a shield and sword.

By the way, Rin's avatar is a vivacious-looking blonde elf. She wears an ethnic costume with a sexy chest area and carries a bow on her back. She is a so-called Archer.

[Late again? I don't mind waiting for Kazu, but I'm still lonely. ・゜(゜⊃Ο‰⊂゜)゜・.] (Rin)

I receive a personal chat from Rin.
From the mood of the chat, it seems that she isn't that angry.
However, I'll still have to apologize for being late.

[I'm sorry. I'll be careful next time.] (Kazu)
[Why were you late? If you don't want to tell me, that's fine.......] (Rin)
[I was watching a music video. Star☆Mines' MV.] (Kazu)
[Hee. There are five members of Star☆Mines, right? Who were you watching in particular?] (Rin)
[Mizuki Rinka. I'm a big fan of Rinka.] (Kazu)

I answer with confidence.
Then the chat from Rin is cut off.
Is there something wrong?
When I have a bad premonition in my head, I receive a shocking message from Rin.

[I'm, Mizuki Rinka.] (Rin)

Normally, I'll have laughed and replied, "That's a lie".

[Yep, I know. Rin's true identity is Mizuki Rinka.] (Kazu)

Due to some reasons, we knew each other's identity.
I was really surprised when I found out Rin's true identity.
You wouldn't normally think that the player you married in the game would be a popular idol from your class.
She was the cool idol, Mizuki Rinka, the only one I ever admired. My surprise went through the roof.
Yes...... I, Kazuto Ayanokoji, and Mizuki Rinka were so close that we got married in the game.
It didn't stop there......!

[Tomorrow, you know. I'll make lunch for Kazu. So, tell me what you want me to put in it, yees~.] (Rin)
[Anything is fine.] (Kazu)
[Geez! That's the biggest problem! You make this wife cry!] (Rin)

......This is it, this is.
If "Rin" behaves as Kazu's wife, I can understand it.
However, it'll be wrong for "Mizuki Rinka" to behave as my wife.
At the very least, people with normal sensibilities should be able to recognize this abnormality.
But not Rinka.
For Rinka, the world of online games is a world where one can interact with each other more purely and genuinely than in real life. In other words, she believes that marriage in the game is more precious than in real life.

Well, to put it simply, Mizuki Rinka acts like my wife even in the real world.

I was really surprised about this.
Or rather, I was scared.
Just finding out who Rin was was enough to make me lose my mind, but then she went on to call herself my wife.
I believe that all of mankind can understand the confusion I was in at the beginning.
Well, a lot of things happened after that, and we ended up going out officially.
I became a popular idol's lover.
Yes, became a lover.......
However, Rinka still behaves like she is my wife as usual.

[I'm Kazu's wife, right? Don't hesitate to request me what you want.] (Rin)
[......, then mini hamburger steak.] (Kazu)
[Sorry! I don't have the ingredients!] (Rin)
[You don't have any? Wiener then.] (Kazu)
[Ah, we just ran out yesterday.] (Rin)
[Is the fridge empty? Even if I make a request, It won't be fulfilled........!] (Kazu)
[I'm sorry, Kazu. I'm immature as a wife. :゜(。γƒŽΟ‰\。)゜・.] (Rin)
[............] (Kazu)

This is what kind of exchanges we do every day.
I'm tossed around in my daily life by a cool idol who behaves as a wife even in real life.

[Ah, that's right. Let's spend lunch on the rooftop tomorrow. The roof is closed so no one will come!] (Rin)
[Okay. Let's do that.] (Kazu)

As a popular idol, Rinka can't spend time with a man in public.
So, in the real world, we have to keep our relationship secret and never let anyone find out about it.
It's a very heart-pounding and thrilling life.
Even so, I also love Rinka.
Well, ...... no matter what the situation, I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's lunch.

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[End of Chapter]

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